Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


25. 8

~Through the whole day, we gathered information that the police have been searching for us and almost gave up. No thanks to Dr. Loomis, he's making them keep their guard up for Michael so that they can kill him, and me so I could be brought back to the mental hospital. Right now, that is the least pleasent thought in my mind. We also discovered that Lori has moved to some place else that's unknown to the police. Oh well, that didn't stop Michael and I from having a little fun in Haddonfield. As night fell the children came out and so did the police. Back at the house, teenagers and college kids came around playing chicken on the house. They were actually tempting each other to not just go up and touch the door but to go inside and stay in there for several minutes. That was fun, though, because they never stopped to think: What if the killer is still here? Again, I'd felt this great release from killing these kids that decided to trespass on the house. There was one group of teenagers that made one friend go in and another ended up seeing the murder. So, they all ran off to call the police.
"You think we should be alarmed?" I asked Michael when they left.
"It's Halloween. Things like this go unnoticed until it's too late. But, if they do bring back some cops, we'll be ready for them." We waited back in the living room for someone to come by. Even though all we heard were trick-or-treaters, we didn't let our guards down. Then, some red and blue lights appeared over the house. I looked at Michael and he put his fingers to his lips signaling me to be quiet. He took out his knife, which told me to get ready for a fight. An officer came to the door to try and see if there was any movement in the house. He signaled the other officers in and they stormed through the house, easily finding us. Michael and I went in an all out war against these guys. Though there were guns fired, we had a great time at killing them. It was one of the greatest times of my life. That was, until Dr. Loomis snuck up behind me and forced something sharp into my side. I went to stab him in the chest but started feeling loopy. My vision started going fuzzy and I couldn't control my steps. I fell over and saw that they got Michael too, except he was dead. I looked up at Dr. Loomis and saw him staring back down.
"You bastard. What have you poisoned me with?" He just looked down at me in dismay while I felt myself getting worse. Soon, darkness had taken over my conscious mind and I had no more control...

...I awoke in a white empty room with no windows or doors that I knew of. I went to get up but was too weak from whatever it was that Dr. Loomis put into me. I also noticed I was in a straight jacket. Oh shit don't tell me- My thoughts were interrupted by a secret door opening up on the wall far in front of me. In came Dr. Loomis and some other staff members from the institution.
"Good morning, Nicole," he said to me like as if nothing was wrong.
"What's so great about this morning?"
"Now, is that always how you greet adults?"
"No. This is how I greet bastards that torture me."
"I'm not torturing you. I'm your psychologist."
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Liar of My Life."
"Now, why are you acting like this, Nicole? You were so quiet the first time I met you."
"That's because I wanted to be here. I don't want to anymore."
"Why is that?"
"Because I can't be with my partner anymore."
"Michael Myers?"
"Who else? The Boogie Man?"
"Now, you are being very rude to your superier."
"That's because I don't like you, Loomis."
"Do you know why you're in a straight jacket?"
"Because you're scared that I'll get you like what Michael tried to do to you last year. You think I'm nuts, don't you, Docter?" Normally, I would laugh at this but I didn't feel like being a clear psychopath right now.
"Now," I said to him,"Let me ask you a question."
"What is it, Nicole?"
"Where the hell is Michael?" He looked at the staff members and then sighed.
"Michael's in good hands. You don't need to worry about him."
"That's not your biggest problem."
"Can't you hear old man?"
"I can hear, just tell me what you mean."
"Michael's coming after youjust like you did to him. But that's only because of you keeping me here."
"Michael's not going to come back for you. He doesn't care for you."
"You're wrong. We're partners in crime and he'll come back for me."
"Don't you mean you're lovers?"
"Nicole, I know that you and Michael are in a little relationship that's more than just partnership."
"And what would it matter to you? It's not like you could understand anything like this." I look away thinking: Where is Michael? He was the only thing on my mind right now.
"Nicole, Michael is a murderer that killed his sister when he was six. He's a dangerous man."
"Oh, really? I've killed six children at my high school because they were being such assholes to me. And apparently this is crazy."
"They say you're crazy because of your mind and I'm the docter that is supose to help you."
"I don't want your fucking help! I don't even want to be in this shit hole! I am in Hell and you're just making things worse for me here!" One staff member had to hold me down while the other stuck me with a needle. I hit my head on the back wall and drifted off to sleep. Tranquilizers. That's what he put in me last night...

Dr.Loomis' P.O.V.

I can't believe what I just heard. She's a completely different person than from last year. Her records say that she's not rude to adults, doesn't lash out, and is quite obedient. Now, she's the complete opposite from everthing.What has Michael done to her through this whole last year? I wonder why he even took her along with him. Why did he let her help him in his killing? Why is everything going the opposite way now? I look down at the knocked out girl and sigh once more.
"Dr. Loomis, what do you suggest we do to her?" one of the staff asks.
"I'll run some tests on her to see how she reacts to certain things."
"What do we tell her if she asks about Michael?"
"I'll take care of it. I must see what her reaction to him would be like."
"You think that's safe? I mean, she just lashed out at you for trying to help her."
"I'll just have to keep you close then, don't I?"
"I think that would be wise, sir."
"Well, we should come back here tomorrow for another session. Be prepared for any moments she has."
"Yes sir." We left the room and made sure that she was monitered before moving to other patiants. This is going to be a difficult assignment, I thought to myself before entering my office.

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