Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


59. 7

~"What is this? What's going on?"
"The girl is the least bit to your concern!" Butterball says. James looked back at them in fear and hate.
"So it was you who killed Cody?"
"That was my doing," Pinhead says from behind Butterball. James tries using his other arm to punch Pinhead but Butterball cut his other arm off as well. Not trying to make a bad joke but I believe James has been disarmed. Okay, terrible joke, so onto the rest of this. James cried out in pain as his arm fell to the ground. Blood shot out of his arms and the cold air gave no mercy to his already cripling pain. He fell to the ground and yelled again as the wind blew at him. He got up and tried to kick Butterball but recieved another cut off limb. He hit his head as he fell to the ground in a horrid cry. He only had a leg to go before he was all the way limbless. Does he choose to continue this torture? Apparently so for he tried to kick again with his only leg but had it cut off. I could've sworn I was watching a real life episode of Elfen Lied while this was going on. He squirmed and he cried but he wasn't going to be doing anything. He soon started coughing up blood and he was crying again. I've waited to see this happen for a long time. After decapitating his limbs, Butterball slowly started sawing through James' stomach with the knife. For a knife, it could do a lot of damage to the human body better than our knives. As I watched, James whimpered and cried through the whole thing. It was a slow painful torture that lasted for a long while. When he was cutting through the spine he stopped for a moment and laughed.
"Oh boy," he said,"I think this might take awhile." We all laughed and James continued to cry out in pain.
"Just finish me! I don't care! Just kill me already!"
"I don't know about this. What do you think?" He turns to Pinhead who only laughs at the blood continuing to spill all over the ground.
"What do you think, Nicole?" Pinhead asks.
"Go slowly. I want to hear him scream." Butterball cuts even slower than before and James looks like he's about to give up.
"I always knew you were a sick bitch, Nicole,"he said to the sky,"I hope you burn in Hell forever."
"If I go to Hell then I'll torture you for eternity. You're in a no win-lose situation, James. I'll see you around." And with that, he stopped breathing and stood still after Butterball cut through him completely.
"It was his stupidity that got him here. Not his desire." I heard Pinhead state. as I looked up at him. I had a strange feeling about him. Not like suspicious feeling. Something I couldn't exactly explain. I wasn't sure. It was probably due to all this excitement today. As of the next several weeks, Pinhead, the other Cenobites, and I would go to school and one by one we'd kill off the kids who brught me pain. But one day, I noticed something different about my mom. She was showing a lot of herself off and she seemed to come home with a different guy every night. I would get so scared of these men that I locked my bedroom door every night so I wouldn't get raped. I have a horrible case of paranoria and trust issues. I didn't want to admit it but I think she's turning into a whore. I didn't want to jump to conclusions but that's what came to mind when this processed through my thoughts. I didn't want to believe it. I refused to and even then I knew I was acting like a fool. One day, as I sat alone in my room with the Cenobites around, I wondered what to do about this. Then, Female came up to me and started laughing.
"What's so funny?"
"You try so hard to see your mother as the nice woman when you were a child. You're one of those who refuses to see the truth for what it is."
"I've been seeing the true nature of people since I was in middle school. The truth always hurts worse than the lies."
"You know your mother's drinking again, don't you?" I heard Pinhead say from across the room. He and the others started laughing again. I was use to hearing them laugh at other's suffering but when it came to me, it still hurt to hear their inhuman humorous laughter. I always felt like crying but never did so in their presence. They already know I'm weak. Why show it? I got up and walked towards the door.
"Where are you going?" Pinhead asked.
"I'm a little thirsty. I want to get out." I can tell that they knew I was lying. Another thing I was use to was their ability to read my mind. I knew also that they were right about my mom. I saw the beer bottles in the fridge pile up ever since a week after Dad's murder. She probably couldn't take it and gave in to the bottle like she did when I was being abused.
"You're wrong again," Pinhead said suddenly appearing right behind me. I jumped slightly at him being so close to me again.
"What do you mean?"
"You believe that she's doing this over depression but you're wrong. She believes you did that to your father on purpose. She thinks you summoned us to kill only him. She doesn't love you anymore nor will she ever again." Tears began leaking from my eyes and I couldn't take it.
"She's done this since days after we killed your father. She's also been getting herself involved with having many boyfriends. Your mother will never love you again."
"You're wrong!" I run out of the room and go outside into the cold freezing air. I ran until I was back at that spot where Cody and James died. It still had the police tape all around it from when they were found. I stood there remembering everything that happened and how I shouldn't have taken that box from that man. I would've just had my old horrible life back without Pinhead and the others laugh at all my bad moments. I hated them now. I wished they'd just go back to Hell where they came from. Then, as I was standing there, I saw my mom at the street corner. I was about to run up to her until a car came up to her and a guy in there offered her a lift. She accepted and he drove off in the opposite direction of our house. It's true then. She really is a whore back to her drinking addiction. I walked back home and sat on my couch, alone. I always had the worst of luck whenever it came to life. I didn't want to see my mom. Not even till tomorrow. I'll just keep myself busy at school and probably take a long route home just to avoid her. Now it was just like before, no one cared about me or my existance. I was nothing in the eyes of a human or even the eyes of the Cenobites except for their means to get someone. I cried in seeing how much of a nobody I am to the world. I went into the bathroom and found my mom's sleeping pills. So many that it could cause an over dose. I put one to my lips and was about to swallow it when I heard the front door open. I heard my mom and a man's voice coming towards the master bedroom. I put the pill down back in its bottle for another time. I won't let her interrupt my suicides like she and Dad have done before. I've always tried and always failed. I go back to my room to see that it was back to normal. I locked the door and went to bed. I will be prepared for any torture they want on any person in the school but I will still feel like shit for living under the same roof with my mom.

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