Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


6. Chapter 6

~My week went pretty well. I go to school and do work, I greet my parents when I come home, I pretend to eat the Hypnosil, and at nights I get to see Freddy and we kiss before I wake up. Well, the last few nights we started making out. Hell, what my parent don't know won't hurt them, right? Freddy's more fun to be with now. He shows me more about his life as a killer and when he was alive. He looked nice alive but I still like him as his burned self. Today, in the afternoon light, I'm wishing I could be with him now. I wish I could fall asleep now but my parents want me to come with them to watch an old movie with them. Now don't get me wrong but some old movies are good but the one they're making me watch is like a drauma and I'm not real into draumas. If the woman ended up like that lady from Vertigo then I'd laugh my ass off. It's kind of funny because when she and that guy are on the top of the bell tower kissing, she sees a shadowy figure and runs off the tower and the figure just ends up being a nun. I thought it was kind of funny. Anyways, We get there and I'm regretting even giving in to when they said that I won't be lonely while they go. Although, I never knew that I was going to end up being with a killer. At least fifteen minutes into the film I started drifting off to sleep. I woke up to see everyone just staring at the screen as if they were hypnotized. I looked around and couldn't tell if this was really happening or I was dreaming.
"This movie sucks," I heard a voice next to me. I turned and saw Freddy sitting there looking at the screen then at me. I hugged him and he laughed.
"Why do you do that every time you see me?"
"I like being close to you, Freddy. Do you want me to stop?"
"You can ease up on it but it's alright." He rubbed my head with his gloved hand. I liked being next to him like this. I could never regret doing this.
"I wanted to fall asleep earlier, you know? I had agreed to come with my parents to this movie so that it would give me something to do. Boring as hell, though. I'm glad that I fell asleep."
"You know I wouldn't leave you alone to die of boredom." I laugh and kiss him on the cheek. He snikers.
"No. You're gonna have to do better than that." He kissed me on the lips and I put my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He slipped his tongue in and started frenching me. It was getting warm and I tried to pull away but he kept me there. He put his hand on my thigh and I slapped it. He pulled away and looked at me.
"What? I thought you could trust me." I tried to get my breath back and explain before he got mad.
"Hey, I needed air. I can't kiss that long."
"I know that but why did you slap my hand?"
"You put it on my thigh."
"Yeah, isn't that what a lot of couples do?"
"Well, I know that many people do that but I don't do that."
"Why?" I couldn't give him my answer because my parents shook me awake.
"Nicole," my mom said, holding my hand,"Did you have a dream?"
"I don't know. I think I just dozed off. Is the movie over?"
"No. We're just going home, okay?"
"Okay." We finally got out of there and headed home. I was glad because I didn't want to stay in there. We got home and I went up stairs to get ready for bed. I overheard them talking about how lucky I was to not have dreamed and meetFreddy. Too late Mom and Dad. We met and, by the way, he's a real good kisser. If I had the guts to tell them that, I'd be in so much trouble. I got situated for bed and waited for the blackness to cover me.
Dream world
I was back in the boiler room and found Freddy leaning on one of the boilers, looking disappointed at me. I shifted my eyes down to the floor then looked back at him.
"Are you mad at me?" I asked in hope that he doesn't get too angered at me.
"No, I just don't understand why you're so nervous about being touched like that."
"As you probably know, I've never had a boyfriend before. So, therefore, I'm a virgin."
"Oh yeah. I sometimes forget when I'm in the mood."
"You're not the only one." He smirked again and I realized what I'd just said.
"So, I turn virgins on? Another useful trick." I blushed and gave in to the fact that he was right. He disappeared and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I could tell he was really in the mood.
"How about I show you how to really have a good time?" he whispered in my ear.
"I'm kind of nervous abou-"
"Everyone gets a little scared on their first time. I'll take good good care of you." The room changed to my room and he pushed me onto my bed. He got on top of me and we started making out. He tugged at my shirt and I gave him permission to take it off. He kissed down my chest and towards my stomach, making me moan. He look at my breasts and kind of laughed. I couldn't tell what was funny until I realized I was holding in my breath and my heart was ponding quite hard. He kissed my neck and I let out a louder moan than before. He ignored it and started sucking on that spot. I didn't feel like being dominated and got on top of him. He laughed at me trying to take control. I kissed him on the neck and tried finding his soft spot. I heard him laugh at my attept to find his soft spot and got sick of his game. I bit one side of his neck and heard him gasp. I sucked that part of his neck and felt a rise in his pants while doing so. I let go and kissed him.
"So, you like to be biten?"
"I guess so. I've never had a girl do that to me."
"It's fun." I took his hat off and put it on my night stand. He went to taking off his sweater and I helped him. We went back to making out for awhile. He took off my pants and underwear and I took his off. He laid me down and got back on top. I was both in the mood and scared of what was about to happen. He thrusts himseld in me and it hurt pretty bad. I groaned, almost giving out a scream, and felt tears come out.
"Don't worry. I promise it'll get better. You trust me, right?" It really hurt and all I could do was nod. He pulled in and out for awhile and it felt really bad. After some time, it started to feel good and I was moaning instead of groaning. He started going faster and it felt a little better. It wasn't long before we were going at it really hard and coming several times. Then, Freddy stopped, pulled out, and crawled next to me. We were both trying to breathe after this.
"So, that's what sex is like?"
"Yeah, it'll get better for you after a few more tries."
"You're not gonna leave me, are you?"
"What the hell? Of coarse not. What gave you that thought?"
"I never got a boyfriend because Ididn't want to be pressured into having sex. I hear that once you do that with a teenaged boy, he leaves and tells his friend how easy you are. I've wanted to save my virginity until marriage. But I never knew that I'd be with adead murderer."
"Hey, those boys are nothing but pussies. I'm a man. That's better than any teenaged boy." I laughed at his statement and hugged him.
"You're really good to me, Freddy. Thanks." He rubbed my head and with his gloved hand (Yes it was still on duringall that). He stopped rubbing my head and got a few inches away from me. I looked at him and he smiled back.
"I'll see you when you fall back asleep," was all he said before I was back in my room, completely naked under the covers. I looked under the covers and found my lost virgin blood all overthe sheets.

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