Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


40. 7

~When I awoke, I noticed I was in a white room and in a white bed, surounded by monitors. I looked around the room and saw no one there. It occured to me that I was in a hospital. I sunk down into the bed and sighed in agitation. So many things are going on that I can't keep up with. I didn't even feel like reliving this whole experience in my head right now. All that I wanted to know was what this creature really wanted from me. The door opened up and a doctor came in with a clipboard.
"Ah, Miss Alkins. You're awake."
"Why am I here?"
"You fainted at a diner while talking with a friend."
"A friend?" Just then, there was a knocking at my door and a nurse walked in with the woman from the diner.
"I'm sorry to interrupt you," the nurse began,"But this woman wants to see the patiant when she's resting."
"I need to talk to her. It's important."
"Now, now miss," the doctor said,"The girl's had a long day. She even smells of waste, where ever she's been."
"Excuse me, sir," I asked,"Is it all right if she and I talk for a bit. This is rather important." He looked at me and then at the woman and back at me, wonderig if he should trust her alone with me. He looks at the clock and then shrugs.
"We've got ten minutes until your test results come back in. I guess I can give you two some alone time."
"Test results?"
"When the parametics brought you in, we had suspicions that you were a run away. We had to run some tests to see who you are and why you fainted. We'll be back soon, Miss Alkins." He then left and I turned my attention to the woman.
"Who are you and why do you keep following me?"
"My name is Jazelle and I already told you I was a psychic."
"But why are you following me?"
"Because that thing was going to get you and I wanted to change the furture before it happened."
"What's so scary about being his lover? At least now you can rest because he's dead."
"It's not dead. It can never die." My heart started pounding when she said this.
"W-What? You mean, he's still alive?"
"Well, right now, it's in a sleep/dead-like state in which it doesn't wake up for a long time."
"How long?"
"At least 23 years. After that, for 23 days it feeds." My heart was both joyed and crushed. The good news is that he's still alive. The bad news is that I won't be able to see him for another 23 years. By that time I'll be 41-years-old! What will I do all that time? It makes me wish I could sleep for that long. Long enough for me to wake up, travel back to his territory, see if he's still there, and wait for him to also wake up.
"Nicole, there's also something I must explain to you. What it wanted from you was-" The door opened and my parents, aunt, and uncle came running in.
"Oh my God, Nicole!" my aunt yelled. They all crowded around my bed and started hugging and kissing me like it was the end of the world. Jazelle stood back and watched my parents and relatives shower me with questions. But then the doctor came back in, baring my results.
"Okay, Miss Alkins, you appear to be fine. Quite healthy except for not bathing. And it looks like you're good for the next nine months."
"Excuse me," my dad said,"But why nine months? Is she infected or have cancer or anything?"
"Oh, I guess you haven't heard the news from her."
"I don't have any news to give them. What's going on?"
"Congradulations Miss Alkins. Your baby is fine." Everyone looks at me in complete shock except for Jazelle. I looked down at my stomach and touched it.
"You mean I'm-"
"Pregnant. Yes. I'll leave you alone now." He walks out and my family continues to stare at me in shock. I ended up having to tell a lie about what happened to me, saying that I was probably raped during the process of being held against my will. I asked if I could have some alone time to think about all this and they left. Jazelle was the only one in the room and she looked down at me in despair. I began to cry and she comforted me by patting my shoulder.
"The first time didn't work," she said,"It was trying to make sure you were inpregnated with its child. A demon child."
"That's all he wanted from me? A child?" It's not that I was upset about what he did. I just didn't know how to take this all in or how I was possibly going to raise his child.
"What do I do, Jazelle?"
"I can't tell you. This is your decision." I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to raise a demon baby. I didn't even know what I'd name it. Which reminded me, what was his name?
"Jazelle. Did he have a name? The creature who gave me his child."
"It calls itself the Creeper."
"The Creeper?" Some strong wave of emotion tugged at me and I looked up at the ceiling.
"I'm going to keep our baby." And I will name it the Raven.

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