Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


71. 6

~In the morning, I was still breathing and I was okay. Either Isaac was still making a decision or he's going to torture me. Whichever he's decided will have to wait. The outlanders arrived and things were getting heated. The doctor and his girlfriend came, she was taken, he was wounded, Malachai tried to lure him out by using the girlfriend as bait, Malachai betrayed Isaac by setting him on a crucifix, and it's almost time for Him to come and get the sacrifices. When the doctor came, he only saved his girlfriend and didn't go for Isaac. Everyone else was going to a barn to seek shelter. I knew that if I went for Isaac, I'd still be in trouble with what I said. But, my strange heart longed to keep Isaac as mine and I couldn't force the feeling away. Before everyone was gone, I ran up to Isaac's cross and picked up an abandoned knife. I started cutting through the ropes that bound him to it.
"What are you doing?" he yelled.
"Saving your life! Is that a problem?"
"You're going to die either way if you do this!"
"So, you really were going to kill me after all?"
"No! If they see me with you they'll kill us both!"
"Will you stop screaming so I can get you off?"
"Why would you care? I made the children kill the adults! I had you thinking you were going to die so many times! I even forced you to wait until I came up with what to do with you!"
"I don't give a shit if you try to kill me! I'm going to save you whether you like it or not!"
"Why are you doing this? Why won't you let me die?" I look up at him with fireceness and slight tears in my eyes.
"Because I love you!" He looked down in shock and fell silent, "I don't care if you dispise me right now. I'm going to get you down if it's the last thing I do." It took about several minutes before I could get him completely down. After that, we both ran to the same barn everyone was at. The doctor was about to burn the whole corn field down until he saw us and stopped. Once we approached, he instantly recognized Isaac but told us to get in anyways. We got inside and waited as the noise outside continued to sound like a raging storm. I was scared but I was still trying to stay strong. I hadn't realized how scared I was until Isaac winced.
"N-Nicole. Your hurting my hand." I looked down and saw our hands together. When did we hold hands? I loosened up my grip and let him squeeze mine. Anyone would be scared with all the noise going on outside. I put my other arm around his shoulder and pulled him in to a hug. He pulled back and put his arm around me.
"It's the guy that's supose to be protective, not the girl." I laughed at his words at trying to be strong instead of scared.
"So does this mean we're still together?"
"Yes. I'm not letting you go either."
"Isaac!" We both jerked apart to see Malachai (Yes he survived) looking at us from across the room. He gets up and comes toward us.
"What are you doing? I thought you were going to do something about her!"
"Malachai! I can't concentrate with everyone expecting me to do exactly what they wish. So Nicole isn't like us. Don't you think she needs a chance?"
"You're only doing this because like her. What if you two break up? Then what?"
"All I know is that this is wrong. I should've never done this."
"And if you change your mind again? What will be of our home? A screwed up place going back and forth between societies all because of a girl?"
"But what if she's right and we're wrong? What if this was a mistake?"
"Why are you like this?"
"Shut the Hell up you two!" The whole barn went silent as I tried to break up the fight and make my voice known.
"Look, Malachai, you can't say I'm the only one who doesn't agree with how things are. Job and his sister think the same as I. If they disagree, then there's also others who disagree as well." I face the crowd of children and teenagers as the docter comes back in.
"We will vote to show who are believers and who are nonbelievers. If you think this whole society is fine the way it is, raise your hands." Only three or four people raised their hands which showed that they were the only ones under complete brainwash.
"Now, raise your hands if you think this society needs to change for the better." Almost everybody in the room raised their hands and Malachai sighed in disbelief. I turned back to them, confident that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the way things have been.
"You see? I'm not the only one here who disagrees with this. And Isaac. We may have made this town screwed up but that doesn't mean we can't make it better. Are you willing to give it a try?" He looks from me to Malachai to the other children to me again. He looked uncertain and not knowing what to do. Then, a strangeness in his eyes changed it all.
"Yes. We can change this. It may take a long time but we can at least try." I was proud that finally, something has changed this small town. No one was going to kill themselves at 18 anymore, those rules we use to have are extinct, and the town will be like it use to be maybe even better. As the years wore on, the town was back to the way it use to be. Isaac was still a preist but of God. Malachai, eventually, got over the whole thing and was still friends with Isaac. In fact, he was Isaac's best man at our wedding. Yes, he popped the queston and I accepted. In return, we had twins: A boy named John and a girl named Karaun. It was such a happy life that I'm glad we ended up dating even though I was the one who didn't fully belong here at first.

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