Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


48. 6

~When I awoke, I saw my surroundings looked way different from last night's. A bed with very soft black covers, white to greyish walls, thick drawn curtains over a bright window, and the basic neccessities for a bedroom: a dresser, a closet, and some selves with DVDs on them. I couldn't make out what they were and started wondering how I got to this strange place. I look to my right and there was Ghostface, his costume still on and his mask hiding his sleepy face to fit the rest of his body. I guess he decided to let me stay here for the night, I thought. Who knew hed do something nice like that? Don't get me wrong. He can be nice when he's not concentrated on one thing like killing or movies but this was different. Kind of generous you could say. Although, he could also have done this because it was around 1:00 in the morning and usually my parents are in bed by that time. I sat there for awhile, watching Ghostface sleep until several moments later he got up. He repositioned his mask while it was still on, still not wanting me to see his face. He looked at me, finaly noticing I was still here and got up to draw the curtains. It was very sunny today. There was not one cloud in the pure blue sky this morning.
"Ugh, good morning, Ghostface," I said to break the silence. He just stared down at the ground next to his closet. Whatever he was thinking was probably something improtant that he had to deal with on his own. I got up and headed for the door.
"Where are you going?" I heard him say behind me.
"I'm going to return those movies and go home."
"I need to ask you something real quick." Oh shit, what did I do this time? It's a habit for me to wonder if I did something wrong when people ask something of me. It's been like that since I can remember. It's not like I got into trouble or anything it's just that every time people want to ask me something, it's usually something bad. I turned around and looked at him in the only eyes of his mask. Whatever it is, hopefully it's nothing I did to upset him.
"What is it?"
"You know how killers have accomplices, right?"
"Umm, sort of?"
"The main killer is basically the accomplice's boss and they must follow their orders or else, correct?"
"Pretty much if that's how you want to look at it." Where's he getting with these weird questions? I don't know what he's thinking and I don't think I really want to know right now.
"Then that means the main killer can make the accomplice do what they want, right?"
"I guess so. Why are you asking me this?"
"Just making sure you still know your horror film smarts." I look at him then mentally just shake my head. It was a damn joke. I walked down the stairs to the living room and picked up the disks to the movie cases. After getting that straightened out, I went outside with the plastic bag of movies. Walking down the streets in the morning is quite calming. There are no disturbances, barely any noise from the neighbors, and not one teenager in sight. Scratch that. The boy from my last period class was outside with his pet dog. He noticed me and looked kind of shocked. I walked up to him, passed him but he pulled my arm.
"What do you want?"
"I'm sorry about the other day."
"Why would you care? Aren't you one of those who'd want Ghostface and Undertaker to kill me?"
"No! I thought you were dead many times because of the news."
"Again, why do you care?"
"I would've regretted making fun of you if you died from their hands. I wouldn't be able to handle it."
"Don't make me laugh."
"You think I'm making this up? I really don't want you to die."
"Aren't you one of those who accused me of being Ghostface? I don't need your pitty. If I died and you really felt sad, then at least I made someone I hate suffer while I rested."
"I can't believe you. You sick bitch! This is why you don't have any friends!"
"Oh, am I that bad? Look at yourself. You make fun of people because you're sick of yourself."
"Look at yourself! You don't belong here!"
"THEN WHERE DO I BELONG?!" I was getting pissed at him. He doesn't reaspect me in any way. He doesn't even know me. Not even that I'm a killer. I walked away from both him and his barking dog.
"Go ahead! Die bitch!" I laughed to myself. Won't he be in such a surprise after Ghostface and I are done with him. After returning the movies, I called my mom and told her I was coming home. She said to not go walking anymore because I might get attacked by Ghostface. Yeah, sure. My boss is going to just randomly attack me. That got me to wondering, at times. Would he ever do that to me? I walked home and took a shower. I smell like Halloween. Not a good scent if it's just turned fall and I'm not supose to be walking around in a costume. Although, today while I was washing out the shampoo from my hair, I randomly wondered what if he came in with a knife just to see what I'd do? I tried to push that off but couldn't shake the feeling away until I got out of the shower. No Ghostface. I guess I worry too much. I dry myself off and wonder about what I should do on this all so boring Sunday. I heard that we were going back to school Monday to continue lessons but the building would be kept locked and watched at all times. I texted this to Ghostface so that he'd know. He texted back saying he already knew and that he watches the news. That wasn't the only thing that shocked me: Ghostface knew how to text! Slowly, the sun went down and I crawled into bed for a new yet boring week of school. How will this turn out?

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