Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


16. 7

~I stared out my window in the warm summer afternoon. I had just graduated with my class a few days ago and just being back home is torture enough. I was seperated from Jason once again. First he died, then I go back there and bond with him, and now I'm forced back here six days after we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Why is everyone trying to split me and Jason apart? What have either of us deserved to end up like this? I wondered aboutboth these questions and more ever since I came home. I never told anyone why I didn't want to leave and I intended it to like that. When I fell asleep the night I came home, I had the nightmares again about Jason and I as kids and me jumping in the lake after he drowned. Nothing felt the same ever since I came back home. I heard a knock at my door and turned to see my mom come in.
"Hey, Nicole." I turned my head and looked back out at the afternoon sun setting in the distance.
"Honey, I'm worried about you. Lately, I haven't seen you leave your room or talk to your friends. I'm not sure if you're okay or if you're trying to get over the death of-"
"I don't care about those kids. They deserved to die by that killer."
"Oh my god, don't talk like that. What happened to you? Why are you like this now?"
"I'm not telling you anything. You'd never understand."
"Did that man hurt you?"
"No. Why do you assume that?"
"Because I'm afraid that he could've traumatized you."
"Did you know that most teenagers will not tell their parents anything about their personal life? They'll go to their friends and yet not even they will tell the parents what's happening whether it's good or bad." She was silent and I didn't know if she was thinking or staring at me. I heard her sigh and felt emotionless suddenly. She'd never understand. I looked down, realizing that my locket was missing. I sighed and tried not to cry.
"Nicole, please. At least come down for supper tonight. I'm making pizza." Though it was one of my greatest weaknesses, I didn't feel like going back to trying to move on. It wasn't going to work this time.My mompersisted a lot and I gave in so that I she'd shut up. That night, I just ate slower than I'd ever do when eating pizza. I barely even paid attention to the questions they asked.
"Are you not interested in moving in with a friend or going to college or experiencing the wor-"
"What did you say?" I interrupted my dad in mid-sentence.
"Your suggestions. What did you say?"
"Seeing the world?"
"Before that."
"Before that. Something about moving."
"Do you have a friend you want to live with?"
"Kind of. Is this too soon?"
"Well, you just got back from a camp that some kids were murdered at. Also, you've become anti-social ever since you came home."
"I think I want to move in with a friend that I know around there."
"When?" my mother asked.
"Tomorrow morning. I'll call them to see if it's okay." I got up and went to the phone in the kitchen. I pretended to call someone by the name of June. Of course Jason wouldn't mind if I came to live with him. I returned to them and told them that 'she' said yes. They told me to inform my friends before I leave. I did so and they were a little sad but I said that I'd visit them some day. I went up stairs and packed my stuff before going to bed. The next day, I put all my stuff in my dad's car and he drove me to as far as the cemetery near the entrance. I explained that we'd meet here and we exchanged our good-byes before he left. As soon as his car was out of view, I gathered my stuff and walked my way back to the camp. The entrance came into view and I ignored my aching body. I speed walk, nearly running towards the house that housed Jason. Setting my stuff down, I ran into the house to see Jason leaning over the table with my locket.
"Jason," I whispered. He looked up at me and we embraced for a long time. I moved in with him and stayed at the house with him. No one came looking for me, so I assumed that my lie had worked. Two years later, Jason proposed to me and I said yes. We lived together for so many years and had a son, Merrick (I like the name for some reason). When I said that I couldn't be any closer to Heaven, I was wrong. Right here, with Jason and my son, I feel as though I was so close to Heaven that it wouldn't matter if Death came to me or not.

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