Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


79. 3

~The basement was very deep and pretty huge. We were at least 20 feet underground, I was told and there was no way of anyone hearing us. Say you were to scream very loudly down there. No one would hear you. You wouldn't have to worry if a forrest fire came up or a tornado appeared out of nowhere. It was also quite big for any normal basement. The rooms held different things inthem, almost like themes. There were many different rooms with chains and weapons and objects to hold someone in certain positions. Another just looked like a normal room but had all these babies in jars with names on them. Another room, had a table with leather bindings but yet, had a homey look to it. The last room that I'd seen was one that looked like a small chapel. For what, I'm not sure. Ida showed me all the rooms in the basement and looked back at my concerned face.
"What is it, child? Are you frightened?"
"What is this place? Why is it even here?"
"Well, since your part of our family now, I'll tell you what we really do."
"'We?' Who else is here?"
"I'll explain that later. You're not easily disgusted, are you?"
"Then this may not be too disturbing to you." Basically, she, her husband, and her brother kidnap couples traveling here and use the women to make babies. They force them to get married so that the child is made into holy machromony (I know, I spelled it wrong but don't get up my ass about it). If demands are not met or if the couple breaks any of their rules, they will be tortured. They don't really wish to do such things but they really want a baby. I can see how the curse to concieve miscarriages can be heart wreakoning but this is a little much for a baby. Adoption could help but they probably really want to know if the parents were married before having the kid.
"And that's what we've been doing for awhile now. Are you scared to know this secret?"
"No, as long as you don't kill me for knowing this, I'm fine."
"Oh, we wouldn't kill you. You're our daughter."
"When can I meet them? You husband and brother?"
"Well, they're waiting in the chapel for us." She led me to their little chapel room and I saw an old man that appeared to be one of the park rangers. Next to him was a man that was probably somewhere in his thirties, black hair almost to his shoulders, wearing a trench coat, a hat that looks similiar to what teenaged skater kids wear sometimes, and a weird looked scar on the left side of his face. It looked almost like a burn but torn up a little and forced the left side of his mouth opened. There were also the same looking marks on the left side of his face going up to his head. I shook hands with Ida's husband, who smiled and welcomed me into their family.When I came to her brother, though, he was silent and just shook my hand slightly.
"Oh, don't think of him being rude," Ida said, "He can't talk."
"What happened?"
"Well, growing up, our daddy wasn't very Christianed on him and he had an accident. That's why he's all scarred up on the left side of his face. He even lost his vocal chords due to it."
"What's his name?"
"Deacon. I know it's kind of strange but daddy had his reasons."
"It's a good name." I looked up at my new uncle, I guess you could call him that now, and he stared back. He didn't look offended about me staring at him but kind of confused or maybe a little scared. It looked a little cute though. Almost like a dog. Oh shit, I've got a crush on my new uncle, I thought as I looked away.
"So, what do you think of Deacon?" Ida asked. Perfect, I'll just tell all of them that I think he's cute. Yeah, this is not my day. I tried thinking of alternative answers but I had nothing else to say but that I thought he was attractive. I looked down and Ida put her hand on my back to comfort me.
"It's okay, Nicole. He's been told that he looks ugly or disfigured. He won't be offended if you say that."
"It's not that, though."
"Oh? What is it then?" I put my hand near her ear and whispered, "It's the complete opposite." She laughed and looked at her brother then at her husband.
"Awww, Nicole thinks Deacon's cute." I started blushing and feeling really embarassed that she said that out loud. And they were all laughing about it too! Man, I felt like this was my unlucky day.
"Hmmm, I think Deacon's got the same feelings," I heard her husband say. I looked up at Deacon and saw what looked to almost be like blushing appear on his face and that he was forcing a smile.
"He's kind of a shy boy so don't feel left out."
"Awwww, I feel love starting between them." This was making us both blush the more they went on about this. Then, they started talking about something different.
"How about they go on a little walk, Ida?"
"You mean, so that they could get to know each other?"
"That sounds like a perfect idea. What do you two think?"
"Ummm, maybe," I said. Only so that you two would shut up about this! It's really embarassing! And so, we were led out of the basement to the outside. A peaceful walk between me and Deacon. Sort of since he can't talk and I'm the only one speaking to him. He's a really nice guy and we seem to have some things in common.
"Hey, Deacon?" I asked before deciding on turning back. He stops and looks over at me, confusion written in his eyes.
"Do you really like me? Honestly?" He cocks his head a little bit but then pins me to a near by tree, unexpectedly. His face gets really close to mine and he kisses me. Not even a minute later, his tongue's in my mouth! Shy my ass. Although, this is a little bit enjoyable. So, for the next few minutes, we're kissing or just frenching, which ever way you want to call it. His kissing was nice up until we heard a twig snap and that guy from before was back. Okay, now is not my lucky day.

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