Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


81. Deacon The End & Epilogue

~The next morning, I came down the stairs to see everyone in the living room. It surprised me greatly because I thought Deacon wasn't supose to be up here in case someone were to see him. Something must be going on for him to be up here. They noticed me and all but Deacon had huge smiles on their faces.
"What's going on?" I ask, kind of creeped out by their strange happiness. Ida gets up from the couch and walks toward me.
"We've been discussing some things for you and Deacon."
"What kind of things?" Her husband starts chuckling and I'm starting to believe that there's something more going on than just discusions.
"Really, what's going on, Ida?"
"Nicole, what would you think of marrying Deacon?" Thank God I wasn't drinking or eating something because this was truely a huge shock to me. Me marry Deacon?
"Why do you want us to get married? We just met."
"Nicole, the day you came to me was like God had sent me a guardian angel. I couldn't be any happier than for you to act as my daughter. Now, I'd like a grandchild." Okay, now I'm hoping that she hasn't gotten too into the fact that Deacon and I like each other. I did feel love from when we kissed but who's to say this relationship will last as long?
"Ida, I don't know about this. What if we have complications along the way?"
"Just as long as this child's made while the parents are married, it won't matter. It won't be too hard to divorce you two if things don't go well." Please tell me she doesn't mean I'll be killed if we're going to divorce. This was going too fast. I met Deacon yesterday and I do like him a lot but I don't know if I want to marry him.
"I need some time to think." I go outside and walk around, trying to think of what to do. I like him but do I like him enough to get married? Very tough question. I look over at the trails leading to different hikes up hills or down to the parking lot where you begin. Some rocks roll over toward me and I look behind me to see Deacon. He look concerned. I'm not sure what but he looked uncertain.
"Deacon, do you really want us to get married." He nodded and walked closer to me. He put a hand on my cheeck and kissed me again. I kiss back, feeling that love I had for him yesterday. He broke it and I look up at him with the same uncertain eyes.
"Are you sure?" He nods, takes out a ring from his coat pocket, and puts it on my left ring finger. He doesn't let go of my hand after putting the ring on and keeps it clasped over mine. I knew then that I really did love him. I smiled and said, "Let's go home, Deacon." We walk a little slowly as we go back to the cozy old cabin. Ida and her husband were over joyed to see that ring on my finger and our hands held together. That night, we were wedded happily. It probably wasn't the best in the world but I liked it. Although it was private and Deacon couldn't talk, I enjoyed it. And afterwards, we made that little grand baby for Ida and waited for those nine months to pass. It was amazing how much Ida was happy to have a grand kid and that she would talk to my stomach almost every day. I was glad that she was happy and that Deacon and I didn't have as many problems as I imagined. When the baby was born, we all found out that it was a girl. She was so precious and small when I saw her hours later. I named her Emily, a name Ida found greatful (I just thought of Emily Rose). We found ourselves not having too much trouble with this through the years. I was happy, Ida was happy, and Deacon was greatful when being with me. He was so nice and protective over me as well as his daughter. At least he wasn't trying to hurt me or Emily and many things were fine.

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