Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


70. 5

~I woke up the next morning and felt very happy. I can't believe that I'm going out with Isaac! I could just scream it to the world how excited I am but it's too early for people to care. Although, I don't think neither Job or Malachai got any sleep last night due to yesterday. I got dressed and headed out to see what Isaac was doing. Of course, I knew that he was at the church but I just wanted to see what he was up to these mornings. As I'm walking through the streets, I notice many kids and teenagers staring at me. Some stared in fear as if I were Death (more afraid than usual) and others stared in hate or anger. I stopped walking and stared back, annoyed with their silence and stares.
"Why are you staring at me?" A little boy speaks up first.
"You're with our leader, Isaac. A lot of us are scared that you're going to make him punish us. We don't want any trouble coming our way."
"Why would I make him punish you? I wouldn't do anything like that."
"Yeah right!" a teenaged girl yells, "Even at school before all this, you wanted to harm us!"
"I only hated those who make fun of me."
"Then you hate us all," another teenager said.
"Why don't you just run away, Alkins?"
"Yeah! Get away from here! No one wants you!"
"You're just a troubled girl! Everything would be better without you around!"
"Get the hell out of here! He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows will help take you away from this happy place!" I was getting both hurt and mad at their comments. I couldn't take their words anymore.
"Shut up! You call this place happy? You kill yourselves once you turn into an adult! You burn in Hell for that!"
"So, you're still a Christian?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"Because then you'll have to tell your boyfriend what your faith is."
"I know this. And I can't run away from here. I know that I'll die if I try to escape this place. It's commen sense. It's been that way since this cult formed." I walked away and suddenly felt something hard thrown at me. I turned around and saw everyone throwing rocks at me. I ran off and they stopped. They had enough commen sense to know that continuing to throw rocks at me in front of Isaac would get them in trouble. And I had enough commen sense to know that I might have to tell Isaac my true faith very soon. I walked up to the church and quietly opened the doors. Isaac was sitting in the same row and seat we were in yesterday. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. He jumped a little but relaxed when he saw me.
"Oh, hello Nicole. What brings you to the church so early?"
"Just seeing if you'll be here when I come in."
"You use to come here a lot. Why'd you stop?"
"I was too shy to be here because you were always here. I'm a very shy girl."
"I can see that." We laughed and he patted the spot next to him.
"Please sit down." I walked over and sat down, his arm automatically wrapping around my shoulder. It was nice but I still had to tell him what he probably didn't want to hear.
"Isaac. There's something I have to tell you."
"What is it?"
"I-" The doors slammed open and Isaac's arm flew off my shoulder. It was Malachai and he was pissed. It made me alarmed because I was sure he heard what I told the other kids.
"You dishonorable bitch!" he yelled at me and came running towards me. Yep. He definately heard. I ran to the wall but he caught me before I could go any further. He pinned me to the wall and held my neck to choke me. I couldn't breathe for a second before Isaac came to his side.
"What is the meaning of this Malachai? Why are you choking her?"
"Little Nicole Alkins chooses to not worship our God!" His hand started squeezing my neck harder and I couldn't find any air. Isaac somehow forced Malachai's hand off my neck and I had to gasp for air for awhile. Isaac argued with Malachai about choking me and Malachai had to scream out why he did it.
"Nicole is still a Christian! She does not believe in He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows! She doesn't even pray for Him!" Isaac looked at me in shock.
"Is this true, Nicole? Are you really a nonbeliever?" I nod and he stands there, almost wondering what to do. All I can tell is that I'll be in major trouble for this. Not because Isaac and I are going out but now he knows I'm still bound to my original faith. He's definately going to get me for this.
"Nicole, just go home. Isaac and I will deal with this." Malachai was just as mad as ever now, so I decided not to mess with his temper. I got up and walked outside without another word. Not one day and already this relationship is ruined. Everything was falling apart now. And why did it have to happen to me? Of all people, why me? All day, I wondered what will happen or what to do. I didn't see Isaac or Malachai but knew best that I should stay away from them for now. That afternoon, Job came back and gave me news that outlanders were coming. Mary saw it and drew it in one of her pictures. They were caught playing board games and listening to music by Malachai. He brought them to Isaac but, like I predicted, he thought of Mary's power a gift. Strangely, he let them go back to what they were doing and now we're getting prepared for these outlanders. I didn't hear anything about what Isaac was going to do to me. I just hope that whatever it is, he kills me as I sleep tonight.

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