Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


57. 5

~As I opened my eyes to see the morning I saw something else in my room out of place. Pinhead was really close to my face, staring at it with his cold black eyes that never seemed to blink. Seeing this made me jump out of bed at his feet. He only stared back down at me.
"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I hissed. I didn't even know if my mom was up yet. Usually, she so drunk off beer that she'd be passed out in the bed. But if she's trying to quit, who knows where she is. Other than that, what was Pinhead doing in my room so early in the morning?
"I was here to make sure you haven't forgotten our little deal."
"No. I'd never forget. Just let me get ready for school and I'll lead you to the others."
"Good. If you don't, you know what'll happen." Without barely touching my left shoulder, he placed his fingers on it and I felt a horrible pain come from his touch. I nod and he disappears before I could see him again. I got ready for school but still had this nagging feeling about Pinhead. It's not that I thought badly of him but I just wondered why he was really in my room. He could've just appeared as soon as I awoke, right? What was he doing in my room? If I asked, I know he'd just say the same thing. He's just one of those smartasses that get you every time. I walk down stairs to see my mom in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She never did that when Dad was around. She has changed dramatically since last night. Either way, I didn't care. As long as she was acting like the nice caring Mom I knew from before, she can do what she wants.
"Good morning, Mom."
"Good morning, Nicole. How was your night?"
"Pretty good." Besides having to lure Cenobites to my enemies at school and Pinhead giving me a wake up call, fine.
"I'm sorry I can't eat. I'll be late for school if I stay any longer."
"Oh, that's okay. I'll just invite one of my good friends over and we'll have breakfast together."
"That sounds nice." My mom's being so cheerful and happy again like she use to be. I wonder if she's really going to change. I put my back pack on and felt the same awful pain as before. I realized that my shoulder strap is usually always around my left shoulder. He did that on purpose. He cut me where I usually carried my backpack on (With a heavy English book inside!) to make sure I didn't forget my purpose for having my life spared. He had this planned out since we made that deal. I was starting to dislike him but not too much. I walked along the sidewalk to school, remembering where I met that man who gave me the box. Instead, there was a boy from school I did not like. His name was Cody and he's a nuesance. Besides being annoying, he harasses me and is a pervert. Many times I've threatened to cut his dick off but he still goes onto messing with me. He was by himself, smoking himself what appeared to be weed. He noticed me too and whistled at me.
"Hey, wanna smoke?"
"I'm not prepared to become a dumbass like you."
"Sure. You be that way, Virgin Mary!" In a way, that was more like a compliment. I was still annoyed with him and decided to give him something to choke on. I walk up to him and offer my hand.
"How about a smoke, then?" He laughed and was about to burn the joint onto my arm when a hook went trough his hand. He shrieked in pain and I saw Pinhead right behind him.
"You take pleasure in such a thing that'll kill you. And yet, you know this'll kill you but you still take it." Pinhead sure had a way with words, I guess. Cody looked behind him and grew frightened. He then looked back at me and started pleeding.
"Please, Nicole. Help me. He's going to kill me. I won't do anything to you again if you help me."
"Do you know how many times I've heard that? Besides, I thought I was a demon in your eyes. If you want to trust a demon, trust him with your life. I'm sure he'll take real good care of you." Yes, I mimicked them from last night but who cares? Cody's finally going to die and I get to watch. Before he could speak another word, more hooks came out and Cody looked like cows ready to be cut up and ready for marketing. He cried for once and I began to laugh again. He was torn apart and pieces of his body were scattered around the place. Blood was all over mine and Pinhead's face and I tried to get it off before it dried.
"Here," he said,"You're doing it wrong." I looked up at him in confusion. I didn't know there was a right and wrong way to get blood off. He came towards me and he started rubbing all the blood off my face. His touch was still cold but in a way it felt nice. He stopped and I felt disappointed, oddly.
"You need to get to school before you're late." He disappeared and I ran off to school. His hands felt like they were still there on my face but I could've sworn they were quite relaxing. What is going on with me? He was just helping. That's exactly it, though. Why would he help me? Then again, he's probably only doing this so that I don't seem suspicious. I walk to class with my books and sit right in front of another student I dispise: Destiny.

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