Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


37. 4

~I look at her in confusion, fear, and uneasiness.
"Excuse me?"
"I know who you are, Nicole. I've seen you in my visions."
"You'r a psychic?"
"Yes, but I have to tell you something. Something that you may not want to hear."
"What is it?"
"I've been seeing you with that thing. I know that you're afraid of it sometimes. That's exactly what it wants. To make you be afraid so that it'll know what it wants from you."
"Are you saying he senses my fear?"
"Not sense, smell. It smells your fear and the fear tells it what it wants. It's not too late to save you unless you stop it from getting what it wants from you."
"So, you mean when he attacked those kids last night, he ate them because there was something he wanted from them?"
"Yes, but there's something else about that."
"And that is?"
"Whatever it eats becomes a part of it."
"Why do you call him an it?"
"Because I don't know if it's a demon or a devil but it sure isn't human."
"Can you call it a him for now? It's getting a little confusing."
"It-He eats eyes to see and lungs to breathe. I've seen everything he's done and going to do."
"How am I even sure you're really psychic?"
"Your name is Nicole Alkins. You're 18, just graduated, and are about to go to an art college but decided to come down here with your family. You don't like who your cousin Bess turned out to be. You're also not remorseful for your cousin and her friends' deaths."
"Okay, maybe you do know something about me." The waitress came by with my order and interrupted our conversation. She looked at the woman and just shook her head. As she walked off, I ate a bit of my food before talking a little more.
"So, you said that there was something he wanted from me, right?"
"Oh, don't make me tell you this. You're not going to like it. He wants something that he's never wanted from anyone before. Only you can stop this, Nicole. Only you can change your own future. Your own path to suffering." I was still freaked out and not knowing if I could trust her or not. I went up to the waitress and asked if I could have my lunch to go. She took my food and started to put it into a little bag for me to take with me.
"Now, honey," the waitress said as I paid her,"Don't you worry about Jazelle. She's just a crazy old woman that just makes up these crazy stories. Now, run along before your lunch gets cold." I walk out and sat in the spot the creature dropped me off at. As I ate, I tried to process all this information down about this thing. So, he's only keeping me alive because I have something he wants. Whatever it is must be important for him to not kill me yet. It's kind of funny how I haven't decided to run away, knowing he might kill me. But why didn't I run away? Why aren't I doing that now? Surely, he wouldn't bring himself out in broad day light. But what about when it turned night? Wouldn't he get me then? I don't want to die any horrible death then what's expected for me. Or is it worse than running away. I won't think of that now. Just finish lunch. I finished eating and waited for him to come back and get me. I almost started wondering why I thought of him so much besides the fact that he could kill me. Almost like he were someone close like a friend. He suddenly appeared before me and I had almost forgotten my fear of hights until now. He seemed to know this fear and just took me into his arms again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt us take off into flight. It's weird how I'm supose to run away from him yet I feel so safe with being in his arms. I know that sounds kind of corny but it sort of speaks the truth. I felt us going down and landing on the ground of what I saw to be the old factory. We were back to his territory.


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