Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


2. Chapter 2

~I bumped into this burned man, who was grinning at Mikala and I.Besides that he was burned, he wore a red and green striped sweater, fedora black pants, and dark shoes.I heard her scream and when I turned to look at her, she was gone.
"Where did she go?" I said silently.
"She woke up," I heard the man say behind me.I turned and saw that he was a little closer and stepped back a bit.
"How did she wake up?" I asked.
"She got really scared, you could say."
"So, are you the man who was after her?" He chuckled.
"You really don't know about me, do you?"
"Well, what do you think?" Again he chuckled.Aparently, I was amusing him.
"Well, Nicole, I am Freddy Krueger.And your little screamer friend is right.I kill in your dreams."
"How did you know my name?"
"I know everything about you.I even know your greatest fear."
"Shit.It's no wonder why she's terrified of you."
"She's more afraid of my appearence."
"I think you look okay."
"Don't fuck with me, bitch."
"That was a compliment, asshole."
"I'm a burned dead man.How the hell is that attractive?"
"You aparently haven't met someone who's messed up."
"Why expect it? I'm gonna kill you anyways."
"What? Why couldn't you kill some other kid?"
"Because they're all taking that damn Hypnosil."
"What's Hypnosil?"
"God, you're killing me with these questions.Hypnosil is that pill they're giving to all the kids on Elm St.It forces you to never dream."
"That sucks.Who wouldn't want to dream?"
"The kids' parents.I appear in dreams remember? They want to make sure I don't kill their precious babies.You didn't take it, I see."
"Well, my mom gave me apill and I didn't feel like taking it."
"So, you mean my parents lied to me?" He nodded and I felt betrayed.My parents and I always shared things with each other.
"Ready to die?"
"What's the point? You'll just end up being like me: Alone.So, go ahead and kill me."Freddy paused for a moment.I could tell that he was deep in thought but decided not to say anything.Freddy sighed.
"Damn it.I hate it when people pull that stuff on me."
"Well, you should really think these things through-"
"Shut up, bitch.I don't need any advice from you."
I stood there for a second, trying to figure out what to do.I heard Freddy chuckle again and looked to see why.
"So, I'm alone and you're alone.How about we make a little deal?" He saids.
"What kind of deal?"
"I won't kill you unless you promise not to use the Hypnosil.Isthat a deal?" I started thinking about this.I had just met a dead serial killer in my dream, we were just talking like as if that wasn't a problem, and now we're about to make a deal.
"Okay, It's a deal.Hell, it's better than being bored all day and night." We were about to shake hands until I saw his hand.
"Oh my god.Did you make that?" Disapointment ran across Freddy's face after I said this.
"You're right about one thing.You are definately messed up."
"Thanks.Not many people recognize my greatness for being strange," I say sarcastically as we shake hands.His bladed glove felt rough but I couldn't believe I was touching it.I wished I could've had a glove like that.He sighed as our hands seperated.
"You're about to wake up."
"What?" The next thing I knew, I was back in my bedroom, my annoying ass alarm clock beeping simultaniously.I turned it off and began wondering if I had really made that deal.I smelled my right hand and could detect the scent of metal, sweat, and blood.


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