Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


3. Chapter 3

~I got up and got ready for school.I noticed that the pill on my night stand and threw it in my little trash bin.I went down stairs to have some breakfast.Mom had made bacon, eggs, and toast.
"Hey Nicole," my dad said, not looking up from this morning's paper,"How was your sleep last night?" Oh, wouldn't you like to know? I met a killer and we made a deal, I thought while chewing on some bacon.I then realized that they believe I had swallowed the pill.
"It was weird.I thought I dozed off at first.I guess it was all that work yesterday."
"That's not it," he said looking up.
"What is it?"
"We'll tell you later," my mom said, sitting down with her cup of coffee,"You need to hurry or you'll be late to school." I got up, put my backpack on, and walked out the door.I didn't see Mikala anywhere on the streets, assuming that she got an early start to tell everyone at school about last night's incident.When I get to school, I go to my locker, get my books, and head to first period.That was until I saw Mikala around her group of friends, jabbering on about last night.
"And he was so scary looking.He was so burned." Then she saw me and grew a little shocked.
"Oh my god, Nicole.You're alive."
"Ugh, of coarse I'm alive.What did you expect? A zombie?" There was no way in hell that I was going tell everyone about me being friends with a dead murderer.But it would be fun to fool with her, make her think that she's going crazy.
"No.I mean about last night when we saw Freddy Krueger." Some kids passing by stopped at the mention of 'Freddy Krueger' while some turned their heads.
"Who's Freddy Krueger?"
"Nicole, you don't need to be scared.Just tell them about last night."
"But I don't know what you're talking about.Why should I even be scared?"
"Nicole, stop this and tell them what you saw."
"You're confusing me.I don't even know what you're trying to prove."
"Stop that! You were fucking there! I saw you!"
"But Mikala, I didn't dream a thing last night.Not a thing." She then grew into an aggitated rage of defeat.She turned to her friends for support.
"You believe me, don't you guys?"
"Yeah, we believe you."
"Of coarse, why wouldn't we?"
"That freak is just a liar." Now, you'd think that I'd snap and punch her but I've been called that so much that it is only a word (And a compliment!).
"God, she didn't need to blame a little nightmare all on her just because she's different," I heard a boy's voice near by.
"I don't know.I wouldn't find it shocking if she married him," a girl joined in.
"Miss Nicole Krueger? Now that's weird."I found myself blushing at the statement.As the bell rang, I pulled my self together and headed to my first period class.
Nothing really interesting so I'll skip to the afternoon...
When I got home, I noticed that Mom was cleaning the house.I saw her in the living room, dusting the coffee table.
"Hey, Mom."
"Oh, hey, honey," she saids looking up at me,"How was school today?"
"Mikala from several doors down kept saying that I was a liar this morning."
"What for?"
"She said that I was in her dream last night and that we both saw some guy named Freddy Krueger." She stared dead at me when I said the name.
"Nicole, there's something I need to tell you." She sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to her, motioning me to sit next to her.I sat down and waited to hear the information I was already aware of.But what came out of her mouth was not what I expected.
"Freddy Krueger was a child killer.He took them, brought them to his basement, and killed them.All us parents reacted in a rage and we burned him alive in his house.This had happened a little before you were even born.We thought it was all over.But when we heard that teenagers were dying in their sleep and the several survivors gave his exact description..."
"But then a pill was invented to pervent anyone from dreaming.It's called Hypnosil.That pill you swallowed last night was it.I'm sorry I lied to you.I was trying to save you from Freddy." She embraced me and I hugged her back.All afternoon to tonight, I wondered if I should even be meeting Freddy now.When Mom brought up the Hypnocil, I decided at the last second to not swallow it.I needed to get the facts striaght before deciding on anything.So, when she left my room, I spit it out into my trash bin and went to sleep.
Dream world
I found myself in the boiler room and who had to do the honors of sneaking up on me but the master of nightmares himself.
"Don't do that, Freddy!" He just stood there and laughed for awhile until he slowly stopped.
"Okay, so Mikala confronted me this morning about last night."
"I know.
"How do you know things before I even utter a breath?"
"I know what you know.And your mother's not so clear about my history as you think."
"Then what reallyhappened?"
"They took my kid away from me."
"You had a child?"
"Killers can have offspring too, you know."
"I know.It's just that I can't imagine you having a kid."
"Well, I did and I didn't like that they took her away."
"You had a daughter? What was her name?"
"Katherine Krueger.That's a nice name.So why did they take Katherine away?"
"I killed my wife in front of her."
"Damn.Karma sure is a bitch, isn't it?"
"What the hell are you trying to say? That I deserved this?"
"No.They took your kid, so you took their's.A revenge motive you can say."
"You know too much.You're not growing up to be a cop, are you?"
"No, I just watch too many scary movies and my school's enough for me to think the thoughts of a killer.You see, no one is truely born evil.They either develope into it or grow up in an environment that effects them forever."
"You do realize that you're supporting a killer, right?"
"Does that really matter now?"
"I guess not." There was an awkward silence for awhile and I didn't really have anything else to say.
"So why were you blushing?"
"Excuse me?"
"This morning when you were listening onto those kids' conversation.You were blushing when they said something about us getting married.So, why were you blushing, Miss Nicole Krueger?" I blushed and laughed slightly.I pulled my self together and put on a straight face.
"Truthfully, I really don't know."
"Uh-huh, right."
"Oh shut up.Like you know how I-"
"You're waking up again" Before I could breathe, I wake up to the same damn annoying alarm clock.
"This thing's about to die," I said as I turned it off.But there was this one thing that stuck on my mind all day.Why was I blushing at someone's statement to be married to Freddy Krueger?

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