Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


58. 6

~Destiny always sat behind me in English and talked to her annoying girly friends. I can stand girly girls to an extant but ones that are annoying will just get on my nerves. Why I hate Destiny in particular is because she's the only one who persists in asking me why I don't wear bright colors or cheery make up. In middle school, she just kept asking why I never wore make up. Now,, I just wear thick eye-liner and black eye shadow. And yet it never clicks into the dumb bitch's head that I don't do what they ask because I don't want to be like them. It also doesn't click into her shrivled brain that she asks me the same damn questions over and over. She's like a broken record for my flaws. But, if she's not careful, I'll make her regret breathing in my presence. Okay, I think I'm starting to act a bit like Pinhead. That's a little psychotic of me now isn't it? I may know about a lot of torture devices but damn, I'm starting to sound like him. Or I could just be having fun with the situation. Yeah, I think I'm just having too much fun. The teacher passed out our assignment and I turned around to give Destiny her paper. She looked up and stared at me. Now what does she want?
"Is that blood on your face?" Everyone in the room looks at me. I sit there, frozen to the core with the papers still in my hand. Dammit Pinhead! I thought you got all the blood off my face! I try to clam myself down until Destiny forced her mirror in front of my face. There was a droplet the size of a dime on the left side of my face. That scared the shit out of me! I thought she saw a bunch of drops or streaks. She makes everything seem so fucking dramatic it's not funny. I look at her in disgust.
"It's not blood it's paint. My mom accidently got me with her paint brush this morning. I guess I didn't get it all off."
"Miss Alkins," the teacher said,"Would you like to wash it off in the bathroom?"
"Yes ma'am." I got up and went to the bathroom to wash off the little speck of blood. As I'm wiping it off I noticed that Pinhead did a good job with most of the face. I was surprised that he didn't just smear it all over with his already bloody hands. I wipe off the evidence that it was ever there and bump into Destiny when trying to get out. She was only here for a bathroom break. I stayd in there and waited for her to finish her business so that I could have a little 'talk.' She came out and jumped when she saw I was still there.
"Oh, you scared me, Nicole." She started giggling again, which annoyed me the most. I watched her wash her hands and stopped her before she could exit.
"Nicole, we need to get back to class."
"I know. I just wanted to talk for a bit."
"What is it?"
"Destiny, why do you constantly ask me about my looks?"
"I just want you to look nice so you'd get a boyfriend. You always seem so lonely and-"
"You think that looking like a psychopath won't get me any guys?"
"I don't mean it like that."
"Oh really? What did you mean to say?"
"Well, guys like pretty girls and I'm just trying to help."
"So you don't think I'm pretty?" This is fun, messing with her. I could laugh my ass off if I saw replays of this over and over again.
"I don't mean it like that."
"Don'y play all innocent with me, Destiny. You just want me to be like you, right?"
"It doesn't matter now, Destiny. Just like your name I'm going to lead you to your fate."
"What are you-" Before she could say any more, Pinhead and Female show up. This could get interesting. I watched as her terrified face looked from Pinhead to Female to me. It's a good thing she's in a bathroom because she looks like she's about to shit herself.
"What's going on here? Who are these people?"
"We may not be fate," say Female,"But we can bring you to it." She gets out a knife and starts cutting into Destiny's face. Within several minutes, Female had torn off Destiny's face and set it aside on the floor. She screammed and cried at her reflection in the mirror that she seemed to be a part of a twisted horror film. Then, hooks and chains circled around her and she was chained to the wall.
"I suggest you step back," Pinhead ordered me and I did as told. I saw what he meant as Female began slicing into Destiny's body and blood squirted all over the wall, floor, and mirrors of the room. Before she died, Pinhead said a few words of her bleeding body.
"Vanity is what you relied on and now vanity is your down fall." He put a chain across her face and moved it far enough to force her to see herself in the mirror. She cried and slowly drifted away to death. Personally, I thought she looked better that way. Yes, I know that's not normal but then, what has been in the past 24 hours? He released the chains and her body landed in her pool of blood. They turned to me looking down and smiling at the cut up girl.
"I think she likes it," Female comments.
"If she enjoys it, then we'll have less distractions, won't we?"
"Yes, sir."
"Get to class now. You don't want to seem suspicious, do you?"
"Oh! That's right!" I start to run but he stops me.
"If you're in a rush, don't forget to step over the blood or you'll track it through the school. If you do that, then everyone will think you did this and you'll go to jail. If that happens, we'll be coming for you." I stepped over the blood and looked to see if it was on the bottom of my shoes. Nope. I'm clean. They disappeared again and I went back to class. When I came back in, the teacher looked disappointed.
"Where have you been?" she asked.
"I went to get something out of my locker and Destiny stalled me the whole time."
"Where is Destiny? She claimed to really need to use the restroom."
"I don't know." She's in the restroom all right, soaking in her own blood and torn up skin. Yep, I'm starting to sound like him again. As soon as I sat down and began my work, another teacher came in and alerted everyone about Destiny. I wanted to laugh but that would've given me away. School was canceled and I walked on home until I saw Cody's friend, James, at the same spot where he died. James found the body and was looking down at him in shock. He looked around, saw me, and grew angery.
"You did this, didn't you?"
"He had it coming for him. And if you choose to stay by him, you may end up like him."
"Is that a threat? I'm calling the police." Just when he got his cell phone out, his arm was sliced off from the bone. He looked next to him and saw that Butterball decided to have a turn. With Pinhead at his side, the torture would comence.

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