Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


90. 9

~The months wore on and every waking moment of mine was filled with loving Nicole. I still wasn't so sure aboutwhat love really was but I always felt it when I was around Nicole. I couldn't get enough of her. Whenever opportunity struck, we'd sneak off to be with each other and to learn about love. It seems like I'm getting the hang of feeling and expressing it. I even asked about it one day.
"Hey, Nicole."
"Do you think I'm doing well at loving?"
"You're doing an excellent job. I don't think there's much more to teach."
"There's one thing that I haven't taught you yet but we may need to delay that lesson for several months."
"Agreed." But, one day, Nicole came back in a fuming rage that I needed to bring her to my house just to calm her down. But then she started crying and I didn't know what to do. So, I tried a trick that she does to me often. I held her to me and rubbed her head until she calmed down.
"Now, what is it that made you so upset?"
"I was on the bus and a girl asked me whyyou're always hanging around me. I told her you were a friend and she started saying that it's more than that. She was saying that we probably do other things besides be friends. She thinks we're friends with benefits and that she'd be a better girl for you in bed than I would. I didn't say a word about what happened to you but it pissed me off to think of what she told me. I told her that she should tellyou about her sick fantasy and see what you'd think. I was so angry, I wanted to kill her."
"I see what you're talking about. I'd like to see her try and say 'let's do it.' Oh, will she be in for a surprise."I pull out my switch blade and bring the blade up nearmy face. I see concern on Nicole's face and she puts my blade down.
"Did I scare you?"
"No. This is my battle, not yours. I've got another two months before graduation, so maybe I can deal with them."
"A lot can happen in two months, Nicole." She slips my knife out of my hand, puts the blade back inside its holder, and sets it on the coffee table. She was disappointed in me, I guess.
"Nicole, I don't mean to act like a killer a lot of times. But, if anyone hurts you, I will not hesitate in taking their life. I want to protect you but I can see that this disturbs you."
"No, Sam. Death is not always the option. I won't be angry or sad if you kill someone that harms me. Even if you kill me, I won't feel anything but sympathy for you. Just remember that killing is not always the answer to your problems."
"Okay. You're not mad at me, are you?"
"No. I lo- I really like you a lot." I laughed and blushed at what she was saying.
"You almost said you loved me, didn't you?"
"I didn't want you to think I'm going to fast with this relationship." I pull her to me and hold her close to me.
"Nicole, you don't know how much I've wanted to tell you that myself but thought the same thing. I love you so much that I can't stand to watch you leave. I look forward to seeing you get off that bus every afternoon so that we're together again."
"Sam, you really mean it?"
"Why would I lie to you? There's nothing I'd rather do with the rest of my life than be by your side forever." I bring out a ring from my jacket pocket that I bought only weeks ago. I get on my knee and offer it to her.
"Nicole, will you marry me? We can do this all after you graduate so that this doesn't interfere with your schoolwork. Do you accept?" I was more scared than I was when I told her who I was and asked her to go out with me. I feel nervous that she may turn me down and hurt me. I want her true answer and to not feel like it's by force. I want her to be happy just as much as me. Seeing her happy will make me happy.
"I-I'm speechless, Sam. I want to say yes but I can't."
"You just said it. Do you really want to marry me?"
"Sam, I couldn't be any happier than this. Yes, I wll marry you." I feel tears form in my eyes and get up to put the ring on her finger.
"How'd you know my ring size?" Nicole asks.
"Remember when I borrowed your ring a few weeks ago? I asked for the jeweler to size this ring. I remembered how you said that you prefer silver and I thought the onyz stone would add a nice touch."
"It's beautiful, Sam. Even if there's diamonds on it, I love it."
"Yeah, the jeweler was being persistant about it so I let him leave the four little diamonds around it." She kisses me on the lips and puts her arms around my neck while I put mine on her hips.
"Sam, you finally see what love is, don't you?"
"I thank you for showing me what this kind of thing is. I'd be happy to share my life with you."
"Even if you're a killer, I'd be proud to be your wife."
"The Schizoid Killer is retiring. I'm going to help you around the house, get a good job, and stop killing for now on."
"Are you sure you want to do that?"
"I want to be a better man than I was years ago. I'll do anything to keep you safe in a better way unless they really hurt you." She kisses me again on the lips and I see the tears begin to flow. I rub them away with my thumbs and set her down on the couch next to me.
"I think I know how to pay you back for this," she says.
"What do you mean 'pay me back?'"
"You've made me so happy by proposing but there's something I have to give to you."
"Don't worry. When we're married there's no boundaries to what we desire from each other."
"It's beyond sex, Sam. What if I bore your children?" I smile at her. I've never thought about having kids but that sounds nice. To have our blood mix together into small innocent bodies and have them grow up with our genetics. It sounds so perfect.
"Nicole, I would be happy if you gave to my children."
"Of course." Just when we were about to kiss, there's a knocking at the door. I get up, answer it, and my heart almost burst out of my chest. There were cops at my door looking for me (They actually just said the Schizoid Killer. Not trying to confuse anyone). They are very alert at the moment and suspect the Schizoid Killer to be around our area. They say to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and to contact them if they see someone attacking any high schoolers. They left, I close the door, and go back to the couch all shook up. I thought for sure that they'd come to arrest me.
"Would you mind if we also moved out of here after graduation?" I asked.
"Yes, that would be a huge help." So, for the next two months, I waited patiantly for Nicole to graduate. I went to the ceremony but watched from afar so that I didn't raise any suspicion. Then, I saw a girl that looked like a skank come up to me with lustful eyes.
"So, are you Nicole's friend?" she asked.
"Yes. Are you a friend of hers?"
"No way. No one wants to talk to that freak. I wonder if the Schizoid Killer will choose her as his next target."
"No he won't."
"How do you know that?"
"I believe they said to be aware of the high schooler's saftey, not graduate's. I don't think he has any taste for the one's who make it out of high school alive."
"Okay. You wanna hang with me sometime?"
"I can't. I'm packing up and leaving tomorrow."
"Awww, that's a shame. Wanna hook up tonight? Maybe make some magic?" I'm guessing this is the bitch that wants to make me relive a past nightmare. Well, we shall see how things turn out.
"I'm engagged."
"You're no fun. Why don't you just give in to one little temptation? It's not like she'll know." I notice Nicole standing behind her with her diploma calmly wrapped in her finders.
"Maybe he just doesn't want to get AIDS," she says, scaring the girl.
"I do not have AIDS."
"Are you sure? Some people never know that until it's too late. And you've been hanging around a lot of guys lately."
"Shut the fuck up. Go ahead and mess with this engagged loser. I'm gone."
"I don't mess around with married or engagged men," she tells the girl as she walks off. She turns to me and whispers, "I mess around with my married men." She winks at me and I slightly laugh at her.
"We showed that bitch how it's done," I say. The next day, Nicole tells her family good-bye and we were on our way to Pennsylvania. That was going to be my next place to find a victim but I guess, if I haven't been there yet, it'll be safe for us to raise a family. We moved into a nice home in a good neighborhood, got married within a few months, had two children after two years. We named them Samara and Freddy after her two favorite scary movie killers. Really, I had no good ideas for names and the ones Nicole picked out were unique. Our lives weren't as complicated as most would've though.It was a great life that I'm glad I decided on living. I met the love of my life, had two children by her, and I haven't killed anyone since the one before Nicole. I believe I speak for the both of us when I say I'm glad we met each other on that sad, cold, Monday afternoon

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