Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


46. 4

~While he drove, Ghostface looked over at me several times. I caught him watching me and grew a bit annoyed.
"What is it?"
"Nothing. I suggest you put your costume on now." I turned my head toward my bag and struggled to dress in it. I decided on wearing a priest's robe I used in a Halloween attraction that the the owner let me keep, a black trench coat that my aunt gave me for Christmas, and a very messy black wig I bought from a costume store. Now, you may be wondering why I chose to look like a weird looking priest. I didn't want the witnesses or anyone to believe I was a female in case it came down to that they believed Ghostface was a boy. Also, the wig hides much of my identity for the fact that it's short and the hair is everywhere on my head and part of my face. I can see fine through the hair. Also, the priest outfit in a trench coat with messy hair is very unnatural to see. Seriously, do you see any other priests with extremely messed up hair? Besides that fact, I thought it'd be pretty wicked to wear such atire. Yeah, changing in a car, not a very easy thing to do. Then again, I'm putting on a robe and a long coat, so of course that's going to be hard to do in a car. And when I was trying to pull the robe down, it reminded me of that scene in Child's Play where Chucky was trying to stab that guy in the balls. Yeah, I can't help but think of certain scenes from scary movies half the time. As we pulled up to the party, we hid until we both saw Sydney and Billy going up to her room.
"Imagine what a boy and a girl can do in a bedroom," I heard Ghostface comment.
"I don't think that's what you're supose to do in the realm of horror, right?"
"Nope. That's one of the worst."
"I think it's disgusting. People doing that. And some actually do this somewhere they don't know."
"Like in Friday the 13th?"
"Yeah, but they deserved it." I smirked at this but didn't see Ghostface's expression through his mask. I guess I'll never see his true identity when we're together. We stayed hidden until a girl came down, looking for beers. At that moment, I had my first kill, which was quite nice if you ask me. We killed some more people but ended up having to retreat. Although, as the week wore on, we decided to finish off Sydney. But, as we came upon her, we saw that Billy and his friend Stu were accusing each other for being Ghostface. I don't know if their trying to scare her and play a trick because I know that neither of them are Ghostface. We stand there and watch them act like fools until they both started laughing.
"You two are sick! What if I really thought you both were Ghostface?"
"There's no worry, Sydney," Billy laughed,"None of us are Ghostface, the scary movie killer."
"No, but I am," Ghostface says, sneaking up behind Billy and stabbing him in the back.
"Oh, shit!" Stu gets his knife and tries to stab Ghostface but I interrupted his attack by stabbing him in the chest. After easily killing those two, we started towards Sydney. Out of nowhere, though, that pesky reporter shot Ghostface in the arm, missing his side where the heart was. She was about to shoot me when the gun jammed. This gave me enough time to get Ghostface to the car and drive him to the hospital in town. As we pulled up to the emergency section, he turned his head before taking his mask off.
"You go home, kid. I don't need you following me coming in there with me like this. People will get suspicious. And before you get out of the car, take your costume off or you'll give yourself away." He threw his mask in the back seat before getting out of the car and into the hospital. I looked down at it and started taking my costume off. I got my bag, put my stuff in it, and carried it home with me. Thank goodness I don't live too far away from home. Okay, it's a long way, but I can deal with it. As I came upon my house, I noticed that the lights were still on. I walked through the front door and was ambushed by my parents hugging onto me.
"Oh, thank God you're safe," my mom cried.
"What's going on?" I asked, really confused. My dad pointed at the tv and I looked over. It showed that same reporter explaining the news of what had happened.
"In this house I, Gale Weathers, and Sydney Prescott witnessed an unforgettable moment as her boyfriend and his friend were just killed by Ghostface. But, I don't mean to frighten you but Ghostface has a partner. His partner is a male in a priest costume and black trench coat. Ghostface has a gunshot wound where I shot him. His accomplice, whose identity is unknownn, is most likely with him to helping him heal. Further information will be given later tomorrow morning. Back to you..." In a way, I was scared. She saw us flee the scene and now she knows who I am. I guess having a disguise is a good thing to have when being a killer. But what bugged me all night was if Ghostface was all right. I don't know why I care if he lives or dies, rather than having an oppertunity to kill. If he dies he won't kill me for not continuing his work. If he lives everything will be as it is. But I was kind of hoping that he'd be okay. Hospitals have televisions and they may have seen the news tonight. If so, would they suspect him even with his mask off? I remembered seeing his back turned to me as he went out to the entrance of the building. He could trust me with his identity. It's been a week and he still has not shown me his face. I wonder if maybe he didn't want me to see his face for a different reason. But what could that reason be? I couldn't do all this thinking and worrying all night, so I went to bed in hopes that things turn for the best.

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