Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


18. Michael Myers 1

~Before you get confused, I need to explain something that could sound strange.My name is Nicole Alkins, I'm 17-years-old. and I am being taken away for killing a lot of students from my school. After many years of torture from these kids I finally snapped and brought a knife to school. I killed at least six kids brutally with the knife, making sure that no one survived. I could've killed more but the principal called police and they forced me to surrender. Okay, look, police have guns and I'm over here with a knife. Yeah, that'll surely win in a fight when everyone has guns and you're the only with a knife. Also, I'm not looking forward to be shot several hundred times and die of blood lose. I never really was a fan of guns anyways. Well, I was held in the local jail and waiting to see where fate will take me. At my trial I was cofronted by the parents of the children I killed. They cried and kept asking what they have done to make me kill them. I answered truthfully about what assholes they were and almost everything I could remember of what they've done to me. I couldn't help but laugh at some of my words through the trial, which I knew was a bad idea. They were also searching through my things in my room and found my pictures.I explained that those were my thoughts and some of the pictures made them a bit taken aback. They found my journal and my poetry also, which housed my personal thoughts and secret intentions. They categorized me as insane and I was being shipped off to a mental hospital in Illinois. I thought that was pretty lucky because I didn't want to get the death penalty or go to prison. Well, thisis why I'm in a police car withDr. Loomis and this nursehe had with him. I'm handcuffed in the back seatand I was becoming bored. What sucks is that it's the day before Halloween, my favorite holiday. I was going to scare the neighborhood children this year. I mean, hell, it's Halloween and this holiday is nothing without a good scare or two. Also, it was raining and I love rain.And for no reason at all I brought my costume face paint. I prefer using use face paint than a mask because you can do almost everything with face paint. Well, through the whole boring ride, I've been staring out the window and I'd notice that Dr. Loomis would turn around and look at me. It's because I can be awfully quiet and people sometimes don't know if I'm still there or not. Creepy, I know, but very useful. He would actually ask for me to talk about something in my past just to break my silence. I would just tell him whatever it was he asked from me. He was saying that I was his next patiant when we get to the hospital. Oh great. A psychologist. Just what I need to not go insane here, I thought when he told me this. I just have a poblem with psychologists because they think I'm just a kid going through a phase or begging for attention. Trust me, they are dead wrong about that stuff. Anyways, I'm sitting here and the nurse and Dr. Loomis are talking about some other patiant of his that's going for court trial in a while. I barely listened to themand noticed some people outside in the rain. Is this really necessary for a 17-year-old who just killed only six students? I thought out of curiosity. Well, Dr. Loomis got worried and told the nurse to drive up to the gates, giving away that those people are patiants too. As he got out, I heard something get onto the car. I looked behind me and saw a foot disappear up to the top of the car. I didn't know if she knew it or not but I was a bit alarmed. Then, the driver's side window broke and the nurse was in a battle with the man on the top of the car. He scared her to where she got out and then he came in. Both of these people hadn't realized I was still in the car until Dr. Loomis went to her side. I looked back at the man who was driving and noticed he was awfully calm and emotionless, not even talking.
"Ugh, sir," I said. He looked at me in the rearview mirror still emotionless. I guess he already knew I was in here. He stared back at the road and I felt a little uneasy. I have no idea who this guy isor what he's going to do.
"Sir, where are we going?" He stayed silent but didn't look back at me this time. I decided to stay quiet in fear of him lashing out at me or something. We drove for miles and he kept looking at me in the rearview mirror, maybe seeing if I was still there or not. Eventually, I fell asleep with all the silence going on. Now, I guess they'll be looking for me or something to put me back in the mental hospital.

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