Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


39. 6

~The next day, I awoke to see him smelling my stomach. Not under it but right where my belly button was. I still could not understand this creature for acting as he does. He looked up, noticing I was awake. His brown eyes held me there for a long time. Again, I had that crazy feeling to kiss him again. I put a hand on his rough face and let him continue to stare through my eyes. I kissed him like last night, except it was a little better. Not weird like last night when I gave him my first kiss. His first kiss too, maybe. He slipped his tongue in again. This guy and his tongue, I tell you. Always frenching me instead of a normal kiss. Well, I guess that's still good. When I pulled away, I noticed him smile like he did yesterday when I told him I didn't eat humans after he pointed at Jimmie. That joking smile.
"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" I asked him. He just smiled wider, which I thought wasn't possible. He pushed me down again and ugh, I don't really think I should tell you the rest. Basically, it was like last night. After that, he let me go to town again to eat. At the diner, I didn't notice that woman anywhere. My lunch was actually normal today. I thought of her words again but saw little meaning. I would never have wanted to put myself in this situation if I knew before hand, truthfully. I mean who would want to know that they'd be a human-eating creature's sex-slave? Not that I regrett being with him, I just porbably wouldn't want to do this if I knew before hand. Would you? I finished my lunch and waited by the spot he dropped me off at once again. When he came, he looked down at me. My lower midsection was what he was staring at. For what? I don't know. I didn't know any answers I've asked myself in the past 24 hours. He took me and flew off to the old factory again. There, time repeated. For the next two days, it went on like this. But, on the third day, I awoke to see him lying on his back and not moving. I thought that he was probably trying to scare me or something. But, when I shook him, he didn't move. His chest didn't even give a slight signal of breath in his lungs. I was scared to death. Did he die as I slept? Did this just happen before I woke up? How did he die? I was freaking out and wondering what to do. I sat there with his corpse next to me and decided on leaving. He was gone, right? What was the point in staying around or hoping for something to happen? I got my stuff together, put him a in position that morticians would place the dead in a coffin, and left for the town he's take me to. It took me forever to get there but finally, I was able to find the diner and asked to use a phone to call my parents. I dialed the number and heard it ring several times before my uncle picked it up.
"Nicole? What is it? Is the camping trip going okay?"
"About that. Bess and her friends are dead."
"WHAT?!" Yeah, it was that loud. I had to keep the phone at arms legnth so that I didn't lose my hearing.
"They're all dead. They were killed several days ago."
"Why didn't you contact us or the police?"
"I was held against my will. I'm fine, though. The person who killed them is dead now."
"Wh-Where are you? I'm coming to get you."
"I'm at some old diner in the country. It might not be too far from here."
"Okay, stay where you are. I'm getting your parents and the police out there. We'll get there as soon as we can."
"Okay." I hung up and started to cry. I think I had found love for the first time and now he's gone. Just when I was finally happy, my joy was taken away. I sat at a table, waiting for them to get here when that woman showed up again.
"You got what you want. He's gone. Dead. He didn't kill me."
"Nicole, that wasn't what would happen."
"Oh, that's right. We became lovers. Something he's never wanted from anyone before. Is that what you saw? Me and him together?"
"No, that's not what he wanted."
"Then tell me what the hell he wanted from me! What was it, dammit!"
"Nicole, please-" I felt light headed and suddenly collapsed on the floor. I didn't comprehand what was going on around me. I was as dazed as the night Jimmie tried to rape me. The night I met the creature I fell in love with. My thoughts ceased and all that was there was drakness. Oh, how I wished I could be with him where ever he was...


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