Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


87. 6

~Nicole's POV

Oh no. I have a serial killer in my house and today I might die. This guy was so slick he actually had me fooled. The Schizoid Killer has chosen his victim and I was the dumbass that fell into his line of sight. But, why was he still holding my hand? I tried to pull away but he firmly pulled me back.
"Wait," he told me, "Let me speak and I'll let you go."
"But if you do, you're going to kill me anyways."
"So you really do know a little about the mind of a killer." He smiled at this but it just scared me more.
"Was everything a lie?"
"Only the under cover cop excuse. I swear that everything else and what I'll tell you is true." His grip gets tighter but it doesn't hurt my hand. It looks like I've got to sit here and listen to him while he holds me there.
"When I was a boy, I wasn't able to talk to others much because I was always kept from it. So much schoolwork, chores, and being told what to do by my parents when people came over. I've always suspected that my parents have forced me to be a social outcast. I don't know why but it made me think. When my mom died, I was still a quiet mouse but by choice. Even though she was a bitch, I hated to see her go. But my dad made no excuses for being an ass. Not too long after Mom died, Dad startedverbally abusing me every time I spoke. If I cried, he'd call me a faggot. So, at school, I tried making friends but no one wanted to hang out with the loner. But, I did have a girlfriend. I thought she was so pretty and that she could respect me just like I've always wanted. I lost my virginity to her and after that, she stopped hanging out with me or avoided me often. It wasn't long before the whole school found out that I slept with the school slut. Because of her, I felt more wothless than ever. I've tried commiting suicide different times but I was always caught in the act or saved from it. But when I graduated, I swore to make sure no one else went through what I had to."
"So, that's why you kill? Because of what happened to you in the past?"
"Yes. And I chose you as my victim."
"Are you going to kill me now?"
"That's why I'm here actually. With my past victims, I'd lure them somewhere else to kill them. I don't go to their house to do the job."
"If you're not here to kill me and you just told me who you were, why are you here?"
"Well, like I said, I was being real when we were friends. But I want to ask you if we can be more than friends." This can't be happening. I've got a murderer in my house and he's asking if I'd like to go out with him. Although, I'm not one to judge a person just because they're something bad. Since he's opened up to me, I find a part of me forgiving him. You see evil is not born it is developed. He suffered as a child so I can't blame him for doing this. Yes, I know that sounds very strange and I'm not stupid. Some killers deserve forgiveness and Sam was one of them.
"How could you like me? If I was supose to be your victim, how could you like me?"
"I'm not sure, myself. I guess because you're nice and fun to be around."
"I'll be your girlfriend but only on one condition."
"And what would that be?"
"I've never had a boyfriend before, so I'm asking you to please don't take advantage of me, hurt me, or cheat on me."
"It's not that I won't do it but I can't do any of that. Honestly, who's going to fall in love with a murderer?" I almost laughed and he noticed.
"It's nothing."
"No seriously, what is it?"
"Do horror movie characters count?" We break up into laughter and Sam finally releases my hand.
"You're sick," he jokes.
"Oh really, now?"
"Okay, I'm a little sick as well." We start laughing again and I almost forget about the time. It was almost 5:00.
"What's wrong?" Sam asked.
"My parents come home at 6:00. Maybe you should get out of here before that time."
"I think you're right. Something tells me that they won't like find their little girl alone with a grown man."
"You are very right." He closes his suitecase, gets up and heads to the door. I follow and hug him before he opens the door. He then turns to me and hugs me very gently.
"I'll see you tomorrow, love," he says and kisses my forehead. It makes me blush and I look up at him in confusion. He chuckles and leans his head really close to my face.
"Was this what you were expecting?" He presses his lips onto mine and it feels so tender, so soft. I feel disappointed that he pulls away and leaves. It was my first kiss and I don't care what anyone else says, this was special. Besides that he's a killer,we have to keep our relationship a secret from everyone until I'm a legel adult. I would hate to see Sam go to jail for being a pedophile. I'm almost 18 and graduation won't be until May, so maybe we can keep this a long enough secret. This really made the town very interesting.

Sam's POV

Wow, that went pretty well. It actually went better than I expected. I didn't even have to threaten her or anything. But what surprised me was that I was the first to kiss her. And right after we decided to go out! But I can't help but wonder if she really is doing this out of the kindness of her heart. I wonder if she's going to turn me in or not. She seems nice and all but I can't help but wonder. I think the kiss helped me in a way. She's very innocent but appears eager to learn about love's many ways. Maybe one day, when it's a quiet day, I'll see about teaching her. The thought gives me an unpleasent little gift that I don't need right now. It would be pleasent if I were alone and in my house maybe thinking of it better. Right outside where others can see is not the best place. I really hope this doesn't happen too often in front of Nicole. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing black pants or that my trench coat is in front of me, it's showing. Hopefully, no one saw me on my way home. Hey, killers get embarassed too, you know. Well, eventually, it goes down and I'm thinking of more moderate things to think about.Until tomorrow, I guess.

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