Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


84. 3

~Sampson White. I wonder if that's why he dyed his hair white. There's no way that it could be natural or caused by the sun. I've seen girls whose blonde hair gets all white from being in the sun too long and he must've dyed it to be whiter than that. And his skin was too light to be in the sun for a long time. I'm not guessing that he's albino either. But, he seems like a very nice man and I think he's all right.
"Sampson White? That's a nice name."
"It suites me, doesn't it?" he jokes, pointing at his short, white, and slightly spikey hair. Humourous guy. That's still nice, though.
"Would you mind if I walked you home?"
"You know where I live?"
"Yeah. But that was only from you staring at me last night."
"Sorry. I've got a bit ofa staring problem. No offense but I kind of thought you were an old man at first, but I didn't get a good look at your face."
"And what?"
"Now that you've seen my face, what do you think?" Shit, he's asking me this now? What am I supose to say? I take a deep breath and try not to blush or laugh at the question.
"Well, I'm thinking that you must have a girlfriend already."
"So, you're saying I look attractive?"
"I guess but don't get the wrong idea."
"Oh no, I'm not. But I don't have a girlfriend. Haven't had time for one."
"Busy with work or something?"
"Yeah. Something like that."
"So, what brings you here?"
"Just trying to find somewhere small and quiet to live for awhile. I travel a lot."
"Oh, so when do you supose you'll be leaving here?"
"That depends. I never really have things like how long I stay somewhere planned out." We come upon the buildings we live in and as I go to my part of the building, Sampson follows.
"Why are you following me?"
"I said I'd walk you home and that's what I'm going." We asend the stairs together and he still follows me until I get to the door. I unlock it, enter through the door, and creaked it open so that we could say our good-byes.
"And Nicole," he says before I close the door.
"If those kids ever give you any trouble, you can always talk to me. Okay? You can even call my Sam if you wish."
"Okay, Sam." I close and lock the door, feeling glad to be home now. I put my jacket on my bed and do my homework before the night fades in.

Sam's POV (From where the kids get off the bus)

I checked my mail today. Just a newspaper and a bunch of advertisments. Nothing special. I heard the laughter of children and teenagers and turn to see them coming home from school. And there was that girl from last night who was staring. She looks different from the other kids around her. Then, I heard them talking about me and that I'm coming after that girl. She's the right victim and it doesn't look like she'll be missed. I might keep her in mind but something else draws me to her. What is it? Her books are dropped out of her hands and she looks like she's about to break.
"Shut up before I slit your throats!" Hmmm, fiesty, I thought. Wait, since when have I described a victim as such? Okay, strangely, this girl is starting to get to me and I know that I must make her a victim.
"Hey! Get away from her!" I yell to the kids bullying her. I make my way to her as she tries gathering some of her books. I pick up a black leather bound book with a bunch of entries in it and one name telling who the owner is: Nicole Alkins. I start having a conversation with her and she seemed awfully more mature for her age. She's a rare find. A rare find I will have to kill. She already knows my name. Now I just have to slowly get closer and closer to her until I find the opportunity to get her. But, for some reason I found myself being more friendly toward her than I normally do with other victims. It was strange to me but maybe it's just a little case of excitement from seeing the news. I'll give it a few weeks and see how things go until then. I shouldn't get too excited after all. As long as the police don't know my identity or where I am right now, I'm fine. I just need to extend my stay for awhile. Hopefully, not too long, though.

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