Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


10. Jason Voorhees Chapter 1

~Okay, it's sunny, I'm out in the wild, and I'm really getting pissed off. Why? Because I've been paired up with some of my worst enemies ever! Apparently, my friends that I was put in a group with had a bunch of bad things happening to them. One had to go to a funeral, another promised their cousin that they'd do something with them. While waiting, one of them called saying that they caught the flu and was too sick to go. My other friend was late and by then it was too late and I was forced into a group with four of my greatest enemies. There was Maddie, who was as annoying as a million flies buzzing in your ear and will never leave me alone. There's Brandon, a total dumbass that thinks he's everything. We also have John, the biggest freaking pervert around. And then there's Thomas, who's scared shitless of me but he still goes out of his way to annoy me. So, now that I'm situated in my one way ticket to Hell, we all move out into the woods. We were all seniors and the school thought it'd be interesting for us all to go camping in the woods. It was a nice idea until my friends never showed up and I was forced into a group withh them. So, yeah, we're walking through the woods looking for a place to camp out when Maddie finds a piece of wood on the ground.
"Hey ya'll," she saids,"Take a look at this." We all gather around and see that the sign reads: Camp Crystal Lake.
"Where do you supose this camp is?" asks Thomas.
"I think it's a bit up ahead," I suggest. Brandon looks at me in disbelief.
"Now why would it be up ahead?"
"Because I can see something over there. It could be this Camp." They look where I was staring and strain themselves to try to see this camp.
"I don't see a damn thing," saids Thomas,"I think you're lying and-"
"What are you thinking? That I'd ambush you once we get far away from everyone? Not a bad idea, Thomas. I think I might work on that." They all look at me strangely and then Maddie puts on her annoying ass happy face.
"I think we should trust her," she saids,"I want to see about this Camp Crystal Lake place." This just annoyed me because I knew she was not at all excited about going to this place. I ended up just leaving and they followed me to a clearing that soon turned into a huge space of cabins and a big crystal lake. They were too caught up in the sight that they forgot about asking me how I knew where this place was. Well, if you must know, I went here when I was around eleven and it was kind of crappy. I had met a boy here who everyone made fun of. I was picked on too because I was always critisized about looking and acting like a boy. While all the girls had long hair, mine was short. I started wearing a lot of jeans at this age too so I wasn't seen in shorts often. I was all alone on the docks one day and I met a boy with a disfigured face. Although, to me, he didn't look that bad but actually okay. We became great friends for awhile and I even met his mother, who was the cook here at the time. But one day, I saw him getting picked on by the other kids and I tried to make them go away but they stayed. Then, I saw him get pushed into the lake. I knew for a fact that he couldn't swim and I tried to save him but they held me back. He went under and everyone went off, leaving me to look into the lake and cry over my only friend's death. That day I learned true sadness and about death which I strangely grew into an obssession with. There was something about death that had drawn me to it and I couldn't escape it. When I had gone to his mother, it appeared that she had already found out. I found her in her house, sitting at the table crying for the death of her only child. This boy's name was Jason Voorhees and I now walk upon the cursed grounds of where he died. I didn't want to tell the others about my past here because they'd all be up my ass about showing them around and stuff. We set up camp somewhere near the cabins and began telling ghost stories.
"So, what's your story, Nicole?" asked Maddie, who probably didn't want to hear it.
"Okay, there was once a ninja that would eat children."
"Ugh! That's sick!" exclaims Brandon.
"Let me finish, please. Anyways, heate every part of the children except for the bones. He'd feed the bones to his dogs that lived with him. One day, a bunch of kids were on a field trip and were distracted by a blue-berry bush. What they didn't know was that the ninja was hiding in that bush and was using it to lure the children to him. He then kidnapped them and brought them to his cave and ate them." After I'd finished, they sort of just stared at me.
"What kind of story was that?" asked Thomas, who looked like he was about to pee his pants.
"It's just a story I made up when I was nine. Are you saying you're afraid of a nine-year-old's story?"
"No, it's just really weird."
"I'd like to know something," saids John,"When you said that the ninja ate everything on the kids' bodies, did you mean that he also ate their private areas?"
"Seriously John, take your head out of the gutters for one day. It's not going to kill you." Everyone starts laughing and this just makes me mad.
"Well, I do know an interesting story about this place. I hear that the locals call this place Camp Blood. They say that there's a killer that lurks around these grounds wearing a hocky mask. He goes by the name Jason and-" I gasp and felt a bit sick.
"Are you okay?" Maddie asks coming to my side.
"Ummm, yeah, it's just that it's been a long day and I'm a bit tired of these silly ghost stories." Brandon gets up and stretches.
"She's right. We should probably go to bed." We all get up and head to the tents. All I could think about was what John had said. I've heard the same thing but thought they were just rumors. Was it true, though? I ended up falling asleep to the sound of the crickets chirping.

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