Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


89. 8

~When I awoke, I felt a pressure on my side and saw that it was Sam's arm. It looked so beautifly pale in the dark, I couldn't stand but to admire it. I turned my head a little to see that Sam was still sound asleep. He appeared to beat peace. I wonder if it's because I'm lying next to him or he is having a very nice dream. I looked around the dim room and saw a flashy alarm clock that read 7:45.
"Oh shit!" I exclaim and when I tried to get up, I was held down by Sam's grip. He woke up and started groaning again.
"Hey, what's going on?"
"I missed the bus and school's already starting."
"Oh crap. Have you missed any other days?"
"Then don't worry too much. Get your parents to make an excuse for tomorrow when you go."
"You sure that will work?"
"Yeah, I did that when I was a kid."
"Why'd you stay out of school."
"I was testing people to see if they'd miss me if I died. No one ever did. I would do this at random moments through the school year. No matter how many times I was out or went missing, no one gave a damn. Not even my teachers cared."
"I'm so sorry."
"It couldn't be helped. Nothing could be helped."
"What do I do to avoid being marked as skipping school?"
"Just stay here for awhile. Let's just lay here for a little longer."
"Okay." We lay back down on the bed and hold each other for more than an hour. Not a sound was heard but breathing. No movement except to adjust to a different possision. Nothing to talk about but to think of each other in our minds. We'd doze off and one of us would watch the other sleep whoever woke up first. Weird, maybe kind of creepy but we would blush to see one another in front of us awake. This went on for two hours and by then we were wide awake. So, instead of staring at each other continuously, we went into the living room to watch some tv. During commercial breaks, we'd kiss or make out until whatever we watched came back on. Yeah, what a great way to spend a day out of school, you know? Then, we heard the giddy laughter of children and that was my signal to leave. We waited awhile for everyone to get into their homes so that I wouldn't be spotted coming out of his house.
"Be safe, Nicole," Sam whispered in my ear and then kissed my cheek.
"I will. Are you going to be at the bus stop tomorrow afternoon?"
"As always. Too bad I can't walk into your house with you or you come into mine. It'll look too suspicious to the neighbors."
"Don't you think they'll think something's strange if I walk out of your house now?"
"As far as anyone's concerned, we're very good friends," he takes my hand and kisses it, "Very, very good friends." We giggle at his joke before opening the door. I walk down the stairs, walk all the way to my part of the appartments, and get into my home. Last night was a great Halloween night.

Sam's POV

Last night, I found out that Nicole was like me. We both don't know about love but she seems to have a natural ability of giving it. Has she been dreaming of meeting that one special person to show how caring she really is? I've been craving thefeeling of being cared for, for so long. I've had this crept away inside so that I wouldn't care for such a thing during the times I could kill. After that girl hurt me in high school, I had more than enough reasons to want a reason for living. Always asking why can't I just die? Why won't everyone let me die? Why do I have to suffer even more because of their concerns? But, I'm glad I lived now. I've helped many children be released from their own suffering. Most of all, I've met a girl that I believe I can love. She's showing me how love can be emotionally felt through understanding and kindness. One day,I might even teach her the different kinds of physical love.But, I'll wait until she's older for that. I already went through Hell because of having sex at seventeen. I won't do that to her. Seeing Nicole leave is almost like a horrible thing to watch. I guess I'm growing a bit odsessed with her. Or does love do this to people. I could ask her but she doesn't know that much about love. All we know is that we can feel it when we're together. I hope that we can be with each other for a long time. I really like her enough to be her husband but I think I should wait on that thought for awhile. I heard that if you rush a relationship it could end in disaster. Besides, who's to say that Nicole is as deeply in love with me as I am to her? I sit down and watch some of That 70's Show.
"Hmmm, Nicole's right. Red does kind of look like Hannibal Lector."

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