Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


86. 5

~After two weeks, Sam's presence at the bus stop became comforting than awkward. He would comfort me when I've had a bad day or sometimes make me laugh at some things he says. He was a very nice guy. Even when I told him about the breaking news, he stayed very close to me just in case. But, one afternoon, Sam wasn't waiting at the bus stop and I grew worried. I was thinking things like the killer got to him or he was forced to relocate. I walked calmly to my house, remembering to look around for anything suspicious. I got to the door safely and locked it behind me. Okay, I'll admit that I'm a little more than paranoid right now. I had no books with me today or homework to do, so I decided on watching a little bit of television. I was becoming really entertained watching That 70's Show (It's a good show! Plus, Red looks like Hannibal Lector sometimes) when I heard a knock at the door. I got up, put the chain on the door, and opened up to see Sam.
"Hey," he sad with a smile.
"Oh, I'm sorry." I take the chain off and open the door wider. I noticed that he had a suitecase with him.
"What's with the suitecase?"
"Can I come in?"
"Sure." He enters with his trench coat swaying as he walks. He always wears a trench coat outside and it makes him look mysterious, in a way. He sits down on the couch and places his siutecase on the coffee table. I sit next to him as he stares at the screen but not looking like he's paying attention to it. He looks at the siutecase and takes a hold of my hand. I immediately start blushing and wondering why he's doing this.
"Nicole, I have something to tell you and it's not something you want to hear." He rubs his thumb on my palm and I'm trying to wonder what it is that he's a little hesitant about.
"What it is? Is it bad."
"Very bad. You won't think of me as the same man that helpfully waits for you to get off the bus every afternoon."
"Will you tell me? I don't understand."
"I will. You just have to promise not to run or scream." Before I could ask, he unlocks his siutecase (It's one of those that have a code instead of snaps) and opens it up. I see a bunch of newspaper clippings about the Schizoid Killer and murders of quiet high schoolers. There was also the most reacent clipping of informing the public about the killer.
"I don't think we properly introduced ourselves," he said still looking at the clippings, "My name is Sampson White and I'm the Schizoid Killer."

Sam's POV

She looked calm as she walked back to her house but I could tell that she was freaked out. I had not been there to walk her home today. I've had a lot of things on my mind recently. Nicole tends to open up too much to people she meets. That's dangerous if she ends up encountering a serial killer like me. But knowing her a lot more has gotten my excitement into ceasing what I'm doing. It's like I don't want this to go too quick so my mind is slowing down. I don't want to kill her yet but watch her more. Does this mean I'm having second thoughts about taking her life. But why would I have second thoughts in the first place? There's something about this girl that keeps me from wanting to kill her. I kept on wanting to know what it was that made me hesitate on the thought of having her blood on my hands. But I believe I figured it out. The feeling of slowing my pace more than usual, my eagerness of when she gets off the bus and comes to my side, talking to her and really acting friendly, and how I can't wait until the next day to walk her home again. I try to put away these weird feelings every time they come to me but I'm finding myself not being able to control them anymore. I really do mean to be friends with her. But, there's another thing that I feel when being near her. It makes me feel like I did one time in high school. I use to have a girlfriend but she ended up playing me and making me look like such a helpless fool. I had thought I erased the lover's emotion but I feel it every time I get near Nicole. She is pure innocence that I was going to end up killing but now I want to keep her alive. Keep her next to me like this suitecase I hold, pressious and protected. If I'm ever to be with her, I should at least tell her the truth and see how she takes it. I leave and make my way to where Nicole lives. I have no will to kill her but I will if I have to. I'll hold her soft hand as I explain who I really am and keep her there until I explain everything. I hate to force her but she has to listen before she assumes I'm a cold hearted psociopath. I've got a gut feeling that this won't end well. Hopefully, this is just from paranoria getting to me.

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