Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


17. Jason Voorhees Epilogue

~I sat in the empty room I used as a little work space, staring out the window to the lake. I couldn't think of what to draw on my paper. It was quite sunny out and the lake sparkled beautifully under the radience of the sun. Upon this thought, I decided on drawing a picture of the crystal lake. Just then, my 16-year-old son, Merrick, walked in.
"Dad's coming. I saw him appear out of the woods."
"Thank you, Merrick." He stared down at my desk with the almost finished drawing of the lake.
"What's that?" he asked, pointing at the picture.
"It's a drawing of the lake. It's beauty only masks the horrible truth of what happened to your father." Merrick's always known of the death of his father. We wanted to be truthful to him about everything but decided on home schooling him for safety. We heard someone enter throughthe front door and went down to see Jason with a deer. He set it down on the kitchen table and put his bow and arrows up.Merrick went down and got out a knife. Jason had taught him how to skin and prepare a deer so he was our little cook when it came to deer. I watched him work and Jason took his mask off and came up to give me akiss on the cheek.
"How was your day, Nicole?"
"Good. What about you Jason?"
"It was alright. I saw that you werea bit busy on a drawing."
"You wanna see it?"
"Sure." I led him to the room and presented him the picture of the lake.
"It's nice."
"Even though that's where you-"
"Yeah." He hugged me tightly and I just hugged back.
"I don't ever want to lose you again," he said in my ear. I clutched him in my arms and leta few tears fall. I've had to make many decitions in my life but staying with Jason, getting married to him, and having his child were the best ones I've ever made.
"Mom! Dad! Help me cut this deer up!" we heard Merrick yell from the kitchen. Another thing, he loves it when we're around him and being happy. He could be a very good father one day (Now I wonder how that could've happened *winks*) We walk down and prepare the deer for our supper tonight. I never thought that true happiness could've existed until now. I have such a loving family. If only Mrs. Voorhees could see this...

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