Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


61. 9

~"I see you're going out again tonight," I said, her eyes still on me.
"Ugh, yeah. I'm going out with some friends tonight." The excitement seemed to be erased from her voice when she answered. I guess she still thinks of that night every time she sees me. What does it matter? He deserved it and I can't see how she could love such a man.
"Why are you dressed like that?"
"Like what?"
"You wear very revealing clothes even though it's November, you have on so much make up, and you look like-"
"Like what exactly?" She was pissed.
"You look like a prostitute, Mom." She banged her bag on the kitchen table and grabbed my arm.
"If you know what's best, Nicole, you'd better apologize to your mother." She squeezed my arm and I felt the pain of it. A few tears went down my face as she twisted the arm. I couldn't take it. This was all the truth I needed.
"I won't show sympathy to you!" She pushed me then and I hit the wall softly. Mom is weaker than Dad, thankfully, so I'm not that hurt by her.
"You disgusting piece of shit. How dare you call me a whore and don't take it back!"
"What kind of mother tells a stranger to fuck her own daughter?" She looked at me, shocked for a moment. Yes, bitch. I know what you did. She then laughed at me.
"Did that man tell you that? He was so drunk that night that it was his idea to do that." Your mother tells me things about you. Very nice things. I recalled his words in my mind. They were both drunk and she didn't even stop him. She didn't care if I got raped. She was all for it anyways.
"He didn't tell me." She stops laughing then looks at me. She was a little mad but also quite shocked.
"Who told you then?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?" She already knows I summoned Pinhead. I guess she can figure this out. Or has the beer already destroyed her brain cells?
"Why do you do this to me, Nicole? I gave birth to you. I gave you everything you needed for life. I even helped with your father's dead body so that I could keep you. What else do you want from me?"
"You thought you did everything right but you do everything wrong. You could've told the police about Dad but you decided to sit around and drink your beer. After Dad died you continued on that old habit and even became worse. You shouldn't call yourself a mother."
"I've done everything while you went to school and stayed in your room. You were the same. You just kept to yourself like always while I at least explored this town." Yeah, explore what's down every guys' pants. This was becoming a little out of hand. She thinks she's the good one while I'm the one going through life knowing what she is.
"I know what you think, Mother. You think I summoned those people on purpose to kill Dad."
"You did. Admit it!"
"That was my only option so that I could stay alive. If I didn't do what I did, you wouldn't have a daughter. But I guess you prefer that now if it's so hard on you."
"I don't believe you. You did this on purpose."
"I saved your life!" She froze there for a second, remembering that day and how I begged for Pinhead to stop Chatterer from killing her. Apparently she doesn't hvave thanks for that day. If she treats me like this, then she doesn't recall that I wanted Dad dead and not her.
"I'm going out. I don't care what you do just come up with a good apology once I get home."
"Excuse me? What was that?" I looked up at her with an anger that matched Pinhead's.
"I said go...to...HELL!!! You bitch!" A nerved poped in her and she slapped me hard across the face. The force of her hand against my cheek was so hard I fell backwrads onto the floor out of the kitchen. She then kicked my side and then spat on me.
"You filthy little girl. I should've never given birth to such a fucked up child." I heard her high heels click against the floor to the door. Her slap hurt me so much that I had to close my eyes. A tear rolled down my face and I was so glad that she didn't see this. I didn't know she hated me so much that she regretted giving birth to me. That pinches the nerve of every child who hears that from their parents.
"Don't expect me back by midnight or later," was all she said before closing the door. I got up slowly and crawled to my room. I sat in the middle of my room and cried until I realized two things. One, my room was very cold, and two, I heard laughter from all around me. I opened my eyes and saw all but Pinhead surround me in a circle. They stared down at me in joy as my tears continued to stream down. I couldn't take much more of this living Hell.
"Please. Please kill me! I don't want to live any longer!" Female stopped laughing but smiled down at me as she spoke.
"Don't you get it? This was planned from the beginning. We won't kill you. As long as we continue to torture, the more mentally you're hurting."
"So, you mean, I've been a part of this game all along?" They laugh still and I finally yell out in ageny. I laid down on the floor and cried as they continued to laugh.
"Stop this," I heard Pinhead say above me. The others backed away as he came near me. I sat up but didn't look up at him in fear that he'd just do something worse than the others. I didn't care what torture they put me through or how badly it hurt. I just didn't want to live any longer. But if this is what they were going to do, then this was torture enough.
"Nicole." He put his hand on my face where Mom slapped me and rubbed it. It was soothing in a way but still hurt a little. I looked up into his cold black eyes that still held little emotion.
"Your work is done here, Nicole. You're free to go now. No longer are you to come near us or help us. You will be treated as everyone else if you do that. Take the Lament Configuration and put it back the way you found it. After that, give it to someone so that our cycle continues. Forget about us. Understand?" I nodded and he let go. My room turned back to normal and I got up to dry my tears. Now my life was horrible. Use to, I had something to do and my reason to go to school was to help Pinhead and the others with the torture game. Now, if he doesn't need me, then I had nothing to do in this life. It seems that I have no purpose for Pinhead anymore. There was only one thing I could do and I was willing this time.If I remember, the pills are still all there and there's still enough beer for me to consume. Pills and alchohol never do mix. As I walk down the stairs, however, I see what actually scared the living shit out of me again. Pinhead was sitting on the couch in my living room and staring at the stairs as if expecting something. Or was he expecting me?

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