Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


28. Michael Myers Epilogue

~Ahhh, the night air felt relaxing against my skin as it blew through the streets. Many children in their costumes running around with their friends and family. Going up to strangers houses to recieve little goodies, which is the only night we're allowed to do this. It makes me laugh, realizing that parents and teachers always tell the young children to never recieve candy from strangers, and yet this is exactly what we do on Halloween. Funny no? Well, as it is Halloween, I was taking my little girl, Iris, out for trick-or-treating. She was dressed up as a witch this year and I dressed up as a vengeful spirit (Think about Samara or Kayako from The Grudge). Well, it's no crime to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up and taking your children out for trick-or-treating, is it? We came upon the last house in the neighborhood before we had to turn around and go home.
"Are you going to show your dad what you got this year, Iris?"
"Yep. I love Halloween, Mom."
"I do too. Your father loves it too."
"Yeah. He's nice about it." That's because we killed on this time of the year, honey. We hadn't told her about what Michael did but we will one day. Even if it hurts her, she deserves to know. We came upon our home still called the Myers house. We had to say that we were relatives of their's and explain that the killer Michael had the same name as their distant cousin (Either way, it's still Michael Myers. Sorry if I confused you readers). We walked in and saw Michael sitting on the couch, staring off into the tv that had the news showing.
"Hey, Michael. Our little goblin is finished trick-or-treating."
"Oh? And how'd it go, Iris?"
"I got a lot of candy this year. Look." She showed Michael the bag of treats she recieved during the night. He smiled and patted her on the head.
"That's a good girl. Do you wanna take your costume off and come down to sort them out?" She nodded and ran up the stairs and into my old bedroom. I look at Michael and sat beside him on the couch. We kissed each other and were interrupted by the news going on about Michael and I.
"It is Halloween night and there is still no trace of the serial killers Michael Myers and Nicole Alkins. They escaped seven years ago together from the Smiths Grove Psychiatric Ward. Although there was much said about the killer Michael Myers, Nicole Alkins was a high school student who massacred her school by bringing a knife and killing six students. She was apprehanded and brought to the institution for further testing but was taken by Myers. It is now said that they hold a strong partnership together but if you catch site of either of them, you are to contact police. In further news..." We stared at the tv and only one thought crossed my mind.
"When do you think we should tell her about that?"
"We should wait a few years. Just until she realizes the meaning of things."
"Okay. Just asking." Iris comes down the stairs and sits in front of the television set sorting out her candy. I believe that fate was on my side that October night before Halloween. If I hadn't of been in the car that night, I wouldn't have met Michael and I wouldn't be as happy as I am today. He's even blessed me with his child. Well, one thing's for sure, no Halloween is boring with those two. But that's good. Oh, Halloween. Not the holiday for my tortured soul but the faithful holiday for my blessed family...

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