Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


15. 6

~Through the remaining three days, I was always with Jason. It was so good being with him because he was one of the only people I could trust now. Well, with my friends gone and being reunited with him after so many years it really felt nice being with him. We were inseperable ever since we decided on going out. In the mornings, Jason would wait until I was awake before showing me different parts of Camp Crystal Lake. He hunted animals a few times for me to eat. It's not that bad either. Sometimes, we even went swimming in the lake for several hours. It was a lot of fun being with Jason than back when we were kids. At that time, we were always being harrassed and barely had any time with each other. Now, no one can interrupt us and we can be together for as long as we'd like. After the five days of the camping trip were up, Jason told me that he over heard a bunch of people talking about the missing group. He also explained that because of my group's absence, everyone has formed a search party for us. I was scared at first but Jason said that he wouldn't let them take me away. He always found a way of comforting me in bad situations, too.One day passed and we didn't see anyone on the camp grounds. Another day, and I felt a little bit at ease but also a bit paranoid. I didn't know where they'd show up or if they'd come near this place but it really scared me. It was like trying to survive in a horror film, except they were the enemy and Jason and I were the unsuspecting victims. Then the third day went by and Jason thought I'd be okay by myself. He left me with a peck on the cheek and went out to go hunting. I was still in a complete state of paranoria and wanted to try to get these things off my mind. I started cleaning the place up a bit, remembering to not get to close to the windows in fear that they'd see me in the house. As I was in the bedroom, making the bed, I thought I heard something going through the house. Then, the door opened andI saw three of my classmates there looking relieved.
"Oh my god, Nicole. We thought you were dead too."
"What do you mean?" I asked. Truthfully, I had no idea how they knew that the others were dead.
"We saw your tents torn up and blood was all over the ground. We've got to get you out of here."
"But, I don't want to leave."
"Nicole, this is no time for games. There's a killer out here and if he finds us we'll be victims too." The killer is my boyfriend. I won't be the victim but you three certainly will if you don't go away.
"I'm not leaving."
"Dammit, Nicole! If you're not going to leave, then we're going to have to take you by force." I backed away and held out my knife to the kids.
"Back off! I'm not afraid to use this!" They backed up and I did my best to stall them. But bad luck was on my side as a teacher from outside the window saw me with the knife. He had a gun aimed at me and if I made any kind of move whatsoever then I'd be shot. I dropped the knife out the window and the kids in the room grabbed me. I was forced out of the house, through the camp, and onto the bus that was parked at the entrance. I struggled a lot but was held down as soon as I was put to a seat. On the ride home, everyone asked about what had happened and if I saw who the killer was. I told them everything: The finding of the camp, the first night, John's disappearence, how I woke up to find everyone dead, and my sheltering in the house. I was never ever going to tell them about Jason. They've heard the stories, I'm sure, so they can assume what they want. They'll never know Jason for being the nice guy I know and love. I know that they see that I'm lying and that I'm probably Jason's accomplice but I'll never tell what really happened. What I couldn't stop doing was thinking about how Jason must feel seeing me gone. I let a few tears fall and started thinking of how this had to be the day where I got seperated from Jason again. But this time, the pain hit me harder because me and Jason had stopped being friends. We were lovers and I couldn't stand being so far away from him. Our love is much different from others. But that didn't seem to matter now. I was going home and they'd keep me away from Jason forever.

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