Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


26. 9

~Waking up those several hours later was something I regretted. Same room, same hatred, same depression for losing Michael. I wished we hadn't of been so careless. If there's a murder going on in the Myers house and the police are notified, we should get the hell out. Too bad we did this because now I'm stuck in this place and I don't even know where Michael is. Day by day, Dr. Loomis would come in and question me about why I attacked the kids in my school. I wouldn't really answer him with simple words I'd use normally. I would make short answers and then imediately ask where Michael was. I acted like Juliet when her nurse came back with the results of her and Romeo's marriage (My class had to read the play one time and then we watched the movie with Leonardo Dicapreo in it. I dislike that guy, I don't understand why girls like that guy. He's in that movie Shutter Island if anyone's interested). Michael was the only thing I would talk about when he came in to talk to me. It was almost like in the movie, The Exorcist: He would come talk to me, I would say other things including cursing him out, and either way, we'd both be screwed at the end. Well, he's not going to get much out of me and I'll never see Michael again. Whenever I would mention his name, Dr. Loomis would always say that he's been taken care of and that I didn't have to worry about him.
"Just tell me you old foolish man! Where is Michael? And give me a better answer than 'he's been taken care of!' I want to know what you did to him and where he is!?
"He's dead!"
"That's right. He's dead and this time, he's never coming back! Is that good enough for you?" I stared at him for a bit and then started laughing. First it came out as a giggle then as a crazy ass laugh. He looked at me funny when I did this. He almost looked scared.
"Why-Why are you laughing, Nicole?"
"Be-Because you can't kill Michael! There's no possible way!" I continue onto the crazy laughter and end up having to be tranquilized again. But each day after that was torture. He still told me that Michael was dead no matter how hard I tried to convince him. The truth was that I could care less about the kids from my school. I haven't felt like talking about them for so long that I lost interest in the subject. I didn't know why they were keeping me from him. Knowing that I'd throw a fit and want to see him is probably why. But, wouldn't you feel the same if you had a killer lover and you were forced to be separated from them? Well besides that, I could never tell what time it was or what day it was or even if it was day or night. Do you know how irritating that is? But also, they would keep sedating me at night so that I would actually fall asleep and tranquilize me whenever I acted out of line. It felt like pure torture in there. I even ended up dreaming about Michael, that was how much he was on my mind. But, after so many days, it seemed, I ended up getting so sad when they mentioned his name or if I thought of him. I would end up crying at night for imagining his face so much. Then, I just never talked at all. I wouldn't even pay attention to what Dr. Loomis told me during our sessions. Once he actually gave me a piece of paper and a dull pencil to write down the answers to his questions. After no answers he told me that if I didn't put down anything that he'd be forced to move me to another institution. That would mean I wouldn't see my family or Michael ever again. I reacted in writing a little sentence down and shoving it towards him. He picked it up and read the words:

"Show me Michael and I'll answer all the questions you want."

He looked back from the paper to me and then sighed once more.
"Very well. I'm afraid I have no choice. I'll give you this one time to see him. After this, you start talking to me during our sessions." I nodded and smiled sweetly for once. The next day, they brought in a man and this was my only time to be out of the straight jacket, so I ran up to him. He out stretched his arms and I instantly noticed something different. His face was much different than last time. Then I noticed many other things besides his features. He was talking silently and I knew that Michael would never talk in front of the enemy. That was one of the first rules I learned from him when we were out killing.
"You're not Michael," I said. I was pissed. They decided to trick me with this jackass so that I could finally talk to them.
"What are you talking about? Of course I'm Michael."
"Oh really? Then what was one of the first rules you told me when we first met?"
"Why so paranoid? Aren't I proof enough?"
"Tell me! What was one of the first rules you told me when we first met?" He looked around and almost studdered his first words.
"I told you to kill like you did at your school and to not let your guard down." I shoved my foot into his ball sack and watch him groan in pain.
"Wrong you are, imposter." I kicked him hard in the side and heard him whimper.
"You bitch. What is wrong with you?" I grabbed a wad of his hair and pulled his face up to mine.
"So many things you possibly couldn't imagine." I kneed him in the face, causing his nose to bust. It felt good to hurt someone again. Especially someone who likes to trick me. Dr. Loomis and other staff members ran in and helped the man while others held me down to recieve the shot.
"Don't tranquilize that bitch!" the man shouted through his bloody face."Kill her! Kill that fucking bitch!"
"That's a warning!" I yelled over them," That's the results in tricking me! Now you'll never get anything out of me!" Then, the shot was driven through my skin and the syrum was released into my viens. I drifted off into sleep once more and started crying again. He said that he'd show me Michael and then I'd have to talk. But now that he betrayed me. I will have to give him a dish of his own medician. The next day, Dr. Loomis told me that I injured that man pretty bad. He was really a staff member and was chosen to do this little game on me. I just laughed and told him that it was foolish of him to do such things but he told me that the next day, I'll be leaving to go to another institution. I didn't show any emotion towards him because then that would mean showing weakness in front of the enemy. I looked away and secretly sobbed as he left to go to his other patiants. I was given my last sedation for the night and couldn't help but wonder if this was really how things were supose to be...

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