Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


72. Isaac Epilogue

~Sitting in the living room, I wait for my 13-year-old twins to come home from school. After several years of rebuilding the town, most of us grew up and had children. Isaac was still at the church, preparing for services this coming up Sunday. He was a great preist. Almost like he was born to be one. Although, at first, I had to reteach him the things from the Bible that he'd forgotten. I didn't even know that I would be the one to be able to teach him. I wasn't really much of a person to listen that clearly during church. I guess those little things I still knew came in handy for situations like this. I'm just glad that most of the kids agreed with making this town a better place. If not, I guess nothing like this would've happened. The front door opened but it was still a little too early for the kids to be home. It was only Malachai dropping in again. He does that a lot.
"Is Isaac home?"
"You know yourself that he's in the church, Malachai."
"I know."
"Why'd you ask then?"
"I just love getting on your nerves." He smiles and I laugh a little. He's been more of a practical joker than a boy with an annoyed attitude. It was better to see him that way than being up my ass about changing everything. He did that for two minths before he gave in and accepted the things around him.
"So, why are you here?"
"I just wanted to see the kids before you and Isaac smother them with your weird love."
"You stil call it that, I see. Don't worry. They'll be here any-" I was interrupted by the door opening suddenly and my twin boy and girl running through. Seeing Malachai, they run over to him.
"Uncle Malachai!" they yell while running over to hug him. They call him their uncle because he's always around in the afternoons and seems to hang around Isaac a lot. John and Karaun, both 13, are a lot alike for twins.They have the same dark brown hair Isaac and I share but aren't that very shy when it comes to most things.They do good in school and respect the church. I'm proud to have them in this world. The door opens again and Isaac comes into the living room, still in his uniform. I don't mind. He looks cute in a preist uniform anyways. He comes in and sits down, John and Karaun coming to his side.
"How are my children this afternoon?"
"We've been good," they say together. He looks at Malachai sitting on near the window and smiles.
"What do you want this time, Malachai?"
"Nothing. Ijust don't feel like going home right now."
"I told you already. Go get a girlfriend or do some kind of hobby."
"You just love getting ride of me, don't you?"
"No. I just find it a little annoying to see you here every afternoon." Malachai gets up, not annoyed or anything but just from boredom, and exits the room. The door closes and I get up to make some tea. John and Karaun go to their rooms to do their homework while Isaac follows me.
"Sometimes I wonder why he really comes down here," Isaac says to me.
"I guess he's really bored or something. What do you think he does in his house all day?"
"How should I know?" It's silent for awhile as I finish making the tea.
"You two don't do anything when I'm gone, do you?"
"What the hell, Isaac? Why would I cheat on you?"
"I'm just asking. Do you?"
"No, why would you think that?"
"He's always here before the kids or I come home. I just ask. You're not upset, are you?" I pull out a chair next to him and sit, taking his hand and rubbing it.
"Isaac, if I liked Malachai I wouldn't be married to you. I wouldn't even think about cheating on such a wonderful guy like you. Don't let such a thought cross your mind." I kiss him on the lips before he could speak. He is one to have a tender heart, I wouldn't blame him for thinking of such. But no. Nothing like cheating ever comes to mind when I'm with Isaac. Really, the easiest way would be to divorce and then go out to find that other somebody. I'm not seeing that any time soon, so we're good. I hope that John and Karaun will see this kind of love one day.

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