Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


68. 3

~Malachai's POV (continued)

Early mornings are never my best hours. I hate waking up so early yet I've grown a little use to it. Isaac always makes me and some other kids get up so damn early to do things for the cult. I was headed for the church, thinking of that plan of mine I thought of yesterday. It really is about time to end the stupid secret crush thing. It's like Valentine's Day but I have to go through it every day. Really, I can't see how a boy like Isaac could fall for a girl like Nicole. Everything is strange with that guy. Hmmm, maybe that's why, because they're both strange. Well, Nicole's strange 24/7. Isaac just gets a bit nuts every time he sees her or thinks of her. I just hope that he doesn't come to me for all his problems after this. I enter through the church doors and peeked a glance at Isaac gazing at that picture in his office. It was getting on my nerves now. Only a day and I've grown annoyed at seeing his uncertain face. He can't tell if she likes him or not or if that was a different person. Anyone could look like Isaac in a certain way. He's becoming tiring to be around now. I tap the opened door and he flips the picture over. Seeing me he relaxes.
"Oh, it's only you, Malachai." He flips the drawing back over and I resisted the urge to rip it apart.
"Are you going to sit here all day and stare at that?"
"What else am I supose to do? I've got nothing better plained."
"What about prayer?"
"I've already gotten that taken care of. I actually think of my work when I'm busy, you know." He sounded annoyed but I was more agitated than he could be right now.
"Hey, I know that you're uncertain if Nicole likes you but I heard something yesterday." He looks up, almost angry. I guess he thinks I told.
"It's not what you're thinking, Isaac." He raised an eyebrow and this gave me the opportunity to explain without being interrupted.
"Okay, yesterday I was walking around and I saw Nicole talking to Job. I couldn't exactly tell what they were talking about but it sounded like Nicole shared your same feelings you have for her." At this he looked a bit shocked and started blushing. Now I'm wondering if I should've kept my mouth shut.
"So, she likes me?"
"Yes, dammit, yes!"
"But, if she doesn't know this, how do I talk to her?"
"How the Hell should I know? Just go up to her and talk like she's any other person." I could say normal but should I really explain how she's not? Well, I didn't want to be around for him to ask further questions but he stopped me.
"Don't tell anyone until I talk to her, okay?" For a love sick boy, he sounded pretty serious about this.
"Sure. Like I'd ever want to everyone about you and Nicole having a messed up romance." He sighs in agitation and I finally leave. Well, this could end badly or never be able to happen. Nicole's shy as Hell and Isaac can't speak to her without freezing up or studdering. Yeah, maybe I should've kept my mouth shut.

Nicole's POV

I was still scared that he knows now and that I'll be in huge trouble. It's not just because of what everyone will think or the reality of who he is to us. He's a preist and preists weren't allowed to fallin love. At least that's what I've been told. He's not a preist to God but he still can't love anyone if he believes in He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows. Preists are bound to their church and love God enough to not marry or love. Then again, I think that's only nuns who do that. I can't recall it now. But either way, I still can't face him now. Every day for a whole week, I tried avoiding Isaac whenever he looked at me or walked my way. If he were to talk to me, what could I say to him? What could I tell him if he asks about that drawing? Shit, I can never find any easy way out of things. But, as Sunday came and worshiping was over for the day, I knew for sure that I couldn't avoid him forever. I was about to walk outside but someone grabbed me by the arm, roughly. I turned around and saw Malachai. He never grabbed me by the arm before so I can only expect something bad.
"What is it?" I ask more concerned than annoyed.
"Isaac wants to speak to you alone. He's in his office right now so wait for him." He let go and walked out the door, leaving me alone in the church. I didn't feel as safe as they say holy places are. I felt scared and helpless. I walked back a seat near the exact middle of the rows and waited. Waiting. Just waiting to see what was going to happen. All I knew was that I was screwed and bad things will become of me all because I drew a picture.

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