Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


69. 4

~Sitting there in the church, I couldn't think of anything else but the possibility that I'll be in huge trouble. Why did I have to draw that stupid picture? I wouldn't be here if I'd just drawn something else or threw it away. It couldn't be helped now. Isaac was a serious boy and he'd put me through some sort of punishment now. I can just feel it. I was so caught up in the possibilites of what bad he'd do to me that I didn't realize someone was sitting next to me. I turned my head slowly and saw Isaac staring at me. I gasped and nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw him.
"I-I'm so sorry, Isaac. I-"
"It's okay, Nicole. You were just thinking too much, right?" I noticed a weirdness in his voice. Almost like hesitation or being nervous. I don't know what he had to be scared about. Sure he was quite small for a boy and I could overpower him but what did he have to fear? I was confused but decided not to think too much on that thought.
"So, why did you want to see me?"
"I just wanted to talk to you. Alone." He started fumbling around with the hem of his jacket. He was nervous but what for, I ask? He was confusing me and scaring me more with his actions. I couldn't tell what was up or anything. I just wanted to leave and go home.
"You, umm, remember last week when we found your drawings?"
"Erm, yes. Why?" I was starting to shake my legs at this point. That happens a lot whether I'm nervous or it just randomly does that.
"Well, I saw one that I wanted to talk to you about." He pulled out a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket. I noticed his hands sweating and shaking slightly. He unfolded it and showed that same picture I hoped he'd never would see.
"Isaac, please don't think wrongly of me. It was nothing."
"Nicole, listen to me for a second. Malachai overheared you and Job talking about you liking me. I just want to know if you're telling the truth." I was scared as shit now. He's asking me if I like him and I don't know how to say yes! I can't lie but I don't know how to tell him. I took a deep breath and tried to look at him without blushing like crazy. At first, I studdered my "I" and I sounded like I had throat problems (Or Kayako from The Grudge. Whatever floats your boat). Then, I tried again.
"I admit it," I was talking a bit slow due to the nervousness but tried thinking he was a person to confess to at a church, "I do like you. I've had a crush on you for a long time. Even before you made the others kill everyone." He looked kind of shocked and blushed a little bit. He was making me nervous again because I don't know what would happen, making this confession.
"I, ugh, I like you too, Nicole." He was scared as well but I couldn't help but look at him in shock.
"I'm like you. I've liked you before the adults were gone. I just can't see how you'd forgive me even though your parents were killed."
"That took me awhile to get over, actually. I know that it was you who made everything happen but I couldn't stop liking you. Besides what you did I still felt an attraction to you."
"So, you forgive me?"
"Yes. What do we do now?"
"What do you mean?"
"Do we start dating or something?"
"I don't know." It was very silent in the church for a long while before he made a suggestion.
"How about we take a walk? The day is still bright."
"Umm, sure..." We got up and we walked out of the church together. We started talking of different things. Stuff like his preaching, my talent, or whatever the others do at times that catch our attention. Then, we started getting a little personal and asked questions.
"So, why would you like me, Nicole? I'm not exactly like normal boys, you know." He was talking about him being short and his voice.
"Well, I think you're really cute. Plus, I like your voice even if you don't like it that much. And, at times, you look kind of scary to some people. When you're like that,I think you look cute."
"Oh. I never saw it that way. I thought you liked me for being a preist or something."
"No. You look nice though as a preist."
"Cute?" We laugh and noticed some kids around seven staring at us. They ran off to tell what they saw, I guess. It didn't matter. It's exactly what they're thinking. Then, I felt something on my hand. I looked down and saw Isaac's hand holding mine. It was still sweaty but it felt great. I blushed and tightened my grip on his hand.
"Now, may I ask, why would you like a weirdo like me?"
"Well, you're different than most girls here. They don't really like me that way and I think you're pretty. Besides, I like your pictures too unlike everyone else who thinks you're possibly psychotic."
"Well, let them think that. I don't care if people think of me that way." His hand tightened on mine really hard.
"I just don't want to see you hurt again." I look at him, who seems very sad and stop walking. He stops and looks back at me.
"What's wrong?"
"Isaac. You don't have to worry about me being hurt. I have you to accept me now. I won't feel anymore pain." He walked closer to me and clasped both our free hands together. He looked up at me with excitement in his eyes.
"Isn't this like that picture?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. I knew what he wanted to do. I leaned my head down and our lips touched softly. I was feeling butterflies go through me as we kissed for a long time. Isaac was probably feeling the same way but a little more nervous. Our first kiss together except it wasn't under the moonlight but in the afternoon. It was still a great kiss of two young lovers uniting (Okay, didn't know I could sound like a poet...Never mind). I broke the kiss and looked down at him. We were both smiling and blushing like crazy. How this moment could ever be broken if possible?
"What...the...hell...?" we heard from a few feet away. We looked over at Malachai just passing by but now just staring at us with his mouth wide open in shock. Okay, that could've ruined the moment slightly. He was still gaping at us when Isaac cleared his throat to talk.
"I thought, at least, you would see this coming."
"Yeah but that was just weird. Now I have to do something to get what I just saw out of my head." He turned and went somewhere to do whatever it was he was going to do. Isaac and I laughed. Looks like we scarred Malachai for life now. I do wonder how Job would take this. Then again, how will everyone else take in this news? I'll have to figure that out tomorrow. News may spread fast but it could stall when it's night time.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Isaac."
"You too, Nicole." I kissed him on the lips and walked home.
"Good night!"
"Good night!" I was so happy now. I get to see Isaac without fearing if he will punish me for liking him or not. Coming home, I didn't bother to change into my night clothes. Either way, Job came through my window again without permission.
"Hey, weren't you told to knock before entering someone's window?" I joked. He didn't laugh and I got concerned.
"Hey, what's wrong, Job?"
"I'm still freaked out about what you told me."
"Then I guess you don't want to hear what I found out today."
"What is it?"
"Isaac likes me."
"What? What's going on here?"
"Well, we started talking and that's how we know. Then, we went on a walk through town and held hands. And then we kissed..."
"EEEWWWWW!!! Don't say any more!"
"That's all that happened today."
"Ewww, that's gross. Next thing you know, you two get married and have kids."
"Job. That's only if two people really love each other. We just kissed. If we do like each other long enough, we could get married."
"But neither of you have long enough. In a couple of years, both of you will have to kill yourselves." That got to me. I have yet to tell Isaac about my fear of committing suicide at 18. I didn't want to anger him but I also didn't want people thinking he's doing this all because of my beliefs. I guess I'll have to end up telling him eventually. But right now, I'll just pleasure the company of having hin be my boyfriend right now. Job leaves before it gets too dark and I finally drift off to sleep. I'll be seeing Isaac tomorrow after all...


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