Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


56. 4

~They were more laughing than staring at me. I didn't know what was so funny because that guy was pissed at me for stopping the other from killing my mom. I stood there for a moment until I got the courage to speak up.
"Why are you laughing?"
"You're pathetic for trying to stop us at our job," said the female with her throat opened up. She had a strange deepness to her voice that reminded me of some kind of spirit. These were no spirits, though. Pure demons from Hell that stop at nothing for a game of torture.
"Is this all? Are you going to leave?"
"Nicole," I heard the man with pins in his head say,"You said you'd give us more souls. Your part of the deal will be complete when we are satisfied." Shit. I'm screwed. At this rate, I'm never getting out of this. I felt like screaming at this point. I never could get a break from anything to save my life. It soon hit me that the man with the pins called me by my name.
"Hey, how did you know my name?"
"We know almost everything about you, Nicole. We don't need words to see what you are."
"What about you guys? Do you have names?"
"Yes. We're called the Cenobites but as for separate names, we have those too."
"What are your names?"
"My name is Pinhead. I'm the leader of the Cenobites." He started pointing out the other four and telling their names. Chatterer was the guy with his mouth exposed, Female was the only woman in the group and had the tear in her neck, and Butterball was the big guy wearing sunglasses. At least now that was cleared up so I didn't have to give them my own names. But, I still have to lead them to their victims every day at school. Yes, I was going to have my classmates be tortured and go to Hell. Like I said, I'm quite anti-social, so I could care less about what happened to them. I am, in a way, sick. That doesn't seem to matter right now. Mom's getting rid of Dad's body, she's going to quit drinking, and I'm stuck feeding demons their pleasure of torture. What more could go on?
"Also, Nicole."
"Yes, Pinhead?" He took a knife and cut my left shoulder. I cried out in pain and they laughed, except for Pinhead.
"That's warning of what will happen if you do that again. But next time, it'll be a lot worse. Same thing goes for if you decide to decieve me. You understand?" I nod and he disappears along with the others and the room. Just then, I heard my mom come in through the front door. I walked down the stairs to greet her.
"Oh my God, what happened to your shoulder?" I looked down at it and noticed that I was bleeding pretty good.
"I had an accident up stairs and couldn't find the bandages."
"Come here. I'll get you healed up." It was great without Dad around. Now, Mom paid attention to me and it was like back when I was a kid. I loved the old Mom and how she was helping me with this stratch. But, off course, I was not truely happy. With Pinhead and the other Cenobites following me around, I'm bound to them until they decide to get rid of me. What would happen if they got tired of my existance? Would they kill me too or would they just let me go? In a way, I hoped they kept me around long enough for the game to never stop. Yes, as much as I am scared of them, I don't want them to stop the torture any time soon. As soon as Mom finished cleaning and bandaging up my wound, I went off to bed and looked forward to the Hell that will be inflicted on my enemies. They put me through Hell, now it's my turn to give them Hell back. Again, I know I'm sick but that doesn't matter now. Sleep is wwhat matters right now and off to the dream world I was.

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