Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


5. Chapter 5

~Going to school was just weird. All I could think about was what happened last night. He tried to kiss me! But the other thing that bugged me was why did I feel so sad that he didn't? It didn't even matter how much I kept saying he's only my friend and that's how it will always be. The memory of last night kept playing over and over in my head today. I couldn't even eat lunch without feeling his lips getting ever so closer to mine. I didn't find Freddy disgusting, I just didn't know what to think. He left me completely confused and I began to wonder, do I like Freddy? Coming home that afternoon felt uncomfortable. I knew I would have to face him tonight and I didn't know what to do. I excused myself from supper early tonight and went over some things in my head. I didn't know what to feel and trying to get out of the situation seemed kind of hard. I didn't want to end my nightly meetings withFreddy but I also didn't know how to confront him once I went to sleep. I grew nervous when Mom came up with the Hypnosil. I drank the water, slipped the pill under my tongue, and spit it out when she was gone. Now, to hopefully end my confusion tonight.
Dream world
I was not in the boiler room or my bedroom this time, but a cemetery with a bunch of fog. It was quite nice and I kind of smiled,forgettingthat I was now in his world. I felt two arms wrap around me and jumped a little. I heard slight laughing but was not comforted.
"Did I scare you?" Freddy whispered in my ear.
"No, just surprised me a bit." My heart kept racing but I didn't know if it was still the shock from him sneaking up on me or memories of last night.
"If so then why's you heart beating so fast?" I couldn't take it anymore and released his arms from me.
"Stop it, Freddy! I don't know what to do now! You always confuse me and I don't know what to expect! Just stop it!" I felt tears coming but rubbed my eyes to cease them.
"Nicole, you confuse me, too. That first night we met I thought you liked me that way because you thought I looked alright."
"Screwed up mind. What are you getting at?"
"Well, last night I thought you liked me with all those pictures you drew. But now I'm confused."
"I drew those for no reason but didn't think you'd take it like that. Why did you think that?"
"You do good drawing me. But now I feel awkward." Yeah and I'm completely great over here! We stood there and I looked around at the scene.
"Freddy, why are we in a cemetery?" He shrugged.
"I thought this would be more comforting than my boiler room and less frightening than your room."
"Do you...ugh,,,like me?" He looked at me for a moment almost like he was in deep thought.
"Not sure."
"What do you mean?"
"Why don't you ask yourself that?"
"I've been doing that all day."
"No. You were asking yourself about our current situation and if it would be weird now. So, do you like me?" I didn't have an answer for that but I didn't won't to make him confused again.
"How about we try to get this clear to both of us."
"How? Ask each other questions?"
"We could do that. But we can't ask each other if we like each other until we run out of questions."
"Sure. Nothing better to do until your damn alarm cloak wakes you up."
"It's seriously annoying. So what were your thoughts about me when we first met."
"At first, I thought you were going to be one of my victims along with that bitch. She was really getting on my nerves."
"You're so lucky you don't have to go to school and live on the same street as her."
"Yeah. But when you were telling her she should die and called her a bitch, I thought you were amusing. Your turn. What did you think of me?"
"Let's see. You surprised me because I didn't know you were behind me and I thought you looked completely crazy. When I say that, I mean I've never seen a burned man before."
"Okay...What's your next question?"
"What did you think of me finding out about your past?"
"Annoyed that once you found out that you'd stop coming. What about me knowing what goes through your mind?"
"I didn't like that because then I wouldn't get to talk to you about some things."
"What things?"
"Stupid things not perverted things. What do you think when I come to your mind?"
"Just what your doing during the day. Sometimes I think of how to shit around with your head. I know what you think about."
"I just wonder the same things but sometimes I think of what you were like alive. So, just out of curiosity, would you ever get married or have children again?"
"I don't really put much thought into that. My main motivation is killing. I'm not sure. It depends on the kind of girl I get with."
"I think about it sometimes.I'd like to get married and have a kid or two. I just don't know how that will come true. Not many people like freaks."
"Hey, I'm the freak here."
"That's why we're so close. We're classified as freaks to society."
"So, what do you look for in guys?"
"Weird question to hear from you but okay. I like dark minded guys. You know, people who just get me. I'm in to goths you could say. What do you look for in a girl?"
"You should know." He smirks and I laugh at his perverted ways for once.
"Okay that was dumb of me to ask. I don't know what elseto ask."
"So, do you like me? You asked everything you wanted to know, right?" I pu my head down to stare at the ground.
"I-I do-" he put his hand on my neck and pressed his thumb to my chin to make me look up.
"You've really got to stop that. It just makes you obvious." I blushed a bit. I was nervous as hell.
"So, do you like me?"
"What does it look like?" Freddy released his grip on my neck and pulled me in to his lips. My first kiss with a dead serial killer. Well, it could be worse, right? I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist. I couldn't really fight the feeling in me anymore. I really did like Freddy. He was my only friend and now my lover. We broke the kiss for air and I stared at his face. He was attractive to me and I felt safe with him now. He looked back at me a little confused.
"What?" he asked. I hugged him and felt the smoothness of his sweater.
"Thank you," I said and then he released me.
"I'm waking-" He nodded and I was back in my room. I was happy now. Freddy Krueger liked me. He actually liked me! I heard Dad knock on my door and say that Mom was still asleep so there wasn'tany breakfast this morning. I didn't care. Who could eat so early knowing that they've just kissed Freddy Krueger? I was so excited that I pratically ran out of the house to get to school.

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