Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


32. 4

~Through the whole week and the next week, the leprechaun has been showing up at random moments while I was in school. I had to keep making up excuses and bring him out of the building when this happened. But when he wasn't showing up at my school, he'd be annoying me at home. He would rhyme about me constantly, get closer to me many times, and I couldn't get any sleep because the things he'd say to (Trust me, you don't want to know what he says!). Then Sunday, before preparing for school I had to make a compromise with him.
"Hey, leprechaun."
"Yes, deary?"
"No offense, but you're getting annoying with what you've been doing for the past week."
"What? Exprecessing me love to you? How's that annoying?"
"You do it constantly. That's what makes it annoying."
"How else can I express me love to you?"
"You can express all you want when I come home in the afternoon. Just stop appearing everywhere unexpectedly."
"Well, what do I do all day?"
"You can read a book or something, can't you?"
"I guess but what if I want to be with you?"
"Count your gold. If you can't fight your urge for me then try to fight it with your obsession with that gold."
"Ah, I think I'll do that." With that taken care of, I felt a haevy weight lifted off my shoulders. The next few weeks were kind of normal. That is if housing a leprechaun in your bedroom who has a strange obsession with you is considered normal. One day, I was in the bathroom, just doing my business when I heard some giggling girls come in. I peeked through the crack and saw that it was no more than the whores of the school, Laura and Brittany.
"How was Steven?" Brittany asked, her best friend,"Was he alright?"
"Not as good as Ben." They giggle about their little whore jokes. I rolled my eyes and continued my business. I nearly ran out of piss when I heard them talking about the leprechaun.
"That guy was pretty good the other night," Laura giggled.
"Yeah, tell me about it. He was the best so far. At least, that's what I think."
"I think you're right. I hope he comes back."
"I thought he agreed he would."
"I'm just saying, some of them just never show up when they say they are."
"Come on, we better not be late for class."
"Why hurry?" They giggled one last time before going on their skimpy little way. I was so upset. He's been hanging out with those sluts all this time? How could he? He's a huge lie to say that he loved me yet go play with those skanks (As you can tell, I know a lot of words that mean women who go out or sleep around with so many guys). I spent the rest of the day thinking of what an ass this guy was. I was surprised that I didn't get caught speeding for the way I was driving that afternoon. I marched in the house and stormed up the stairs. I was freaking pissed off. When I got to my room, I saw him counting his gold again. Nothing better to do, you little liar?
""Hi, Nicole. Why the stern face?"
"Oh, like you don't know?"
"I don't." I picked him up by the collar and forced him to the wall.
"You been screwing around with Laura and Brittany? You don't really love me, do you? You're a lie!" He stared in shock as I told him the conversation I heard in the bathroom. He disappeared before I could speak any more of it.
"Oh, me confused love."
"What did you say?"
"I admitt. I did talk to those ladies but they threw the same disgusted looks I always recieve, except from you of course."
"Okay. Why did they say that you were with them the other night?"
"How could I have been there if I was trying to woo you every night for the past weeks?" Okay, he did have a point there. All those nights at my side and never feeling him leave. So, I guess he spoke the truth. Those whores were just probably trying to get to me. It worked but now it's taken care of.
"Sorry about that. I guess I'm easy to become angered."
"'Tis all right, lass. So, you like me?"
"The way you were mad at me when you thought I was lying to you. You liked me, didn't you?" I sighed and sunk down onto my bed.
"I guess you're right." He crawled on top of me, our faces extremely close.This actually felt strange because I thought of him more as a friend. I guess, in the end, many friendships end like this. His long red hair brushed against my face, so I put it behind his ear. He seemed more attractive in my eyes now. Maybe it was a good thing that he accidently saw me naked. Okay, maybe not but still. He rubbed his fingers across my face, his nails scraping against my skin. I couldn't take the silent gazing and kissed him on the lips. It was a strange sort of love between mortal and leprechaun. Something incredible and unique all at once. But doing this meant I had to be married to him. Somehow, though, I didn't mind. Being with him felt right. We were wedded several nights after that and not only did I have a husband but my dad didn't know he had a new son-in-law. I guess you could say this was a pretty happy ending.

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