Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


24. 7

~I couldn't see much but I knew that it was Michael in my room and he was stroking my face very softly. It almost felt soothing but I didn't know why he was here in the first place. I thought he hated me too and didn't want to see me again. I closed my eyes and suddenly heard him talking quietly to me.
"Nicole, I didn't mean to yell at you earlier. If only you could see what goes through my mind when I see you." What the hell?
"I admitt that I didn't give a shit about you last year when I accidently kidnapped you. I kept thinking of what to do with you: Kill, drop you off somewhere, force out of the car and drive off. I didn't think about taking you along until you said you were a killer like me. But I had to think of what use you could surve me and being the person who watches everything was my only thought. I somehow knew you'd be able to stay quiet due to the night before. So, I thought you could be my partner for awhile." Get to the point, Michael! Why are you in my room touching my face?
"But last year, after Halloween, you came down and we started talking about you marking on the bodies I killed. When you were drawing, I started feeling weird about being around you. But I dismissed it as it's nothing and all you are is my partner. Through the year it seems to have worked. But I kept feeling like I wanted you to be more than my partner. But seeing that you didn't feel that much about love I couldn't find any way in telling you my feelings. I just thought you didn't care at all so I never told you." In my mind, I was freaking out. I kept thinking he really had liked me through this whole year. I knew it. But, he never explained and put up that emotionless face instead. He started saying more, so I decided to shut up and listen.
"Nicole, I do like you but I guess it doesn't matter to you since you must dislike me a lot." I felt him lean down and his face was really close to mine.
"This is in case you still don't forgive me for today." I felt his lips being pressed up against mine very softly. It was a little weird but that's probably because he's never kissed a girl before. I felt really strange about his kiss and ended up kissing back. He noticed and looked at me as I opened my eyes. He was a little off guard but I smiled and pulled his face down for another kiss. This was a little better than the first. More passionate and meaningful. When we broke apart, I hugged him for the first time ever.
"I love you, Michael," I whispered in his ear.
"I love you, too." He laid me down on the bed and got under the covers with me. He took me in his arms and held me there for the longest time.
"Michael," I whispered.
"Don't leave me alone like everyone else did."
"I won't. Not even the devil will take me away from you." I squeezed his arms and cried a bit. All this time, he really had cared about me. The next morning, I awoke to see him still holding me in his arms. I turned over to see him, waking him up in the process.
"Hey," I sad.
"Hey. Did you sleep good last night?"
"With you holding me like that there could've been a zombie invasion and I still would've slept peacefully."
"Is that good or bad?"
"Good. I like zombies but getting killed by one would be such a bitch." He chuckled and I burrowed myself in his chest.
"We need to get ready," he said suddenly. I kissed him before we got up and started preparing for the night. It was Halloween and we had to get ready for tonight's horror fun. It would be the second Halloween I accompany Michael in, but the first one we kill as lovers. He put on his mask and went to collect his knives while I put on the face paint.
"You ready?" Michael said, standing in the door way.
"Yes." I took his hand and we headed out the door into the world that was now our playground for tonight. Oh, Halloween. The faithful holiday for my tortured soul.

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