Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


41. 8

~Through the whole 23 years, I was going through being pregnant, giving birth, keeping the child around for the 23 years in which it'd see its father, and becoming an adult. It was pretty hard and got challenging at times. When I went into laboring, the doctors say it took hours for the baby to finally come out. When it did come out, everyone thought it was horribly deformed. They also thought the baby was dead and I somehow convinced them to let me keep it. The gender of the child was male so the name 'the Raven' wasn't so bad. He looked just like his father except his small patch of hair was dark brown like mine. And, just like his father, he seemed to stay in a sleep/dead-like state. I hoped that his time wouldn't get all screwed up with the Creeper's time when it came to waking up. I never told anyone about the child. My parents couldn't even make it to my due date of arrival for him. I had to tell them and Bess's parents that he had died at birth. Only Jazelle and I knew the real reason for why he never woke up. No one would ever believe us. As it neared the expected date of when the Creeper woke up (Jazelle and I estimated the day he might come back), I got our son in the car, packed some things, and left. I visited Jazelle before going any further. Yes, believe it or not, she's still kicking.
"Hello, Nicole."
"Hello Jazelle. I just wanted to say some things before I go to see him awaken."
"What is it you wanted to say?"
"Thanks for everything you did 23 years ago."
"It wasn't my choice to do that. My visions come true no matter what I do. I was just trying to see if I could change this one. Instead, I only brought a bunch of pain to you."
"Is there anything you saw today or earlier? You know, before I leave to see him?"
"No. I think everything will turn out fine for you and what's his name."
"The Raven."
"An Edgar Allan Poe fan?"
"Yeah. I'd better go. See you, Jazelle."
"See you." I left and got into the car, my happiness showing itself on me as I pulled out onto the road...

Jazelle's POV

I watched her leave and get into her car. She seemed really happy that she's with that thing. I may as well never understand. But, in the end, I lied to her about seeing something before she came. I'd seen her with the Creeper again. They were both happy and the Raven had risen to see the world. Truth be told, the Creeper already met the Raven in Hell. I guess once they go into their hibernation they return to Hell. But, the Creeper must've been informing the Raven about what their neccesity of life is. Now there'll be two demons in this world. At least Nicole is happy that she's found love and had bore this creature's child. It's a bad thing but to her it's the best thing in the world. I sigh, wondering why such a thing had to happen. At least I'll have several more years until I leave this place. Maybe I'll be able to rest in peace.

Nicole's POV

...I drove for a long time until I found that old factory out in the middle of almost nowhere. I parked the car, carried our son into the building, and tried to remember my way through the place. I was greatful that everything seemed familiar to me as I was walking around. Suddenly, I came upon the room of his resting spot. There he was, still in that funeral burial position but with cobwebs all over him. I dusted them off of him and sat near him. Several moments later, he started moving and got up slowly. He looked at me and smiled that wide smile. I smiled back and heard a noise behind me. Our son, the Raven, had awakened for the first time. He had his fathers eyes as well. The Creeper smiled at him and the Raven smiled at him too. He was almost the exact replica of his father. I laughed and felt such happiness to see the two together. The Creeper reached down, grabbed me, and kissed me. We heard the Raven make a disgusted sound, so the Creeper broke apart and shoed him away. He did as told and went somewhere in the factory. As soon as he left, the Creeper pulled me back onto the bed and had me once more. For the next 23 days, the Creeper and the Raven hunted as father and son. After that, I had to leave without the Raven and go back home. The next time I returned, I was 64-years-old and I had to tell the Creeper that I would probably die before our next visit or my life would shortly end. He understood and I think we both already knew where I'd end up when I died. And sure enough, when it came my time to go, I ended up in Hell with him and the Raven. We lived happily in Hell forever (Except for those 23 days!).

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