Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


52. Ghostface Epilogue

~I sit at the table, picking around four different movies. There was a classic (Halloween), a based on a true story theme (The Amityville Horror), a pychological thriller (Saw), and a paranormal one (The Excorcism of Emily Rose). Too many to decide, so little time. Today, Mary turns 15-years-old and I'm trying to see which one she'd like to see tonight. It was a Friday night and Mary was celebrating her birthday in town with her friends. Unlike me, she was able to have friends even though we only let her watch scary movies. The front door opened and I noticed it was 9:00pm. This is usually when Ryan (Ghostface) gets home from the video store.
"Ryan?" He doesn't answer and I get a little worried. My cell phone played the Halloween theme song and I pick it up.
"The Excorcism of Emily Rose is her favorite. Pick that one for tonight."
"Ryan. Playing the Ghostface card on me?"
"Maybe. How's our little girl?"
"She's getting older. Mary's out with friends. She'll be back by 9:30, I think."
"Speaking of thinking," he comes through the door way to the kitchen where I'm sitting and we both hang up our cell phones.
"What have you been thinking?"
"If our life were a horror film, what do you think it would be?"
"Hmmm, that's a good question. Would it be, A murder in Woodsboro?"
"No. Something more unique."
"No. Something really unexpecting."
"Unexpecting? You mean like-" We hear a scream outside and go to see Mary now arriving home with a new DVD. Probably a new scary movie we couldn't get her (Yes, she's like me when it comes to new horror films). She says good-bye to her friends and heads in.
"Hi Mom, hi Dad. Look what Christy got me." She holds out an old movie she's been dying to want: Vertigo. She's in to a lot of old films that we don't have and she loves them.
"So, what are we watching tonight?" Ryan holds up the movie he picked out and she's beaming at the sight of the title. We don't have to ask if she'd like to talk about her night. Her excitement was contagious as we popped in the DVD and pressed play. Huddling around the couch we watched in great ease at the 'horrific' scenes before us. All the yelling made me realize something.
"What was that, Mom?"
"Scream?" Ryan said,"That would definately be the horror movie of our life."
"I'm confused."
"We'll tell you tomorrow, Mary. Your mother and I have something to tell that can wait tomorrow." Mary settled down and relaxed for the rest of the movie. We have yet to tell her about our past but, hopefully, she won't find it as a big surprise. Scream. What a perfect title...

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