Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


23. 6

~Through the next year (Yes I've been hanging around him that long), we've been planning on things to do on the next Halloween. Michael would demonstrate different signals for me to come in and make art onto his victims' bodies. Every day when I would draw a picture or two, Michael would see them and make a comment on them. They were usually good comment on the way the death was. He made me feel good whenever he commented them. That made me feel accepted for once in the world. I know Michael himself is a murderer but I felt right, knowing that another soul in the world liked my pictures even though they were disturbing to most. He even asked if I could draw him and I accepted. I did a pretty okay job at drawing him. But, besides planning for Halloween, we did other things to preoccupy our time. Sometimes when we were just sitting around, not saying a word or doing anything, I asked if we could have a staring contest. My first attempt was unsuccessful.It was a rare occasion when I would win a game of staring with him. Quiet mouse was no different. If he was up against a dead man he'd still win in quiet mouse. The other games we'd play would vary in who the winner was. They were mainly things like tic-tac-toe or hang man. So, yeah, never a dull moment in that house. Well, skipping to the present once again, it was the day before Halloween so we were getting prepared for the night. Michael stole some more knives and I got my face paint set out on the old dresser Michael's sister use to own. While waiting for the day to pass, I laid down on the floor and started drawing another death scene. I felt a pair of eyes on me and looked up to see Michael staring at from the door way. But, there was something different about the way he was staring at me. His eyes were on me more than usual. It felt a little uncomfortable for him to be staring at me as such, so I went back to drawing. Several minutes passed and I looked up to still see him staring down at me like that.
"Why are you staring at me like that?" I asked. He cocked his head at me.
"Like what?"
"You stare longer than usual that I can actually feel your eyes making a hole into me."
"Ugh, Isn't that how I always stare?"
"Not recently. You've been doing this for a while now."
"What are you getting at? We both stare nonstop at almost everything."
"You're just making me uncomfortable now. Why do you stare at me anyways?"
"Maybe I'm just staring at what you're drawing."
"That's not it."
"Then what is your conclusion? What do you think is my reason for looking at you?"
"I don't want to say it."
"Why? You think it's something weird?"
"Well, I think you might get mad at me if I say it."
"What the hell is it you're trying to say?"
"I think-I think you might like me or something." There was an awkward silence after I said this. Seriously, we've had silent moments but this one was just really strange.
"I don't like you, Nicole. You're just my partner."
"Really? Is that your only answer?"
"You know, I could have killed you last year. I didn't have to bring you with me to Haddonfield."
"But you did."
"Why?" He kind of froze there for a minute in deep thought. I started wondering what he was really thinking and why he stares at me so much.
"I just thought you had some good potential so I brought you along."
"Yeah right. There's something else about you taking me with you."
"I don't like you! You don't even have to be here!"
"Do you want me to leave then? I'll disappear if you're sick of me!"
"You're only 18! You can't survive out there the way you are now!"
"What do you care? I could be in an alley raped and killed and it wouldn't bother you one bit!"
"You know what? I wouldn't care! In fact, I want you out of here tomorrow before Halloween night!"
"Fine, jackass! I'll go and I won't regret one bit of it!"
"Good!" He then stormed out and went down to his basement bedroom. I sat there in complete hate towards Michael. This was our first fight being partners. That's all he thought of me as: His little mental partner. I found myself breaking a few tears against my own will. I haven't cried in forever yet it felt so right. I let a few more run down my face before wiping them away from my face. I will not cry infront of you, Michael. I'm not going to cry in front of the enemy...

Michael's P.O.V.

Damn it! I just stared at her for one moment and already she thinks I like her! I even told her that all she is to me is my partner and that's all. But, she knows I'm lying. And she's kind of right about me liking her. I don't know why I even do like her. She's a strange girl, very dark, kind of nuts about certain things, but she's got a good personality. But I feel strange around her that I don't admitt to her I like her. And now she's going to leave because of my problem with this. Shit, I shouldn't have yelled at her. I hope she's not gone until I wake up tomorrow. Although, maybe I can do something before tomorrow comes.

Nicole's P.O.V.

I sat there bored and hating this guy for making me go through all this weird stuff. It sucked worse because this was the day before Halloween.Today also marks the night I should've arrived at the mental hospital. If only I'd have been assigned to be there a day before or after that day. I wouldn't have ever met him and I would've just gone crazy in the psych ward. I laid on the bed and fell asleep, thinking of other stuff that should've happened. Sleep had taken over my brain and I couldn't feel anything of either emotion, touch, or thought. That was, until I woke up in the middle of the night feeling something on my face. I squented my eyes and saw Michael staring down at me. Oh, shit. Now what does he want?

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