Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


1. Freddy Krueger Chapter 1

~I sat in the car and waited to drive up to our new home.My parents and I have lived in Springwood ever since I was a kid.It was alright but there wasn't much to do around here since most of my friends either moved away or got too busy to hang around with.At first when I heard we were moving I was a little excited.But when my dad said it was just on Elm St., I felt kind of disappointed.
"We're here," my dad said as we pulled up to a house with bars over the windows.
"I wished they would've taken those bars off."
"I like them.They remind me of a kind of imprisonment."
"Fine.Then we'll keep the bars on your window and let you live like a prisoner," my mom saids sarcastically. God, I was just giving an opinion, I thought as we got out of the car and unloaded our stuff into the house.
Four hours later...
It was around 9:00pm when we finished unpacking and I was seriously tired.I walked up the stairs and was about to turn and go to my room when my mom called me down.I groaned and went to meet my mom at the bottom of the stairs.
"What is it?" I asked in a daze.
"Honey, you've been working really hard today.I know you must be hurting a little bit." I was barely paying attention but nodded slightly.
"Nicole, take this.It'll help you relax tonight."
"Okay, Mom." I take the white pill and walk back up stairs.When I get to my room, I get ready for bed and forgot about the pill until I got comfortable in bed.I'll take it some other time.I'm not even hurting that much.And then I drifted off to sleep...
Dream world
I dozed off and ended up waking up a few minutes later.I tried going back to sleep but nothing helped.I got up and quietly went down stairs to get something to drink.I noticed my parents were in the living room and talking about normal stuff like work and the new house.I stepped back and the floorboard creaked pretty loud.I stood there and waited to hear them yell at me for being up.Butthey kept talking and I wondered what was going on.I then had this sudden feeling to go outside.When I opened the door I saw a door leaning on a tree in the yard.I examined it for awhile and decided to open it for no reason at all.I opened it up and saw that it actually led somewhere.
"Oh shit, I'm really dreaming," I said aloud.I had this curious feeling to see what else was through this door and stepped in.The world around me changed into a huge room with boilers and pipes and steam almost everywhere.I turned around to find the door gone. Confused and a little taken aback, I began wandering around.I did this for several minutes until I nearly got ran over by Mikala, the bitch that lives several doors down.
"What the hell? Why did you just run into me?" I yelled at her.
"Oh my god, Nicole! We have to get out of here!"
"Hey! Hey! Calm down! Now explain why we need to get out."
"He's after me and he wants to kill me! Get up, Nicole! Before he gets us!"
"Mikala! Stop screaming and tell me what's going on! Who's this he that's after you?"
"Oh my god, didn't you hear the rumors?"
"No, I don't get into that shit.What is it?"
"There's a man that kills you in your dreams.And if he kills you in your dreams, you'll really die.You'll never wake up."
"Are you serious?"
"Nicole, when have I never been serious?"
"Hmm, Mikala, let's see.You're always playing around with others, you're a liar, and every time I see you, you're always smilimg, always laughing."
"Since when have I ever lied?"
"Remember when we were kids and we were such good friends? We were going to be friends forever, right? But what happened when we got a little older? What happened?"
"Nicole, we have no time for this! I'm sorry I didn't keep our friendship strong! I-"
"Forget it, bitch! You still harassed me like everyone else! You know, I hope this guy comes after you and kills you because you're just another useless bitch."
I turned around and came face to face with a man.A man who made a burned grin at Mikala and I.

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