Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


85. 4

~That afternoon, while checking my mail again, I waited for the bus to come and drop Nicole off. I was strangely excited again at the thought of getting Nicole to open up to me. I must learn to control myself now before I blow my cover or reveal too much. Here came the bus and I watched as everyone exited it's safe doors to the dangers of me. Then there was Nicole with less books than yesterday. The kids frombefore were picking on her again. That's my cue to try and comfort her later. She noticed me and walked to me instead of straight to her home. The children saw but only saw it as a lost opportunity to continue harassing her.
"Tattle tale!" afew cried out. Quite ignorant, I see. Times have certainly not changed since I was in high school.
"Don't listen to them," I say to her, "They just lost their chance to hurt you."
"Thank you, Sam." She sounded a little upset today.
"Hey, what's wrong?" I ask while we start walking home again.
"It's something stupid. Don't worry about it."
"Go ahead and tell me. I've heard many stupid things before."
"Well, on the bus, most of the teenagers are saying that the Schizoid Killer is going to kill me. Just because I don't talk to others that much."
"Do you think that he'll get you?"
"I'm not sure. It feels scary that he can be anywhere. He could be in this town even." Or right next to you. Yeah, I know I 'm kind of creepy in that way but she can't hear my thoughts.
"I don't think he'll get you."
"How can you say that? He could esaily mark me as a victim."
"He can't as long as I walk you to your house every afternoon. Would that make you feel more comfortable?"
"But why would you do that for me?"
"Because I'm an under cover cop. I'm trying to stop the murders from continuing." That was my basic excuse if my victims asked me anything aboutwhyI care about them in such a way.
"If you're an under cover cop, then why are you here exactly?"
"I'm not the only one. We're all sent to different locations where the police think the kill is. I'm just doing my job and trying to protect this comunity. But, I must ask for you to keep this a secret. If word got out that a cop's here to look for the Schizois Killer, everyone will freak out and it'll make my job harder."
"Okay, I can keep a secret like that very safe." We come upon her house and she seems a little more comforted than a few minutes ago.
"I guess for an under cover cop, you may not have much time for dating, like you said."
"Ugh, nothing." She unlocks her door and closes it behind her. I wonder why she said that. Maybe she was just trying to add things up in her mind to see if I was telling the truth. I haven't left anything suspicious for her to suggest I'm not some cop. Well, another day another time to plan her murder.

Nicole's POV

Why did I say that? He's a cop! I'm not supose to know his business, it's his job to know mine. I guess I'm finding it hard to adjust to the fact that he's a cop. I put my books down on the couch and flip the tv on. There was breaking news about the Schizoid Killer on the news. They are believing that he could be in our county or in the many others around us. It was some pretty scary news but, thinking of what Sam told me today, I feel a little safe. If the killer dares trying to come near this place, maybe Sam will call for back up or shoot him down. And he's trying to protect me because he's seen how kids treat me and that I appear as an easy target for the killer. I'm hoping that this murderer is also not a stalker so that he doesn't see how scared and worried I am. I've got only three hours until my parents come home, so I'll try getting some things done to get this off my mind.But, when they came home tonight, it was clear that they heard about the breaking news and were very concerned about me coming home alone. They told me I should be escorted by a friend when I get off the bus. I told them I would, not letting them know that I've got a cop protecting me. With all this tension going on, I'm hoping that some things will be okay. It would be sad to see someone alone and innocent to die by that ungreatful man's hands. I'm starting to wonder if any of the teenagers are going to try and chance fate by going home alone or being by themselves for too long. Such madness we must deal with now.

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