Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


38. 5

~We walked through the factory in silence. I wondered if I should tell him of my occurance with the strange woman or confront him about who he is. I decided to keep that to myself so that he didn't get mad at me. Whoa, why did I care if he got upset with me or not? In fear that he'd kill me? I don't know what's come over me now. Just yesterday I had been on a camping trip to Hell and now I'm here with this creature that eats humans. What has been going on since then? It was so weird. I've never felt so confused in my life. We came upon his resting spot, where I noticed he had finshed off the rest of Jimmie. I look back at him and he points his finger toward the mound of blankets. I took that as a sign to sit down and went over to it. At first, he was just taking off his trench coat and hat. Nothing too unusual. Then, he got on top of me and started smelling me again. Now, that was a little bit to my concern that he shouldn't do that. But, my body sure didn't agree with me. He went there and started sniffing it again. I can't believe that twice already, I've been turned on by him getting on top of me. Maybe, the reason I cared about him getting upset was because I probably liked him. Yes, I know that's very weird and strange but I believe I've come to like this man-wait creature! Okay, this is getting a little complicated. But why, I ask, does he keep smelling me there? What did he want from there? I suddenly remembered what that woman said about him wanting something from me that only I can keep from him. But what was there to worry? All that would come out of there was piss, blood, babies, and orgasm. Orgasm? A thought then occured to me and well, it got pretty crazy after that. Afterwards, he came inside me and laid next to me. I panted hard, thinking of what just happened. I was not even creeped out at this point. In fact, I liked the thing we just did. I looked at him next to me, who was doing the same thing: Looking. I felt this temptation to kiss him on the lips and found that I really couldn't fight it. I turned over, put my arms around his neck, and gazed into his brown eyes that stared back into my hazel ones. I kissed him, tasting the blood and other things he'd eaten that I could not place on his lips. He didn't hesitate in kissing back but with a lot of tongue in it. I broke away, feeling tired suddenly. I pulled a cover over me and laid close to him. He didn't move, giving me the idea that he didn't care that I got close to him. I began to drift off to sleep with hopes that he didn't have the human instincts to leave or kill me because of what we did. You must admit that many people do this, which is why I couldn't trust guys and was pissed off at Jimmie. But then again, could I really trust this creature? This thing that killed my cousin and her friends, whom the woman sees in her visions, whom I couldn't help but feel love for? How would I explain this to my parents? To Bess's parent's? A shadow covered me and I was stuck in the realm of dreams. For now, I shall not worry of what is real...


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