Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


13. 4

~The fear of themfinding either John or Jason was overflowing my thoughts. The closer I got to the dock the more I hoped they didn't find the bbody. I was more concerned with them finding Jason than John's dead body, though. As I looked from a near by hill, Isaw that they were just playing in the water and having fun. My nerves relaxed and I went back and got my bathingsuit. As I was heading back to Jason's house, I realized that since they've taken up the docks, I'd have to find another place to teach him how to swim. I entered his house and put my black one piece on (I'm glad I chose this one since there was a pervert in the group. I'm not exposing myself to any of them). Jason appeared at the doorway of the bathroom when I opened it.
"Are you ready, Jason?" He looked nervous and almost hesitant.
"I'm okay for trying this, because I trust you, Nicole. I know you won't try to kill me like my previous victims."
"Well, I wouldn't even want to kill you. And you're already dead, so that'll be complicated." He laughed and I knew this was the kind Jason from when we were kids.
"So, are we ready?" he asked.
"Well, the others have taken over the docks, so we're going to have to find another place for your lesson."
"I know a place." We walk towards a place that was near camp but far away from the docks. I didn't see them anywhere and felt less paranoid. I went into the water and called for jason to get in. He took off his clothing except for some trunks he was wearing underneathe and his mask. I don't know how he could've found swimming trunks except for taking them but oh well. I noticed he was quite muscular and had many scars on his body. I guess those were from many battles. He saw me staring at his many scars and looked at me with concern.
"Does my body disturb you?"
"No, it's fine. I'm just thinking that you must've gone through so much through these years."
"I have but I'm not bothered about my body."
"Okay, let's try starting you off with floating on your back."He was starting to do okay but kept sinking. I had to hold him up fora moment before he realized he was actually floating. I had then taught him to do the back stroke and learn all those other swimming moves. It took at least an hour and a half for the whole lesson and at the end, he was swimming on his own and without my help.
"You see, Jason? It's not so bad, is it?"
"No, it's kind of nice really. If only Mother could see this."
"Yeah. She was a very sweet woman." It became silent for a bit with us just staring at each other.
"Hey, Jason?"
"Why don't you take your mask off in front of me?"
"I-If I showed you then you'd freak out."
"Now, Jason. When have I ever freaked out at your face?"
"But that was years ago. We both look so much different from back then. I'm grotsque."
"Just take it off and let me see." He hesitated but slowly took the mask off and showed me his face. It was a little different from when he was small but it still looked okay.
"You look fine. Did you not want to show me because of what your victims think?"
"It's just been awhile is all. I thought you'd think of me differently if you saw me like this."
"We're best friends, remember? Nothing you do will change that."
"What about this?" He got close to me and leaned his face towards mine. There was a weird tention between us that was strange but great at the same time. What's shocking is that I was surprised that Jason had the guts to do this. He's really more of the shy type so this is really unexpected. His lips brushed against mine and it felt a little rough but it soon got better. We were like this for awhile until we broke apart for air.
"Was that okay?"
"That was very okay, Jason. Why didn't you tell me you liked me?"
"I thought you'd think I was weird or something."
"Jason, I just helped you with a dead body this morning. I'm weird." He laughed and I looked around at the sunny view before us.
"I should be getting back to camp before they get suspicious."
"Yeah. It's starting to become noon." We got out of the water and went back to the house to dry off. I got every thing situated and gave Jason a peck on the cheek.
"Will I see you again?" he asked.
"I'll sneak out of camp just when It's about to get dark, okay?"
"Is that a promise?"
"Yes. That's a definate promise." I wrapped my pinky finger around his like we'd done when we were kids. I ran back to camp and was confronted by Maddie.
"Hey, where'd ya go? We've been looking for you." No you haven't, bitch. You've been too busy playing in the waters where John's body is to come and look for me.
"I was out exploring and kind of got lost in the woods." Brandon comes up beside her and looks at me.
"Then where's John?" His body is submerged at the bottom of the lake. XD
"Hell if I know."
"No, that's where you belong!" called Thomas from the fire wood.
"Don't worry Thomas! I'll get you in your sleep!" He doesn't know when I joke or get serious and just went back to making the fire and muttering to himself.
"Anyways, I'm not his keeper. He probably found a hot girl to screw."
"Nicole, that's mean," Maddie saids looking at me with sad eyes.
"I don't really care for him."
"He might turn up after lunch," Brandon suggests and they go to help Thomas with the fire. I sit down and watch them, my thoughts clouded with Jason and stuff we could do tonight.

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