Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


66. Isaac 1

~The little boy counts up to twenty aloud while many other children run around and hide. Girls giggle at playing one of their favorite games, some boys think of hiding under porches to win, and some kids find the game boring but were forced to play by their friends. I was playing this game but not out of boredom or to be with the children. It was really something to do until we had to go to pray. It felt like yesterday that all the adults were murdered. Yes, I was there when Isaac made Malachai and other teenagers kill all the adults here. I saw most of what happened. My parents were at work so I didn't see their deaths with my own eyes. But, that wasn't too long ago, I don't think. I still haven't changed since then. I still wear very dark dresses without any brightness to them except white. Yeah, you can just call me goth. I keep a good pale look almost like Isaac but maybe lighter. I don't go up to him and put my arm next to his to see the comparison. Besides, I'm way too scared to go near him even if he's 5 feet away from where I'm standing. I look around for not the child who's it but for Isaac. He's not here. Probably in the church like always. I use to go to the church all the time. But now, with Isaac inhabiting it like he lives there (Or does he?), I don't go in there. Why I'm so terrified to be near him? Well, I dare not confess this to anyone here but I like Isaac. I am extremely shy and with no parents around, I have no reason to escape if he catches me watching him. I don't think he really knows that I have a crush on him. He probably thinks I'm just frightened of him or something. Some kids are scared of him while some worship him as a God. Then again, that's how he wants them to see him as. What's crazy is that even those older than him worship him. Job and his little sister, Mary, are my only friends here. Mainly because we want to stop this cult and the suicide everyone has to do once they turn 18. They either kill themselves or they'll be killed. I didn't like that thought one bit. I'd rather be killed than comit suicide. But, I've only got two years left. 16-years-old and I'm hoping these last years of my life will go on forever.
"I found you, Nicole," the little boy said. He hit my leg and and I knew that meant I had to count this time. I hate being the one who's it. I'm not that fast of a runner and if I laugh I get slower. As I make my way to the house (The spot everyone has to touch in order to be safe from the one who's it), I remember another weird thing. We're supose to die at 18 when we're legelly known as adults. What I don't get is why haven't I been killed because I act too much like an adult. Wouldn't they easily kill me just for acting like an adult? I never understood this. Everyone dislikes me for being too mature, strange, abnormal, and quiet. Malachai comes up to me sometimes and asks if I'm planning to escape. I'm not that scared of him so I usually point out the obvious so that he'd shut up. Sometimes it works, other times he gets annoyed. Whenever he asks me that question, those who dislike me laugh or stare in anger at me. So, even here in my own town I don't fit in. I knew this even when the adults were still alive. I just couldn't get near Isaac that much was all. But, my parents and Job's parents were friends and they didn't want us to be around Isaac, Malachai, or any of the others that hung out with him. But that just seemed to make me want to watch him more. If I couldn't be with him, maybe I can just watch him from a distance. Now, I sort of wished that they were here. I never even told my own parents that I had a crush on Isaac. I was afraid they'd say something about it and then everyone would know I liked him. In a small town, news spreads like fire. What they still don't know is that I draw things they would not like to see. I'm not like Mary, who sees into the future and colors it out on paper. I draw my pain out and hide away in the office my dad use to work in. That was also where they died. I was told this when exploring the place. I put the folder of drawings in his drawer that's always locked. I'm the only one with the key to that lock. Malachai and several others search our rooms every day, so I didn't trust my drawings alone in my house. What sucks is that they make such a mess when going through the house. I believe they do this intentionally to make me less like an adult. If they saw any of my pictures, they wouldn't think I'm an adult but possessed. I'm thinking that they'll kill me if they saw and probably crucify me in a very painful way. So, all in all, I'm weird, no one cares about me, I should be dead because of who I am, and I really like Isaac.
"Ready or not, here I come!" I yell after counting. I turn around, looking for the hiding children and almost caught a girl when Malachai called my name. He usually never comes near us when playing unless it's something important. I've got a bad feeling about this, I thought as I walked over to him.
"What is it this time?" I ask. I've told him a thousand times I'm not going to escape yet he keeps asking. Annoying, really.
"Isaac wants to see you. He said it's about something you did." He gives me an anger/annoyed look. We're not enemies or anything. He just finds it equally frustrating to be told that I'm doing something bad. But that doesn't really make us much as friends either. He's always with Isaac or is busy with a lot of things. He probably doesn't want any friends except for Isaac. At least, I think they're friends. They look so close that they could be brothers or something. I follow Malachai to the church and end up in the preist's office. Isaac was sitting at the desk, looking at me in disappointment. I was really scared now and I'm not talking about shyness. The way he's looking at me right now would be cute if it was to someone else. Looking at me like this, it scares me.
"Nicole," he says calmly,"What are these?" He taps his fingers on the desk and I saw my folder of drawings laying there. They were not meant to be seen, especially him. He was our leader and our preist. What would he do to me now that he knows what's in there? I cleared my throat and prepared for him to sentance me to death after I spoke.

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