Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


4. Chapter 4

~I sat in my room after school let out and stared through the window.I didn't get much homework so I had a bunch of free time.And what to do with all this free time? That's what I was wondering.Bored.Oh, so freaking bored.I didn't feel up to reading, I didn't have anything to write about, and day dreaming was out of the option.I say this because I grew bored of imagining people's deaths.I know that's shocking but when you're bored, it doesn't seem interesting.I had my folder of drawings out and a paper and pencil.Right now, staring out my window at the rainy dusk setting, I was trying to figure out what to draw.Hmmm, I wonder what Freddy's up to.I bet he has more fun than me.What does he do during the day? I lingered on the thought until I went with the decision to make a drawing of Freddy.It took me awhile to finish it and I thought it looked good.If I asked my parents, Mom would faint and Dad would ground me forever.I put the picture in my folder and placed it back in its spot on my dresser (They never snoop around in my stuff).I heard Mom call me down for supper and I ran down stairs.Tonight she was making pizza and I LOVE pizza (Okay, I know that was weird but I really do love pizza.XD)!After that, I got situated for bed and faked swallowing the pill.Now, to meet Freddy...
Dream world
"Hey, I've been waiting for you all fucking day." Yes, that's the first thing he saids to me when I enter the dream.I felt a little awkward at this.
"And why are you so excited?"
"Because it gets boring without someone here."
"Same here in the real world.By the way, what do you do here when everyone's awake?"
"I think about stuff or walk around, making sure the kids get lost or confused when going through here."
"Stuff? What kind of stuff?" He smirks and snickers a bit.
"You're seventeen.You figure it out."
"Pervert.And I don't even think about that shit."
"Oh that's right, Miss Mental Psychopath." I look at him, annoyed.
"So what do you want to do tonight?" I asked.
"I want to know why I'm always on your mind."
"You're not always on my mind.You're just more interesting to think about at times."
"What do you think about when I cross your mind?"
"Ugh, ummm, I-"
"Don't be shy.You can tell me anything." He smirked again and it was starting to become uncomfortable.
"I don't think the thoughts you think of, okay? I've just had weird stuff on my mind, lately."
"Oh really? What kind of weird stuff?"
"Oh just trying to see how long a girl can last being friends with a dead serial killer."
"No, why?"
"Because in my opinion, she wouldn't last long."
"Why? Would you kill her?"
"Depends what the killer thinks of her." What the fuck?!
"And what does the killer think of her?"
"She'll have to find out the next time she falls asleep."
"Ah, shi-" And then I was back in my room.
"Shit.I hate this damn alarm clock." I get ready for school and leave.
That Afternoon
I got home and started drawing like crazy.I've been having this strange feeling about drawing Freddy all day.Now, I didn't do this at school because Mikala would've been up my ass about that night.Also, as much as I'd like everyone to know that my best friend's a murderer, I don't need any of that coming home.I spent the whole day drawing and hid them in my folder before my mom came up with the pill. Then, I got ready for bed and fell asleep...
Dream world
Instead of finding myself in the boiler room, I was in my room, sitting in bed.
"Shit, don't tell me they drugged me." I then heard laughing coming from my door, so I turned my attention towards it. And then, Freddy appeared.
"Here's Freddy-" I threw my pillow at him.
"What the fuck did you do that for?"
"You made me think that my parents drugged me or something," I said, getting out of bed. He smirked at me.
"What do you care if you miss one night of sleeping?"
"Well, for one, we made a deal. Two, I don't want you to kill me, thinking that I broke our promise."
"Oh? And what about those?" He pointed at the folder on the dresser. I hesitated for a moment. I don't know about you but wouldn't you feel awkward if your friend had a bunch of drawings of you in their folder? I didn't want Freddy to get the wrong idea and think I'm an obssesive bitch. Although, to save any further persistance from him, I gave him permission to look through them. He opened it up and the first thing he saw was a picture of himself standing with blood dripping off the tips of his blades. I put my head down, rememorizing the several scenes of him either killing or posing. He walked towards me and stood close in front of me.
"Nicole, look at me." I continued to stare down at his shoes, not daring to speak a word.
"Nicole," he said as he put two bladedfingers under my chin and pull my face up to his,"Look at me." His face was very close to mine, paralyzing me. He leaned in, getting closer to me.My heart started ponding hard against my chest that I knew it would explode. I didn't know why I was feeling this way. And to him, Freddy Krueger, the master of our greatest nightmares. This killer. The man that parents fear. My friend. When his lips were only milimeters away from mine, he stopped.
"You're waking up," he whispered. Then, I found myself back in my bed, this strange feeling of disappointment overwhelming me.

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