Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


8. Chapter 8

~So, yeah. I'm pratically a prisoner now. I'm also forced to do family things with them. It's not that I don't like to do that, it's just that now that I'm grounded I have to do this. I still dislike my parents for doing this. I understand that it was wrong to keep a boy...okay, a man. hidden from them. I also understand that it's wrong to have sex with him (Especially in your room in your parent's house). But what I don't understand is why should I be punished if I only see him in my dreams? Why am I suposed to not dream because we had an incident? They can't trust me anymore and I'm sick of them asking what I dreamed of the night before. They know for damn sure that I didn't dream. How they could tell? I haven't gotten any sleep because I can't dream! Also, if I had seen Freddy in my dreams, I'd wake up happy. So, it's been eight weeks and I've been stuck on the Hypnosil nonstop. My grades have been kind of crappy because of my lack of sleep, I'm more depressed and angery than usual, and all I can think about is Freddy. It's no use to fight bavk because I can't stop my feelings from taking control of me. I was 18 now but I still needed to graduate from high school. I also didn't have anywhere to go if I wanted to move out. Well, it was several days before graduation day (I'm surprised I'm going even though my grades were crappy) and I was going to my locker before last period. Then out of nowhere, Stephanie comes up beside me. She's another bitch but doesn't have any ties to Mikala.
"Hey, crazy bitch. Are you going to kill me?" I ignored her. I was not in the mood to talk.
"Well? Are you gonna put me on your hit list?" (FYI: I have a list in my locker of all the kids I hate)
"It's a hate list. Get your ears cleaned."
"I bet you that you don't have the guts to kill me."
"Oh, wouldn't you like to know?"
"So, you're going to kill me, aren't you?"
"That depends."
"On what? That I do something bad to you?" Stephanie then pushes my books down and looks at me like the little bitch ass whore she is. I pick them up and close my locker door. She pushes me against the lockers and looks at me like she was expecting something and didn't get it from me. I stared back with so much hatred.
"Hey," she began,"I'm not scared of you. I know you're just all talk and don't do what you say."
"What do you care, bitch? I didn't ask for your opinion."
"You are nothing but shit. That's all you'll ever be. No one likes you, okay? Everyone here hates you." I already knew this fact but she was really starting to annoy the piss out of me. I took my books and hit her across the head. When she stumbled to the side, I took a handful of her hair and slamed her head against the lockers.
"Who's all talk now, bitch?!" My adrenaline was really pumping as I threw her down, got on top, and beat her head on the floor over and over again.
"You know what Stephanie? Everyone hates you too, you little skank! That's the only thing that we have in common, bitch!" I started punching her face multiple times, watching more and more blood come out (That just made me do it more, though). As I was doing this, I felt a sharp pain from the back of my head. It was very sharp and I heard someoneyell that someone's got a knife. I felt my body fall to the floor and saw darkness cover my whole body...
...I woke up to see myself back in the same hallway that I blacked out in. I got up and saw my blood where my head was.
"Oh how lovely," I say to myself,"I get into a fight, someone stabs me, and they leave me all alone. People are so freaking nice now days. " I look over to the doors behind me and see Freddy standing near me. I gasped and stare at him in shock.
"How am I asleep or how did you get here?"
"Blacking out is sometimes considered sleeping, you know." He smirked and I laughed. He hadn't changed a bit since those eight weeks. He helped me up and I gave him a long hug. He didn't seem to hesitate this time, though.
"I missed you, Freddy."
"I missed you too, Nicole. I didn't have anything to do all day and night."
"I'm forced to do many things with my parents because they don't trust me alone. It was torture." He pushed me away and looked down at the blood on the floor.
"So, you got that bitch good, didn't you?"
"Yeah. Well, when you haven't had sleep for eight weeks, you tend to get a little crazy over the littlest things."
"I know. I've seen what you've been going through." He outstreched his hand to me. I took it and followed him out the doors and found that he was leading me to my body. I was laying in a hospital bed and my parents were watching me. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon and I was on monitors to keep me alive.
"Am I dying?"
"No. You're just going to be unconsious for several days. That knife got you in a bad spot on the back of your head. They were able to sew it up and get you out of critical danger."
"What about the Hypnosil? Wouldn't my parents have begged them to put me on it?"
"They tried but you were already heavily medicated that you couldn't consume it or else you'd die of an overdose." I stared at my body in the bed and wondered about how upset my parents must be. I would probably be getting some good sleep now, thanks to the docters.
"You wanna know what it's like to sleep and never dream?" I ask. Freddy shrugged as he leaned against the window ledge.
"It's like you doze off. One minute you're falling asleep, the next thing you know you're waking up to you alarm clock. It almost makes you think what the point to sleeping is if you can't dream. It's worse than any nightmare I've ever had."
"Same here in the dream world. You've got nothing to do and I kept thinking of you. I would go to your room a lot and just look at those pictures again. Just remembering those nights..." He stared at the ground for awhile and I came over to him.
"Freddy," I cupped my hands onto his face and pulled his face close to mine,"Look at me." He smiled and kissed me on the lips. It was just the same but still I missed the feeling of our lips touching. I heard my heart moniter start beeping and looked at it. I soon realized that my heart was beating fast again. My mom cried and Dad patted her shoulder.
"There's nothing we can do now, honey," he said, looking at my heart moniter continue to beep a lot.
"Can we go somewhere else, Freddy? I feel a little uncomfortable."
"Sure." We were back in my bedroom and started picking up where we left off... ;}
For the next several days, we watched what people were doing and fooled around in the dream world. On my scheduled day of waking up, we talked for awhile, just watching my body and the people coming around.
"Hey, Nicole."
"Remember what you said about wanting to get married and having kids one day?"
"Umm, yeah. Why do you ask?" He takes his hat off and shoves it to me.
"Look inside. There's something waiting for you." I was a bit scared but put my hand in there. I felt around until something brushed against my fingers. I picked it up and saw that it was a ring.
"Freddy, are you sure?"
"I've delt with marriage and having a kidbefore. Besides, I could get along better with you than my ex wife." I hugged him again and kissed him.
"Yes, Freddy. You always find a way to make me happy. I love you." I covered up my mouth when I said that but he ended up smiling. He kissed my cheek and leaned toward my ear.
"I love you too, Nicole. I'll be here when you fall back asleep." I woke up and saw the room so plainly. I sat up a bit and was confronted by my parents entering the room and running over to hug me. I was released soon after and when we got home, I took my dad's newspaper and started looking for an apartment to rent. Days later, I graduated from Springwood High and left for a new temporary home. I told my parents that I loved them and that it's best that I leave and not cause them any more trouble. They were sad but at least they'd be off my ass. Freddy and I got married and later on had two girls, Carrie and Amy (I named one Carrie because of the movie and Amy because of a story I made up at school that scared the shit out of everyone). It was nice and I didn't have to worry about anything much.

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