Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


88. 7

~Nicole's POV

When Sam and I started this relationship, it was a few days before Halloween. I've thought of being Freddy Krueger but I had nowhere to go and enjoy the night. I asked Sam if I could come over so that we could have our own little Halloween party. He said it was okay and I prepared for that night. I told my parents that I was going to a friend's house for Halloween tonight. It wasn't a complete lie because Sam was a friend and he's very nice. He just has the serial killer lable stuck on him and I'm the only who knows. With many rules about being safe and stuff, I go out to Sam's house for our night. I guess this would be our first date. That excited me greatly. I knocked on his door and waited to for him to answer it. I saw some curtains move and then the door opened.
"Hey, Sam."
"I didn't know you were going to dress up." He seemed surprised and a little embarassed to not be wearing a costume. All he had on was a slim fitting black shirt that showed how skinny he was and a pair os black pants. He looked so cute showing off how slim he was. I wonder if he's also pale underneathe all that clothing. I tried cheering him up since he seemed discouraged.
"You are dressed up, Sam. You're a murderer."
"Not without a knife I'm not."
"Ah, that's where you are wrong. Some killers look so innocent that it shocks people to know the truth. You're a secret killer." He laughs and takes me by the hand inside.
"Well, now you're the secret killer's girlfriend," he says, taking off my hat and glove. He locked the door and kept the curtains drawn in case neighbors saw. Besides that he was a murderer, he's 24 while I'm 17. People don't need to see this. It makes me wonder if I'm a more willing victim to a pedophile. Man, I hate using that name but that's what everyone technically calls it.
"I picked out some movies to watch tonight. I know how much of a horror movie fan you are so I thought about watching some of these movies." I looked over on his coffee table and my eyes fell upon The Ring. I pick it up and feel a tear in my eye almost slip out at seeing the little girl all decayed and angry.
"You like that movie?"
"Yes. I love the little girl, Samara. I think she's so pretty and if she were real, I'd want to give her a huge hug."
"Someone's in love." I knew it was a joke so I laughed and pretended to get all offensive about it.
"No, it's called being an obsessive fan."
"I could tell that by seeing you appraoch my door dressed as Freddy Krueger."
"That's because Freddy's the shit!" We started laughing at our little conversation but eventually put the disk in the DVD player. I loved watching Samara on The Ring. I honestly do find her very beautiful. So, when she came on at the end, I smiled a big smile. I always loved the part where she shows her face because her face is what makes her so pretty. Yes, I'm obsessed with Samara Morhan but I'm not creepy enough to do anything bad to her. It would just be amazing if she were my little sister. I look over at Sam, who was asleep and leaning toward me. The movie was almost over so I decided to wake him up. I shake his shoulder and he ends up falling on top of me with his head just below my breasts. Shit, shit. What do I do? What do I do? I try to get him off me but he was too heavy for me. Yeah, for a skinny guy, he was hard to get off. Then, he groaned and started waking up.
"Ummm, Sam?" He groans and I take that as a slurred up 'What?'
"Can you please get off of me?" He grows stiff and looks up at where his head was below my breasts. He stares in embarassment and starts blushing. He slowly gets off and looks away shyly.
"Sam, are you okay?"
"I'm sorry."
"It wasn't your fault. You just fell alseep and I tried to-"
"It's not that."
"What are you sorry about?"
"You're going to hate me if I tell you."
"Sam, please talk to me. You can tell me anything whether it's good or bad." He turns his head around and looks at me with cautious eyes. He's uncertain.
"What is it that you're sorry about, Sam?" He turns his body around and spreads his legs apart slightly. I see a bulge sprouting from his pants.
"You're worried about me getting scared of things like that?"
"I didn't want you to think I was a pervert."
"I don't think that. It was an accident, right? Don't worry about that." He smiles and hugs me. He's soft and smells nice. I look over at the clock and it reads 9:03.
"Hey, Sam? Would it be any trouble if I stayed here tonight?"
"It's late already, isn't it?"
"Yes and I don't want to be scolded by my parents on how late it is."
"You can stay the night here. Let me show you my bedroom." I follow him to the huge room that serves as a master bedroom for the appartment and see his very normal quenn sized bed with earthy brown corvers.
"You can sleep here. I'll sleep on the couch."
"Why? It's fit for two."
"I'm not sure if that's a good idea."
"What if it happens again?" I put my hand in his and squeeze it.
"I don't care if it does happen again. As long as I'm next to you, I'll be happy no matter what happens that you feel ashamed of." He squeezes my hand and we get under the covers and cuddle together. He is such a softy when he's not planning on killing anyone. But that's all right. At least he's loyal.
"Nicole," he whispers.
"You know, I thought I would be the one to comfort you and teach you things. But I see that you're doing that and I want to know if you can teach me what it's like to love."
"I don't know how to do that."
"Really? You seem like a natural lover. I guess this is what happens to kids who keep to themselves. They become great lovers."
"You're a good lover, too, Sam."
"No I'm not. I only know what it's like to make love. I know nothing about the emotion."
"Then maybe we'll learn each other's skills and learn what they're about."
"You actually want to know about sex?"
"When I'm older. Not now."
"Yeah, you may be a little young to learn that yet."
"Tell, that to the kids at my school."
"Ha! Like I've got the time."
"What do you do all day?"
"Oh, I get food, check my mail, and think of stuff."
"What kind of stuff?"
"This kind of stuff." He kisses me on the lips and holds me closer to him. I put my arms around him and deepen the kiss more. He nibbles on my lip and we part lips. His tongue slips into my mouth and we kiss like this for about three minutes. After we broke away for air,I noticed that Sam's face was red again.
"It happened again?"
"That and I've never kissed like that before."
"Did that slut of a girlfriend always french first or something?"
"Something like that. I never felt love from her. Just lust. All I needed was love but all she did was play me." I hug him again and keep our faces close together but not kissing.
"You won't get that from me. I'll suffocate you in love if that's what you need."
"Thank you. I promise that one day if I learn how to love I'll teach you the what only adults are allowed to know."
"Okay. Let's sleep now." We kiss for one last time and stay huddled up in each other's arms all night.

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