Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


77. Deacon 1

~It's dark. Very dark. You can't see anything unless the moon shows through the many clouds in the sky. That is to my ultimate demise as I'm running through this huge forest, fearing for my life. I'll be happy to tell you how I ended up here and why I'm afraid to stop running even if I feel like I'll run out of breath any second now.

1 day earlier

My friends thought we'd celebrate our graduation from high school by going camping. It was only for the weekend so we didn't expect to be too long. Some of us wanted to get out of our parents house before too long. That shows how much my friends want to live on their own and be adults. So, we started hiking through the trails and got stuck when seeing these different signs to different trails. Eventually, with some voting, we decided to go on the trail, Timber Falls. It was a strange name but I liked it. We hiked further into the woods until we found a little clearing to camp at. As we were setting up our tents and getting firewood, some guys came by. My friends seemed to like them but I wasn't interested. They talked and it was pretty clear that these guys just came over here to flirt with us, One of them wanted to flirt with me too but I tried avoiding them. To them, I was playing hard to get. They didn't stay long but I still felt a bit uncomfortable with them around. What would they do if they rememorized where our camping spot's at? What if they tried something? I wasn't going to stand by and let some guys take advantage of us. That night, I slept with my pocket knife in my sleeping bag. The next morning (Today), there was nothing wrong. Everything was all right. The whole day until the late afternoon, everyone except me went site seeing. I decided to stay around and look after the camp. You don't know if those guys could come back or if some animal might tear up the camp. If it's rabbid, them I could stab those guys later if they don't leave. I know I'm sick but I'm very paranoid. And, as if my paranoria had been read, those men came back.
"Hey, where are your friends? We wanted to see them again."
"Sorry to disappoint you but they're off site seeing."
"And they left you all alone?"
"It's best to keep things in order in case something happens."
"Like what?"
"Like guys like you taking advantage of us." They started to laugh and I reached down to get my knife. Still there and I had all intensions to use it.
"So, you're all alone here?"
"Thinking of a sick fantasy of yours?" They started laughing again and I pulled out my knife.
"Awww, she wants to kill us. Didn't your parents tell you to not play with knives?"
"Didn't your parents ever tell you to not play with guns and innocent girls?" They all had shotguns on their backs and I was hoping they weren't going to use them.
"Look, little girl. We could do this the easy way, or the hard way," one of them said, getting closer to me. He was now up against me with his breath stinking of some kind of beer.
"Which is it?" My heart pounded and I knew only one thing to do at this point.
"The hard way." I cut his right hand deeply with the knife and got smacked by him, leaving a lot of his blood on my face. I ran into the woods with that one guy following me. I guess he was thinking that he could get me by himself. In a way, he may be right. I'm not the best runner in the world but I'm not the worst. I was hoping that he couldn't see me that well right now as it was getting darker.


I ran too much and I was starting to choke. I knew that I couldn't last any longer and then he'll get me. Then, like a miracle, I saw some lights from a near by house. I looked behind me for a second but I couldn't see the man. It was too dark to see but I hoped that he wouldn't notice my escape. I knocked on the door and yelled for someone to come to the door. Then, a woman amerged and I rudely came in and closed the door.
"Oh my, child. What happened to you?" She touched the blood on my face to show what she was concerned about. I started crying and told her about that man chasing me. We then heard a banging at the door and I grew scared.
"Don't worry," she whispered, "I'll take care of this. You hide behind the couch." I did as she told me and waited. She opened the door and started talking to the man.
"Hey, have you seen a girl running around here?"
"Nope. Why would a girl be running by my house?"
"She's a psycho. Look what she did to me." I'm guessing he showed her his hand but I don't know what her reaction was.
"What did you do to make her cut you?"
"We were just talking and she suddenly cut my hand open." Bull shit, rapist!
"I'll look out for her. What does she look like?"
"Medium brown hair, black clothing, pale skin. You can't miss her. And she's got blood on her face and a pocket knife."
"Okay. I'll be keeping an eye out for her." I heard the door close and the woman came to my side.
"He's gone, sweet heart. That man's not going to hurt you."
"I'm scared! Don't believe a word he tell you! He was going to rape me! That's why I cut him!"
"It's okay. It's okay. It's a bit late so, if you want, I'll walk you to your camp tomorrow."
"Th-Thank you." She started singing to me and holding me like I was a child until I fell asleep. I just hoped that this will turn out okay in the morning...

Guy's POV

I lost site of her and Ida's saying she'll look out for that bitch. I know she wouldn't lie. She's a very Christian woman that won't let you down. I go back to those girls' camp and they start to wonder about their friend, Nicole. I hate to break the news to them but I also have something else they wouldn't want to hear.
"You know, she might not even have run away, but be missing."
"Missing?" one of her friends asked.
"Yeah, usually a bunch of couples come here to have fun and they go missing a lot. They are never to be seen again. Everyone thinks they're dead. That's what we believe too. So, your friend could've been kidnapped and taken away to be killed." Well, I'm not so sure about being taken. I did lose sight of her but I'm not so sure if she was taken away while running. She may as well be dead.
"What do we do?"
"Your best bet would be to leave. If you stay around any longer, they might get you too." They seemed to have believed my story and decided on leaving at dawn. They may report this to the police or the park rangers if they ask. All I know is that if this Nicole is carrying a knife with her, it may not be enough for her to survive. I don't even know what this killer uses. A knife, a gun, poison...I could be anything really. I just know that we have too many unsolved mysteries here in Timber Falls.

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