Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


60. 8

~It only took a whole week for me to lose my mind completely. Every day I was living with the guilt of having such a mother. She has changed but not the way I wanted it to be. It also seems that I never get to have what I want whether it be something useless or something unique. I walked a very long way to home so that I didn't have to see what she had planned for every night. Hopefully, if I'm lucky, she'll be gone by the time I get there. Sometimes, she wasn't there and that helped me try to releave my stress until she came back. I think the Cenobites knew my intentions to kill myself and just kept me in my room most of the time. They just want me because I'm their way of getting to unsuspecting victims. Without me, they can't do such and are forced to retreat back to Hell. But even so, they're the only ones I can talk to but yet I'm still hurt in their presence. I have no idea what's worse: Torture on the human body or torture to one's mind. It hurts when the body's inficted with something to cause a bruise or bleed. But, mentally, it hurts the same because you remember it more than the physical pain. The more you remember that horrible moment that hurt you on the inside the longer you may as well not get over it. Some people do but others never will. My pain right now is mental. That's how the Cenobites torture me when we talk. I know they're right about Mom but I just can't get over it. It rains again as I walk the long way home. How strange that it was raining the first time I got the box. The afternoon I met them and made a deal over my life. The night that Dad was murdered and Mom had changed completely. Maybe, the rain will signle another sign of good. What's the point in seeing the bright side to this, though? My world around me is already screwed up as it is. Just as I walk in the rain, again with my hood down, I noticed one of the men from Mom's whore rampage. He was looking at me like he did Mom that night he picked her up. He walked over to me and I tried to walk faster. He caught me and forced me against the wall. I was scared because I'm thinking of what his sick intentions are. So many times have I heard stories of young girls and women being raped but I never knew I'd end up like one of them.
"I thought I remembered you. You're Nicole, aren't you?" I stood there, not wanting to be a part of his game and to get out.
"Your mother tells me things about you. Very nice things." He licked his lips and his face came close to mine. I wanted to cry but that would show that he was overpowering me more. I closed my eyes and waited for my nightmare to begin.
"If you know what's best, you'll get off the girl," I heard a very familiar voice. I opened my eyes and saw Pinhead behind the guy. He held a knife and looked mad like when I stopped Chatterer from killing my mom. The guy backed away from me and stared with fearing eyes.
"You're that guy I saw."
"You thought you could take innocence away from someone who already suffers. Now, your innocence on your life shall be taken away."
"Me take innocence? You were the one in her bedroom that night! Don't talk to me about inno-" His neck was slashed deeply by Pinhead's knife. It was short and sweet as he fell to the ground with his neck still spewing out blood. I look up at Pinhead, wanting to thank him but he'd probably just say something smart to annoy me. But there was one thing I wanted to know.
"Why were you in my room the night Mom brought that guy home?"
"I decided to come out and over heard them talking about raping you. I was annoyed with that whore and decided to stay around until the man came in. When he cracked open the door he noticed me and got out quickly. I stayed a little longer and noticed that they weren't coming back so I left you alone." I guess that was a good explanation but it still got to me. Why did he even want to come out in the first place? He was a strange one, I'll tell you that. I walked home and noticed the lights were still on. She's still here. I walked inside, went to my room, and listened onto my mom's conversation with one of her whore friends. It sounded like they were going out for an all girl's hooker night. It was the first but also didn't come as a surprise. She was never going to be that woman I saw before I became a teenager. She was never going to love me just like Pinhead said. It was around 10:30 before she came down stairs. I decided to take matters into my own hands and confront her. I'm going to go down there and talk to her about what she's become and hopefully she'll regret what she's been doing. I walk down the stairs and see her in the kitchen getting a whole bunch of money into her purse. I almost cried but forced myself to stay calm. I stepped closer and she looked up at me since the first time in weeks. I breathed deeply and got ready for the conversation.

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