Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


47. 5

~I woke up the next morning and still felt that weird feeling of concern for Ghostface's health. I looked under the bed to see if he was sneaking in again. Nothing but dirt and some old shoes from when they use to fit me long ago. It came to me that he wouldn't do the same trick twice. He was slicker than to do that. I got out of bed and got dressed for the day. It was Saturday but it felt different than any other. I couldn't tell why. I went down stairs for some breakfast and saw my parents on the couch staring at the tv. I made my own breakfast by getting the cereal box. I almost spilled the milk at the sound of Ghostface's name on the news. I ran in there with my bowl of cereal and heard as the newscaster announced what news they had.
"The Ghostface killer has attacked again. It was reported that he snuck into the Woodsboro Hospital and began killing several staff members upon sight. He was not seen with his assistant they said. It is said that they both are possibly high school students but police aren't positive on that theory. The suspected Nicole Alkins is now cleared of her name due to both killers being male and her unable to succeed in any of these attempts. Ghostface's assistant also seems to have a name as well, as people decide on calling him Undertaker. Whether it be by the way he looks or that he looks like a priest on a killing spree, people choose to call this male Undertaker. Ghostface and Undertaker are still out there on the loose. If anyone has any information on them, they are to notify police immediately..." I smiled on the inside at knowing Ghostface was safe. I thought my new name was quite funny, too. I'm not a big wrestling fan but isn't Undertaker one of those really crazy looking dudes that some people are scared of? Don't ask how I know this. I ate my cereal and pretended to be listening to my parents' concerns about what's going on. I went up to my room and started watching Hellraiser, one of my favorite torture movies (Besides Saw of course!). It went off quicker than I expected, telling me that the time today was going to be extremely slow. I buried my head in my sheets. I was bored and I had no idea what to do. I ended up falling to sleep out of pure boredom in my room. I woke up to see that it was around the afternoon. Not much probably happened while I was asleep. I got up and saw the clock read 5:37. I checked my phone but there were no messages from anyone. No Ghostface. I realized that I've been having him on my mind a lot today. This made me thankful that he couldn't read minds or else I'd be screwed. I walked outside to try and clear my thoughts out. Billy and Stu were history, Sydney and Gale Weathers are both traumatized because of us, the police know who I am in disguise, and Ghostface is nowhere to be found. I wondered what he was possibly doing. Planning another killing spree at his house? Yes, I know where he lives and yet he won't show me his face. He probably has a back up plan in case I do happen to tell the police where he lives. He usually brings me to his house to help him plan things for our next killing game. Could he be out and about in the neighborhood like he were an innocent citizen of Woodsboro instead of a sick, twisted killer? Or could he be at home just watching a horror movie? All these seemed really possible, and I've known him for only a week! Bored and hopeless, I went back inside to my room. As soon as I walked in and closed the door, I was forced against my door and my mouth was covered by a gloved hand.
"Don't scream or else." I stared up at the long, white, ghostly face of my leader. I knew it was him and I knew he wasn't going to kill me but my heart still beat with fear and adrinoline. But there was some other reason my heart was beating. What was it exactly? Almost like I was very happy to see him. I brushed it aside along with his hand on my mouth.
"Where the hell were you?"
"I was at home, waiting for the coast to clear."
"For what?"
"For a little thing I thought I should do."
"What is it?"
"Go to the movie store and rent some horror films. It doesn't matter what kind you get, except those spoofs, just pick two or three."
"You'll see. Now, get to it or I'll have to reveal who Undertaker is to the police. Got that?" I nodded and he left out my window. I asked my parents about spending the night with a friend and I was off on my mission to get some scary movies. I still couldn't understand why he was asking this of me and why he couldn't get them himself. I guess I shouldn't question him, right? I walked to the local movie store and rented some DVDs I felt like watching tonight: The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, and See No Evil. I collected them in a bag and began walking to his house. I wonder many times if the neighbors ever grow suspicious of my daily visits. I knocked on the door three times as he'd instructed me the first time and the door opened slightly. This was my cue to step in and close the door quickly so that no one saw him in his costume. As I walked through the roomy space, I rememerized the very things I'd seen before. His very usual kitchen with a fridge filled with food for only one person (This gave me the impression that he was probably single). His living room that looks boring but houses a huge library of movies. All horrific, scary, and several quite old or classic. I have not seen his bedroom but I assume it too appears dull and plain but secretly holds many things every horror movie fan dreams of. Whatever it is us fans want but cannot obtain or haven't seen before. The bathroom is actually quite nice with it's clean tiles, white walls, and a small window where only your head can be seen from and not your whole body (I guess he's picky with people just seeing him intirely). Every time I happen to come up to his bathroom, it makes me glad I don't ask to take showers over here. Not to be rude or anything but I don't want him to be acting like Norman Bates on me in there. Although, he's probably not like that but I still don't bother asking. He looked at the movies I brought and put a random movie in. Suddenly, we were watching a couple rock climbing and the woman was yelling at her husband but there was no answer. It was Wrong Turn. We watched it for ten minutes and then I heard Ghostface laugh. I looked over at him in wonder.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Two of the movies you picked are about cannibalistic mutants." I noticed that and giggled. He was right and I didn't mean for that to happen actually. The hour passed and we started watching See No Evil. After about twenty minutes, I began drifting off to sleep. I let my head drop and before I knew it, I was asleep...

Ghostface's POV

I've seen this movie several times before but I know Nicole can probably tell. She's catching on to some things about me. She's smart in that kind of thing. That's one reason why I wanted her to be my accomplice. To think, I was going to kill her the first time I saw her. But following her, seeing what she's truely like. It made me think. I don't know what it was but I couldn't kill her just yet. I was really expecting her to cave into the pressure and tell the cops on me last night. Nothing. No one showed up at my door all day, so I gave that a good sign. She probably enjoys killing the because of the people we target. It's easier for her. I suddenly felt this pressure on my shoulder and look to my left. Nicole fell asleep on my shoulder. She must've been pretty tired today. I know so many things about her that she remember. I guess it's good she doesn't know who I am. I watched her for awhile, feeling the warmth of her breath on my stitched up arm. Thank God that those docters got me fixed up before they saw the news. I turned the tv off and picked her up. She was knocked out cold, as always, when she slept. I carried her up stairs and laid her on the bed in my room. I'd only do this once never again. I don't want her to get the wrong idea. She seemed at peace on the black blanket, dreaming of things no normal girl would probably dream of. I drew the curtains as she liked, which is a good idea seeing as the sunlight blinds me awake every morning. I laid down and slowly drifted off. I'll make her leave tomorrow before it's too late in the day.

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